A deep intimate shave before sissification…

TV’s, sissy sluts and other girlie boys, seem to have taken wonderfully to the idea of The Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon. Hair salons are probably one of the most feminine environments there are, and sissies need deforesting their unfeminine body fur.

So prior to a full feminisation, this sissy had an electric buzz cut to number 3: it helped for a perfectly fitting wig.

Then came the genitals, smooth as a well compliant, available porn star. Off with his hair on pubic area, bikini line, bum, sack and crack. A wet shave with pink lady shaving razors did the trick because this undeserving sissy slut wasn’t too hairy in the first place. Just as well, because I have to say that women’s shaving razors are a bit crap. Generally, I prefer tried and tested man’s razors.

As you can see, the whole procedure was carried out while wrapped in a hair dresser’s cape: a fetish that a surprisingly number of subs seem to share. Not cock stays dormant under its silky, shiny touch.

Appointments are now accepted for all manners of grooming & shaving. Email me for a booking.




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