This page is for full on, no frills, fetish kinknapping and abduction scenarios. For extended caging and isolation only sessions, go here: Caging & Captivity or Extended inescapable rope bondage sessions.

Ms Tytania & Ms Slide’s Bespoke Kidnappings, interviewed on Bizarre Magazine! Read the article here.



Pampered, perfumed London Mistresses by day… but at night, urban Chicks Ms Tytania and Ms Slide, ditch the bland comforts of the boudoir, to capture, drag off the streets and interrogate, helpless members of the inferior male species.

Last week, we undertook the no small feat of kidnapping a a male for an UNDERGROUND scenario. We chose a dark January night, and the narrow alley ways of East London. Directed to a remote backyard in an industrial estate, our victim carried a bunch of white roses to be recognized. From our car, we recognized him immediately by his nerves. “Everybody is staring at me funny”, he texted. As if anyone would care!

Passer-bys could hardly bat an eyelid at a man being handcuffed, dragged and taken inside a car parked in a quiet, dimly lit London street.

Driving to the Cell was easy: blindfolded, he couldn’t guess where he was being taken.


Once in the Cell, he was subjected to a harsh regime of bondage, caging, kicking, and enforced indoctrination into Female Supremacy. Piss-boarding, the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell’s very own contribution to revolutionary urban warfare, was needed to soften his stubborn macho brains. Enforced anal occupation was undertaken by a zesty, enthusiastic Ms Slide.

UNDERGROUND sessions are Ms Tytania and Ms Slide’s dominant passtime du jour. Males are welcome to submit to a full kidnapping, hostage and interrogation by email. Find out more by clicking on the link.

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To all the shy, coy and new sluts in the making

When is the next Slutathon and how can I attend? Find out here!


The Slutathon Fairy has been dealing with an exceptional amount of emails from eager, curious, but inexperienced sluts in the making. They all ask the same question: is the Slutathon for me, or am I going to be pushed nt the deep end of slutty depravity without as much as (cock)floating ring to help me  wade through this sea of strapons, tthi river of live and cum?.

Becaue all new sluts think that everybody at the Slutthon is very experienced, and they are the shy duckling who’ve been missing out on The fun all these years.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I forced bi there’re and opportunities were so easy to find, there would be no need for the Grand Slutathon. But  a bunch of Mistresses got together a few years ago, and oticed the gap in the world of kink. A fun, relaxed, yet deeply depraved gathering I like minded boywhores nd their commanding Mistresses, rimed with strapons of unusual lengths and girths.

Our Slutathon Fairy has been wading through a eritble ea of enquiries  from nervou beginners just like ou: who’ve fantasised many times about being unconditionally instructed by a Mistress, into sucking real flesh cock. Or who’ve dreamed of being taken spit roast style, mercilessly, by two rampant Dommes armed with strapon. A weapon tht doeSn’t need a rest. Unlike real boy cock!

S to answer your nervous curiosity: myself, Ms Tytania, Nd my lady friends who orchest rate the Grand Slutathon, are delighted to ease all new and coy sluts into the  action. With ourcoaching through the afternoon, we’ve seen boys bloom, from shy inexperienced sluts, into sluty kings of the Slut Bed of Shame.


Imply email me and ask. You have nothing to lose, other than tht nagging, persistent need to suck cocglory to be taken by a gang of rampant women :

You can still attend the next Slutthon on Wednesday, Dec 19th. It’s not too late yet, but hurry!


Shibari Domina Extraordinaire is back!

My passion for shibari and rope bondage has never been away, but I’m revamping that site for a lot of reasons. One, becaue I love tying people up. Two, because I have a vast archives of photos that need to be aired and published for th enjoyment of those who love shibari and Femdom, all rolled into one. and three, but no less important, to summon and tempt those who actually love the idea and praxis of Shibai and femdom, all rolled into one, compact, Mistress of her rope.

My shibari website now features some larger versions ove well lvoed photos: Ms Tytania – Shibari Domina Extraordinaire. Click on photo to visit it:

My new Tumblr Photoblog, where I intend to showcase my now huge archives of rope and shibari sessions, wirkshops, club nigts… and link to other like minded shibari aficionados.


Finally, why not join me on Twitter, where my alter ego Shibari_Domina no lives?






