Filming for Femme Fatale Films

Last tuesday, after a long summer of busy postponing and rescheduling, I finally travelled to South London to film at Red Spot Studio, a dedicated Femdom film & photography studio. Femme Fatale Films and Woman Worship (of Club Pedestal Fame) use this stylish venue, with its three floors of atmospheric settings, to bring Female Supremacy to reality on your screen. Now, Ms Tytania and The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell can count themselves among an illustrious line of Mistresses and dominant women who have had their  passion and style recorded for posterity.

My scenes for Mistress Eleise de Lacy‘s Femme Fatale Films will be available on her members’ site soon. But after Ms Tytania indulged her whims on Severin, that incorregible, relentlesss lut, it wa time for the UC-SC to storm the place and liberate it of patriarchal oppression. Taking over that most emblematic of male privilege, the office, the Woman Guerilla held a CEO hostage and subjected it to total surrender. No corporate establishment, no smug City boy is exempt of paying the Revolutionary Femdom  Tax by the means of Total Rectal Repossesion.

Video clips & photos coming soon to the UC-SC‘s Members’ Site.


We have extended the deadline to accommodate for genuine subs who still want to attend the party, but were prevented by those who paid first, thought later and oh dear, cancelled. this party is for enthusiasts! If you are unsure, don’t rush to buy a ticket. There are enough genuine sluts in London keep us busy for the afternoon. But if you are rearing to go, Ms Tyania’s CFNM, WS, Strapon Plus Party is the event for you.

So please note: tickets purchase deadline has been extended till October 27th. Buy yours here: EVENTBRITE

Ms Tytania’s Oct 28th Party: limits and hard limits

(This is an old blog from a past party. For forthcoming Slutathons, stay updated here)

I’ve received a few emails inquiring about limits and hard limits in regards to the activities to be enjoyed at the CFNM, Watersports, Strapon Plus Party.

Some subs assume that all activities and games are compulsory for everybody. No, this is not the case. We aren’t going to be playing by numbers nor ticking boxes. Things will happen organically, and we understand that not everybody is into absolutely everything. There will be enough willing victims for each Mistress and to indulge our wicked imaginations.

So if there is one or two games or activities that aren’t your cup of tea, but find by and large, the whole idea of the party is one that tempts you, then this party is for you. If you enjoy group play, multiple Mitresse, and interacting with other subs, then  the CFNM, Watersports, Strapon Plus Party is the event for you.

Please email us with you limits and hard limits, and we will still consider you. As I’ve already said, there are going to be enough volunteers and victims for each bit of fun.

Boy on Boy Puppetry: Pull the cock, not the strings

New tickets deadline: October 27th.

When I ask my boys to amuse me by sucking each other off, or being bummed by one of them or being part of a spit roast scene where I also get to use my dommely cock, I love referring to it as “Boy on Boy Puppetry”. It’s puppetry of the penis, but not as we know it. I hold and direct my male puppets not by strings, but by their cocks. I hold and pull their eager dicks, literal or metaphorically speaking, so they do as Mistress commands.

I also like to share my love of the strapon with my Mistress friends: we all love sharing a boy for a good spit roast. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be seen without my strapon dildo and all men would be anally trained to take it and to enjoy it, from a young age.

Cocks, specially other men’s cocks, hold such a powerful pull in a submissive man’s imaginary. It’s the ultimate taboo, the place where his masculinity is surrendered, his submission put to the final test. To engage sexually with other boys for Mistress, is a to show that I have the power to wipe out their male privilege and pretensions.

And yet, the boys are gagging for cock, dying to be put in their pen for the ladies’ amusement. To be nothing but a complying, tail wagging puppy, a pet-like accessory, a puppet on a string for a dominant woman. To have a man’s cock is to have he man at your will: naked, erect, horny, surrounded by demanding dommes and maybe in the presence of other boys too, with its promise of danger and unspoken temptations.

This is what my Parties are about: to have fun in the company of my friends, while taking full advantage of male weaknesses. Being strong, seductive and persuasive till they have no choice but do as told with their tiny, but very eager, dicks. It’s ultimately what they want. I know it, and I know how to use it, even abuse it.

The next party will be on Friday, October 28th. Have a look at my past, present and future parties, here:

Boy on Boy Fun sessions

My Strapon, CFNM, Bi Boy Parties

Branding the male – pork crackling?

During a short break in Spain last week, I escaped the routine of family duties and chores to retreat in Mistress Natalie’s superb Studio Wanda, in Bilbao (Spain). She had a fully frillied, willing sub ready in the dungeon for my entertainment, so I spent two hours practising some rope bondage with him. She had asked me to prepare him, trussed up and immobilized in inescapable shibari bondage, because she was planning on branding him with a hot iron.

I’m not the one to disappoint a friend. So I got myself down to work and thought, why not crucify the slave? I tied him up with hemp rope to a thick bamboo rod, and then suspended him until he was just about touching the floor with his toes. Thus prepared, I called Mistress Natalie.

“I don’t want you to utter the smallest sound, not a word, not  asigh, or you won’t be allowed to cum”, I warned him.

The red hot iron with Mistress Natalie’s initials on it crackled and sizzled as it burnt the skin. A faint cloud of smoke and a pungent, unmistakable smell rose: pork crackling! We both laughed, while he bit his lip to keep mum. As I untied him, the fresh branding revealed itself gradually, redder and redder on his buttock. Pork crackling indeed!

You can view the  complete photoshoot here: Branding at Studio Wanda.