Ms Tytania’s famous tea parties

My tea parties wouldn’t be complete without gallons of tea, cake, a solicitous and well trained, curtseying sissy in frilly dress… and some boys ordered to become Mistresses’ table, seat and foot rest.

Forniphilia is a dominant woman’s right!

I’d like to imagine a world where a woman can stroll into a furniture shop and choose from a section dedicated to forniphilia. In it, the sissy shop assistant shows the lady the latest products:

Broad shouldered boys with sturdy legs, bending on all four to become an auxiliary table when your lady friends come round for tea and an extra table is needed to display the sandwiches and cake.

Tall, slim gentleman turned into a lamp and coat hanger.

Well padded boys, become foot rests or comfy chairs. and of course, solicitous sissies making tea and slicing cake.

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