And so, the quest begins…

… to plan, engineer and finally enjoy, a long Double Domme session involving Cuckolding and forced-bi. Almost a Hollywood production, if it’s to be done well.

This sub and I have been exchanging long emails over the Christmas period and they were a great way to relieve the saccharine and peace on earth atmosphere of the festive season. His eagerness to have it all at once amused and delighted me in equal doses, but I’m just as excited at the prospect of a long, intricate and sexy Double Domme , Cuckolding & forced-bi session, as him.

So I thought that, to make things work to their ultimate potential, and to enjoy and savour every aspect of this long session, activities had to be compartmentalized and offered separately. So I suggested a 3 to 4 hour long,  early evening appointment, divided in two parts, like this:

1. A Double Domme session in my playroom, to indulge in those old staples that we the ladies love so much, that is, tormenting a sub or 2 over the bench, humiliate them in CFNM fashion, and be served, worshipped and pampered by them. My personal stud would be at the ready to be spanked while my guest sub enjoys the spectacle and prepares for it himself. Oh, and Mr Cuck would be at the ready, serving the ladies a nice glass of French red.

Our guest sub will also attend on my Domme friend and myself by being human furniture and eager leg & buttocks worship lap dog, there is no being idle in my play room. He will also try the strap and the cane, and a thorough OTK hand spanking to remind him that we aren’t here to give him a show. He’s the show too!  This tableaux of pain and servitude would get the juices flowing for the second part of the session:

2. Cuckolding & Fluffer duties. In my Boudoir, once my lady friend has left, things get steamy. I’ll start by tying my sub up with rope and place him at the foot of the bed, in a position where he can see it clearly. I will then, excited by the previous games, demand to be pampered and satisfied by my lovely, strappy, tall, well endowed stud. Maybe my puny Cuckold gentleman on the floor can learn a thing or two about how to satisfy a woman, even though nature has probably not been very kind with him. I won’t lose sight of him even in the middle of my pleasure. I like teasing them mercilessly in their impotence.

My sub and Cuck, will be asked to do fluffer duties, something I personally love: watching my subs engage in boy on boy oral action for my pleasure. I hope he’s better at it than previous cucks: they are always very eager to suck cock, but their skills are often lacking. Boys, do what you’d like to have done to you! But it’s fine, he’ll have plenty of chances to practice and show off his whoreish techniques.

Finally, and after having had my wicked way with my obliging stud, cuckold will be rewarded with a full facial cumshot on his face. The money shot, as they call it in the vanilla porn world. As a Grand Finale, both my stud and myself will rinse him off with our golden showers, me probably using my trusty Shenis. This is probably my favourite part of the evening. I’m easily pleased.

So that’s my proposal for the perfect Double Domme & Cuckolding session. Ms Tytania, making two very lucky boys – well… two very lucky boys!

Ms Tytania disrobes

Ms Tytania takes her black silk taffetta coat to reveal a glamourous ensemble and satin lingerie. Fully seamed black & pink stockings, knee-high black leather boots and long opera satin gloves.


2011, Ms Tytania’s review

With the recession taking hold of London, 2011 has been a bumpy ride, but very exciting because new “problems” also translate as “new opportunities” and I am a Mistress of reinvention, never happy to stay too long in the same routine. Developing The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell – UC-SC Project has been the most exciting part of it. It’s given me the opportunity to get out o the BDSM STudio and interact more with other creative professionals like photographers and video makers. This is marvelous, because I have a background in art, specifically video & photography, and to use these talents to develop my ides of what kink and BDSM mean to me has been a wonderful opportunity for self-expression.

I enjoyed Double Domme sessions with a delightful new Mistress, Maitresse Dalida, a personal friend whom I’ve adivised and also learnt from. We expect many more soirees of joint bitchery and dominance in 2012.

I filmed with Ms Slide and Femme Fatale Films. Again, I am looking forward to collaborating with many other Mistresses and friends.

Delved deeply and joyfully in the delights of heavy rubber bondage sessions, and eplored the heady pleasures of N2o & poppers both in rubber sessions and as part of my shibari session. I discovered tht Nitrous & suspnsion go very well together!

I did so many strapon sessions, I’ve forgotten how many. And here is a toast for many, many more, because I truly enjoy pegging boys and I’m at my happiest when I’m strutting my stuff with a cock sticking out of my otherwise ladylike crotch.

I threw two Strapon & Strapon, bi-boy CFNM Plus parties. A huge success and such a wonderful social occasion for myself, my fellow Mistreses & friends, who took part with rampant gusto. There will be more soggy biscuit competitions, more cake-sitting and more boy on boy puppetry! Stay tuned for the date & time  of the next party, that’s coming very soon.

Smaller forced-bi & cuckolding scenes were also a true highlight of 2011 in my Studio & Boudoir. A form of rotic dominance I truly enjoy.

