Public Femdom, Humiliation and Servitude

Have you ever fantasized about being subtly but surely dominated by your Mistress in public? Wearing a chastity device, a butt-plug, maybe a remote control dildo while attending an event, theatre, or dinner at a restaurant with your Mistress?

Being in awe, in public, of a woman of the world who is in her element at a restaurant or cocktail bar and at a theatre or art exhibition? Who will know how to treat her minion in public, bonded by an invisible chain of dominance and servitude invisible to the naked eye of the ususpecting world, but demanding, exacting, firm and strong between you and her?

Ms Tytania will order your food and drinks at her discretion, expect you to read her mind, iopen doors for her, and ill probably not be too happy with your lacking obsequiousness, all without exchanging an incriminationg word or deed that may anyone suspect of your anject devotion and servitude to her. What ‘s not to like?

More details on Ms Tytania’s Contact & Tribute page.

Dinner, drinks, art exhibition, theatre or club tickets not included and at your expense. Ms Tytania has an MA in Fine Art and Cultural Studies and a life long passion for reading and high culture, so rest assured that you can take her to the most demanding event and feel dwarved by her knowledge.

And to start,

How about Christmas dinner & drinks before December 14th?

Filming with Femme Fatale Films, Femdom Finest

Last October I arrived in South London with slave Severin on tow, to film some videos and do a Photoshoot for Femme Fatale Films, run by the gorgeous, extremely dominant, Lady Eleise de Lacy.

I hadn’t filmed for  a while and even play with my subs had taken a back seat for afew weeks. A relaity, who cares for you, and how you dare interrupt the flow of my fantasy world? But on the upside, I was inspired and rearing to go when the lights, camera and action were go!

The results, Cindy’s Palace, about a bordello girl who turns the tables on her mysoginist client, and Storm The Office!, can be seen respectively on Femme Fatale Films embers’ site and on my own members’ site, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell.

Femdom is what you make of it, and I like what I do of Femdom. I hope you enjoy it too!

Click on the picture to visit Femme Fatale Films website.

Watersports Interruptus

I’ve just received an invitation to a private party on Saturday, a “Wild & Wanton Watersports Spectacular” and I can wait, The only problem is my cock. I have a wonderful Shenis that I like using in public (it’s what they wre designed for, apparently), since I’ve a tendency to be a tad bladder shy when I’m feeling enthusiastic. It’s funny, the more into it I am, the harder it can get sometimes.

My Shenis, which I think I should have several of, not just one, has the problem of not being, let’s, say, an inbuilt cock. So I left it behind at some party months, ago, I think it was at the First Inaugural Strapon Party. Well, wild parties, you have to lose something or it won’t be wild at all, it would be far too civilized if I went back home with my arsenal intact.

So a few days after the party, I receive this email from the friend whose venue e used: “you left your cock in my apartment.” Fine, he’d left his gas mask and N20 inhaler at mine, so fair do’s. That’s the thing about being a Domme in London, running around from place to place, to make horribly, delightful things to people, always perfectly heeled and fully equipped. And London is a big city!

So I mourned the temporary loss of my Shenis and carried on with my life, feeling ever so slightly emasculated, but with my head in other bits of kit, other experiments to perform on willing specimens.


Bestowing my golden blessings upon my subjects.

Until this invitation arrived, and I decided that yes, I did need my Shenis now, it would be the most fun piece of kit at a party that promises – aherm! fountains of golden youth. I giggled at the footnote in the invitation: “BYO – This is  a bring your own drinks event.” Snigger.

But the giggles soon died out. Switched my mobile on to this message from the person who was supposed to have found it, and kept it safe for me: “sorry, I can’t find your cock, I must have put it somewhere, but I can’ remember where”, (not the first time a gentleman makes such a claim, by the way). So it’s missing. One of my favourite cocks is missing. As a fully prepared, fully armed Mistress, I have many cocks to choose from, but only one shenis. Or one ex-Shenis. Oh, woe!

This is a Shenis, perhaps one of womankind’s finest inventions.

What Femdom/Dominance means to me

“What does Dominance mean to you, Mistress?” I used to hear this question a lot, and I used to hear it discussed years ago. Maybe because now most of my friends in the scene are people who have been exploring their sexuality for a while, and have answers, we don’t need to ask these types of questions anymore. We know who we are in our kink.