Some Ideas for December Grand Slutathon


Next party: Wednesday, December 19th / 3 – 7pm.

Email Ms Tytania to guarantee a place. Deadline: Monday 17th.

The last Slutathon was in my opinion the greatest and most fun: I had more rampant fun than ever, and the ladies and slut gents seemed to mingle easily and without respite. Much fun was had, and the culprit, form my selfish point of view, was the Slut Bed of Shame. You had to see the smiles on the Mistresses’ faces, when we finished! Exhausted, but totally satisfied.

The lucky male sluts who were tied up to that Bed of Dirty Dreams, were relentlessly rioggered, facesat, and generally abused by the ladies. On other occasions, I’d given more time and energy to ensuring boy on boy interaction didn’t lack. But you are such sluts, there is no need to worry about that: boy on boy sluttery (I hesitate to call it “forced”, seeing your egerness) was constant and needed no encouragement from the ladies. You can blush now, sluts 🙂

So while you can’t wait to greedily enjoy real meat cock with each other, what was left for us? Our love of sticking our female cocks up a boy’s arse, of down his greedy throat. The Slut Bed of Shame saw a lot of that action take place, and the Mistresses were happy. but what;s not to like about three Mistresses armed with strapons, poking, tickling tonsils and other inner organs, smothering, face-sitting, restraining a helpless boy? specially if it;s all of them at once, or take quick turns to ensure the action is relentless.

So for the next Grand Slutathon, the Slut Bed of Shame will take place of honour. Myself and my lady friends will polish our hard strapons inside the boys with unparalell thrust, zest and force. Because as well as being friends, the Mistresses who take part in the Grand Slutathon, all share a passion for fucking a boy’s arse. or several boy’s arses, as was the case last October.

So, one note taken: more atrapon action at the next Grand Slutathon. No need to queue up sluts. Just contact me and apply to be used.

Session testimonial: Wonders await outside the Circle Line!

It still amazes me that some subs are reluctant to travel outside the Circle Line to see a London Mistress. I rather be considered because they want to see me, a suitable Mistress, not because my studio is within the magic Circle Line of…  Psychological comfort? Safety? Respectability? Whatever, I love my East London, and I appreciate the more adventurous gentleman who isn’t afraid to venture where the timid and tame fear to tread 🙂

Here is a session testimonial from somebody who decided to take that little step beyond Aldgate East…


Testimonial. By submissive Geri.

I finally carried out a fantasy and sessioned with Mistress Tytania today.
I have admired her from afar, for quite some time now.
She always gave me the impression that she was one of the most ‘real’, ie, she genuinely gets a kick from dominating men, and this really appealed.

What stopped me going till now was I am scared of venturing to sessions in residential areas outside central London, particularly East London, but I decided to brave it, though I booked an early appointment as I always do outside of the centre for this reason.

Mistress Tytania gave me the best session I’ve had so far. We carried out my fantasies, TV and hogtie, in one seamless session. With other Dommes, I made the mistake of turning up with a script/shopping list and of course they feel obliged to follow this, and I wanted them to – but it didn’t really work for me. I knew I would get short shrift from Mistress Tytania if I even tried this so I just told her a couple of loose ideas of what I wanted to do, then I just relaxed and let her take it from there, do what she wanted. Because of her experience, and the fact that this is more of a lifestyle than a job for her, she could read me and what I wanted to do, but it was still a surprise for me ie I didn’t know what was coming next which heightened the excitement.

I enjoyed stripping for Mistress, enjoyed being ordered around, feeling totally under her control, enjoyed putting on the female garments, and of course the hogtie. I now want to explore all these elements further, like do a pure TV session and I definitely fancy a session of pure rope bondage. The only regret I had was seeing the suspension rigging from the roof just before I left… but then I realised… there’s always next time!

With some Mistresses it’s like you are meeting them backstage at the beginning, then they come out for an acting performance of the session – not Mistress Tytania. She is a Domme before, during, and after session. That makes a huge difference, I feel. Gives a much better atmosphere. I know there are probably guys who prefer it the other way too but I prefer Mistress Tytania’s way.

So all in all a great session and for those of you who can overcome your central London fetish in order to carry out your other fetishes, much excitement awaits.