A femdom session in Mistress Tytania’s East London Studio, by submissive Backlit. Testimonial.

I’m spectacularly infrequent in my playtime, and notch up many kink-free months between sessions (all four of them). This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs; the only benefit is that for me each session is automatically a memorable ‘event’. But even if I were a daily player, this encounter would be etched in the memory.

I’ve admired Ms Tytania from afar for too long, and after due consideration (several years) wrote, deleted, and rewrote her an email. She was amused, and laughed either at or with it. I won’t say she’s approachable. She is, but that’s unhelpful, rather like saying she’s a person. She IS immediately tremendous, and boasts an infallible bullshit detector. I was instructed to call for a chat, during which she told me I wasn’t really looking for what I’d described in my email. This was bold and, as it turned out, right on the money.

I’d asked for a pain-focused session, identifying and stretching limits, with a liberal dose of humiliation. She rightly discerned some misplaced machismo, and within the framework of a very appropriate roleplay, set about disabusing me. You know from the moment you meet Ms Tytania, and enter her space (domestic, and thoughtfully accoutred), that you’re in expert hands. I spent the pre-session chat on my knees – a first for me, and I preferred it. I felt encouraged to speak freely during a thorough check of likes and no-nos, while she left me under no illusion of my place. She has an innate knack for this, and it’s quite bewitching. If you didn’t leave your own expectations at the door, a few seconds spent naked at her feet are enough to remind you to focus on hers. Very liberating.

I had worried a roleplay would feel forced somehow, but Ms Tytania is expert at constructing and maintaining a narrative, and I was fully consumed by the psychodrama. This was an introductory session weaved into a roleplay, in which I was subjected to a series of endurance tests as part of a job interview, with the torments interspersed with lengthy periods of heel worship and foot massage. I performed adequately at best, and Ms Tytania was witheringly critical of my efforts when I disappointed, while quick to praise me with an arch ‘I’ve seen better’ when I came up to scratch. I covet her Le Corbusier chaise longue, and spent a good part of the session tightly bound to it, grimacing.

This review is deliberately light on juicy detail, but as a snapshot: during a bout of CBT with some especially evil and tiny hair grips, I lost focus and was very close to the limit of my meagre tolerance. Ms Tytania noticed, but kept me riding the edge, and stretched me, without pushing me so far that I had to tap out, before obligingly coaxing me back under her spell with a slap to the face and a thorough drenching of spit. Utterly wonderful. But I could have worshipped her heel and massaged her feet for the whole session and felt amply fulfilled – proof that Ms Tytania was right to doubt my email. She rather knows her stuff, it turns out.

Our meeting wound down with a proper cuppa, and easy wide-ranging chat. Ms Tytania set me right and left me wanting more in the best possible way, with a new fetish or two, my inner whore lovingly fed and watered. And not a little in lust. Thank you.