I also met some wonderful personal playthings and kinky lovers in 2011. So the fun seemed to never end, at least some weeks. Some boys, obviously, are luckier than others!


Some new developments for 2012

Well, January will see me putting my tribute up, for the first time in 8 years. More details here.

I will also be engineering real time, UC-SC style sessions for those who keep asking if they can be rough handled by the fearsome Urban Chicks… I’ve designed UNDERGROUND just for you, male scum, in a suitably imposing prison cell… here is your chance to be interrrogated, restrained, held hostage, water boarded, pegged and sounded for the Femdom Revolution. The Urban Chick is, after all, my feistier, more unpredictable incarnation. These sessions will be betwen 2 – 3 hour long, and will take place at Murder Mile Studios‘ amazing prison cell room. Boxing, mixed wrestling and shibari also possible there.

The TV & Sissy Boudoir will see much more action, having proved to be such a success as an alternative to the playroom area in my Canary Wharf studio. I’m already planning a bondage & sissification photoshoot for the new year!

And lastly, my members’ site, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell – UC-SC, will continue bringing down the patriarchy and making those smug, small-dicked City boys pay for the mess that we all are in… Femdom style.

Night of the Bull & The Cuckold

it’s not often that I meet  man in my everyday life that I’m erotically attracted to, let alone two. But this time, I found the perfect match: an ideal Bull and the ultimate cuckold boy, to fulfill and old cherished fantasy of mine. Cuckolding a helpless insignificant, but nonetheless pretty cuck, in the arms of a strappy, well endowed bull. Both at my beck and call. I’m a big fan of mFm threesomes.

We started by meeting in a favourite pub, where my eager cuck addressd us both as Sir, to crush his masculinity jsut tad more. He wasn’t allowed to drink, but he bought us drinks and waited patiently till it was time to go back to the boudoir for the evening’s entertainment.

Back in the boudoir, little Mr Cuck was ordered to strip in front of us, slowly, for our entertainmen, while I made out with my delightful Mr Bull: tall, handsome, fiery red and apparently, ex-army. Plus a beautiful, big cock to please me with, judging by what my hands found when going down for a good old boy groping. I stopped my cock-mining to tie up my cuck boy into hogtie and positioned him on a thick rug at the foot of the leather sofa, where he couldn’t miss any of the action. Then we started for real with Mr Red And Fiery Bull.

Sex is something I can take or leave. Physically, I’m indifferent to it. Apart form a good dose of intelligence, I expect my sexual partners to have also an imagination. for me, sex has always have to happen as part of a narrative, and cuckolding makes sex worth the effort of breaking into a sweat, and the inconvenience of having my hair messed up and lipstick smudged. Just by itself, not even my gorgeous bull would give it much interest.

But having a little, passive, all eyes cuckold at the foot of the bed makes a world of a difference to me. The glint in his eye when I caught him watching, the shudder of delight when I threw my clothes and lingerie over him, as if he got in the way, like a piece of furniture…

“Oh, and can you see how a real man fucks a woman? Watch, listen and learn what it takes to be a woman-pleasing man. Not that I have any hope that you ever will be up to scratch.”

To make him useful and not jsut a passive, yet delighted audience, I demanded that he kept Mr Bull hard by sucking on his cock. Little cuck boy obeyed eagerly, swallowing as deep as he could. He gagged and threw up, but never mind. Mr Bull took the gagging and reflux as appreciation of his enviable size. Alas, the cruelty of nature will never allow little Mr Cuck to upgrade to Mr Bull. Some flaws are for life! But he’s a good, obedient cuck, and do as told. His oral services were demanded because I enjoy watching boy on boy puppetry, and later, were demanded on me. Such a lucky boy!

Finally, and the game finished, almost oblivious to the little piece of meat tied up on the floor, Mr Bull got up and standing on him, pissed on my cuck with all the Niagara might of his bladder. I laughed and laughed while I mixed myself a drink (with different fluids, I hast to add). But then I noticed that my cuck wasn’t only lying on top of the rug, but also on top of a pile with my not piss-drenched clothes. Oh no.

My Bulls aren’t your predictable, sexist macho men you’d expect to find in a porn movie. No way, such men never cross the door to my Boudoir. So, swiftly and without being prompted, Mr Bull got up, put my clothes on the sink and lovingly washed them by hand while I enjoyed a G&T. Naked over the sink, I watched his rippling muscles wringing and hanging my ress, nylon stockings and suspender, my new underwear.

Then I allowed my cuck boy a drink, but he was already drunk in the pleasure and joy of what he had just witnessed. Dizzy and spaced out, I allowed him to stay for the rest of the night for a good dose of strapon riogery and to cook me breakfast in the morning, as a way to say thank you.

And that was an ordinary summer weekend in Ms Tytania’s private moments.


50′s pin up: nylons, gloves, black lingerie 02

More gorgeous retro Ms Tytania in her best vintage lingerie and boudoir.