london dominatrix skinhead session

Mistress Tytania of Canary Wharf, East London, isn’t just another professional Dominatrix. She is a creative, experimental BDSM expert whose sessions cater for the fetishes of kinksters who appreciate her unique Femdom lifestyle. She is a lifestyle Domina living her life, on her terms. Her skinhead skinbyrd style certainly attracts a cult following seeking dominatrix sessions.

Not a traditional dungeon, she explores kink in a fully equipped BDSM studio near Canary Wharf, E14, fitted to satisfy both new and veteran submissive, fetishist and masochist men’s sessions, but above all – her own kinky desires.  Her sessions are as unique and intense as she is.
East London Mistress Tytania’s expertise includes, but is not limited to: Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari); haircut and head shaving fetish; off-the street and in-house Femdom kidnapping; strapon Mistress, pegging and anal play… from nervous beginners to hardcore fisting fiends, she has done everything that she finds as exciting as you. There’s a special place in her cage for those arrogant City boys in Canary Wharf, if you are local.
A true one-off Domme in the world of female domination – from her fierce skinhead look, to her ethos. No Dominatrix in London, East, West, North or South, can match her skills and experience and has been nicknamed “the Force behind Canary Wharf” by her many fans who has session with her.
As a lifestyle dominant woman before establishing herself as a top Mistress in East London, Ms Tytania knows the submissive mind well. She is a Mistress of her kinky craft, overseeing Canary Wharf from her Queendom. Despite being a veteran kinksters, she is natural Domme who is still exploring her own kinks and interests. She is always happy to help you discover and explore yours. It’s a life time adventure. Mistresses in London don’t get much better than this elegant, intuitive kinkster based near Canary Wharf.
Thinking of travelling to East London to surrender to Mistress Tytania in session? She welcomes guests of all levels into her East London studio. Nervous kink newbies and also veteran submissives, masochists and fetishists, are encouraged to enquiry and share their fantasies. Your level of BDSM experience is of unimportant for this intuitive Dominatrix, your enthusiasm and curiosity are. Her private East London studio is a discreet place for kinky players of all levels. She is one of London’s longest established professional dominatrix providers. Her studio is within walking distance of Canary Wharf, but still far enough to be discreet. 
Ms Tytania has also ventured beyond Canary Wharf. She has filmed at the Other World Kingdom (OWK), Femme Fatale Films, and The English Mansion. She is the creatrix of her own fetish film studio, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, with exclusive Feral Femdom videos. 
If you think you may be the sub for her, go to her contact page and drop her a polite, informative email for her consideration. Ms Tytania probably has a special place for you in her Canary Wharf Femdom studio. Another excuse to visit fashionable East London.
Ms Tytania of London: Bespoke kink and unique sessions for the discerning gentleman.