I do. For me, being dominant means being independent and self-reliant, accepting a challenge and taking matters in my own hands. Being my own Mistress, choosing to be served because I want to, not because I can’t fend by myself. Many advocates of Femdom imagine a stylized, fantasy world where women are capricious, idle ladies tottering on high heels, lounging lazily on a chaise longe in expensive lingerie, being fed peeled grapes or else their delicate throats might choke in a pip. I always found this images oddly sexist. Far from empowering women, they perpetuated an image of the “fairer sex”, the one that needs to be assisted, helped, coached, protected from that ugly real world they aren’t ready for. These men see themselves as knights in shining armour, but a helpless Rapunzel, playing the harp in a luxurious castle to while away her useless life, has never been my idea of Femdom.

That’s not my idea of a powerful dominant woman. High heels are fun, and having minions doing my bidding is great. But I don’t need them. I want them. I can do very well without them, and I can do so many things better than them, that they’d have a hard time trying to catch up with me.

That’s why I put those pictures of me, at the climbing wall earlier this afternoon. They represent my idea of what makes me dominant: powerful, independent, up for a challenge and overcoming it. Disciplined.

After spending the last two weeks planning, organizing, and finally, having the CFNM, Strapon, WS & Forced-Bi party, and keeping our guests happy and entertained for four hours, I needed some me time. But not of the languidly sipping champagne from a carved crystal glass. I needed to put on my climbing boots, my climbing lycras and hot pants, feel those muscles tensing. Sweat and pant. So here are the pics that my loyal slave, forest, took this afternoon. He still hasn’t caught up with me, but he reckons that his position, strategically located underneath my bum, gave him “a most admirable view”.

Bumshots. The lucky, lucky boy! :)

Party Menu: Fun And Games


Here is a copy of the fun & games running order for tomorrow’s party, as emailed to all participants. The first, but definitely, not the last one.


We know it’s hard to keep it in and without accidental (or deliberate) spills at a party like this, and in the presence of such lovely Mistresses. We know that you’ll be begging for the privilege to show the ladies your admiration, and the boys, ttheir amazing fluffer talents.

However, we want to ensure that your enthusiasm won’t wane as soon as you’ve sacrificed your manhood to Aphrodite. For this reason, all these games will require staying power, but not cum unless specifically requested by one or more of the ladies. We want you horny, hard and eager to please at any cost. All male sluts will be teased and used, but kept always on the edge, at the Mistresses’ will. No accidents will go unnoticed, or unpunished!


Please note that all these games are just suggestions, and we the Mistresses reserve the right to change our dominant minds at our will, and depending of how the party is going and how the boys are performing. Specific talents deserve specific attention!


On arrival at the venue, each male sub will be greeted individually in the lobby by the Mistresses. If he wants to wear a mask or hood, he can put it on before meeting the other guests in the main room. Hooded if desired, but still fully dressed, he’ll be taken to the lounge, where he will be asked to take his clothes off in the middle of the room. How this is performed will be at the Mistresses discretion, according to how feel fit for their amusement.


The new sub will then be examined for cleanliness, personal hygiene and cock size. The size of every subs’cock will be diligently written down by the ladies, logged in size order, and when completed, read aloud in public. Each sub will be asked to stand up and hear the real size of his manhood, then asked to stand in a line, in ascending order.


There is no escape till the Mistresses’ have witnessed your utter sluttiness! The Mistresses will choose two boys to engage in diverse sexual activities of their choice: not much rum, but rope, sodomy and the lash will certainly fature. Specially sodomy.


Half of the boys will be forced to masturbate another sub. The one who makes his partner cum will be the winner. They can choose to perform their fluffer chores with their hands or with their mouths.


Like a pagan, matriarchal initiation rite, the boys will acquire their manhood by the ingestionof copious wuatities of piss. the less man-like boy, the one who refuses or can’t swallow fast enough,will be given to the boys to piss on him. I’m sure you prefer the ladies’ Golden Wine, so open up and take it!


This could be combined with the Fluffer Award

Piggy races: subs who cum before its time, will be punished by racing on the floor hogtied.


No more – *aherm!* – introductions needed for this fine sport enjoyed by the ladies.


Where the ladies will sit their creamy bottoms on creamy cakes, to be licked by the lucky subs who show stamina, staying power, and other rewards liberally and arbitrarily bestowed by the Mistresses.


… Aaaand for the Grand Finale, a game where all subs can take part:


This traditional game and adolescent rite of passage, surely needs no further introductions.