Ms Tytania of London isn’t just another London Domme: she is a creative, experimental Domina who caters for the most unusual fetishes and the special kinksters who appreciate her Femdom style. She’s a true one-off in the world of female domination – from her looks, to her ethos.
She loves men in rope as a true Japanese Rope Bondage (Shibari) Mistress; full rope suspension of the big burly male; haircut and head shaving fetish in her Femdom Barberette Salon; off-the street and in-house Femdom kidnapping and anything that will take her off the trodden path of dungeons and chains. Her tastes are unique.
Do you think you are the slave, sub or bottom to amuse her? Apply to submit under her boots now – you may discover a kink you didn’t know you had.
Established in East London since 2002 (before it was cool), but a lifestyle Domme for much longer. Ms Tytania is a Mistress of her kinky craft, still exploring her own kinks and interests, and would like to help you discover and explore yours. It’s a life time adventure.
If you think you may be the sub for her, go to her contact page and drop her a polite, informative email for her consideration.
She is based in London, but she has sessioned all over UK, Europe and Australia. She has also filmed for the Other World Kingdom (OWK), Femme Fatale Films, and The English Mansion. She rund her own fetish film studio, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, with exclusive Feral Femdom videos. Her experience allows her to create sessions that are ultimately fulfilling to both Mistress and sub, because her Femdom Fetish Studio in East London is a unique image of her own eroticism and desires. 
Mistress Tytania of London: Bespoke kink for the discerning gentleman.