Fisting: plundering the depths of anal orgasms

Fisting It’s very this season, by the look of it. Apart form the absurd, surreal, time and public money wasting trail currently at Kingston Court, and which I prompt you all to follow, I’ve had more requests for heavy anal play and fisting over the last 3 months, than I’ve had in years. Not complaining. It could be the after effects of all those strapon & forced-bi Slutathon parties, who knows, but the fisting and large rubber dildos aficionados are coming fast and thick – cough! They always look so innocent, well mannered, polite, my fisting gentlemen. Butter wouldn’t melt, their manners couldn’t be more impeccable. Why are these individuals, apparently tamed by society, always the biggest, most satisfying perverts who come into my studio?

“I enjoy heavy anal play an fisting”, he said. And he certainly did. His position of choice was on his back, laying on my leather swing, wrists and legs restrained… not that he looked as if he was going to run away any moment, but I enjoy a bit of drama. I had some excellent poppers presented by a previous visitor at hand, and plenty of Nitrous. In the end, poppers was enough. We probably wouldn’t have needed it, but again, it adds to the drama and atmosphere. It all started with cock, Mistresses’ 6” cock to be exact. This appendage, strapped to my harness, has special significance in my studio. It acts as some sort of threshold: whilst for some subs, it’s the biggest cock they can take, for others, it’s the beginning of a journey into size. Size culminating either with my 12” black strapon dildo, or my dainty, but still significant, clenched fist. In this case, it was the beginning of what whas going to be a very memorable ride (pun intended).

One advantage of fucking a man while lying on my leather swing, is that I can thrust my rampant hip deep into their arses, while wearing high heels. Fucking on stilettos is no small feat. And while I’ll give it to the boys that fucking and hip thrusting is hard work, doing it while wearing full stockings and needle sharp-heeled strappyt shoes, is quite a feat. But I did it: my 6” slid into my restrained sub like a finger, just a tiny bit of lube needed. So I soon had to swap it for a 9” – 10” black dildo, firmly attached to my harness, and thrust it into him, again, smoothly, easily, and very happily.

“Whatever you want, Mistresses!”, moaned my eager sodomite, “anything you want!”. Which was, basically, plundering the depths of his greedy arse, with the mighty power of my hips. By now, he was writhing with pleasure and I could see that, despite the absence of an erection, his whole body was beginning to convulse with pleasure. It’s remarkable, how for some men, being fucked up the arse takes the focus of their physical pleasure away form their apparently tyrannical cocks, and moves to the depths of their slut arses. I like this: proof that the cock is not the all mighty centre of the universe for every single man under the sun. I like a man whose arse responds to pleasure like this. It’s spectacular, and such good value for a Mistress!

And in this case, it did. So I had to un-strap myself and move onto the next level: 12” glorious inches of heavy rubber cock & balls, so heavy it could hardly be held by my thick leather harness. So I parked it in his arse, for convenience, and he moaned. Just 2 inches in at first, what with it being 3” wide, it wasn’t going to be an easy, smooth fuck this time. But soon, it was going in as if my moaning, writhing arse slut did this for a living, on a daily basis. Perhaps he does, but I’m too much of a lady to ask. I could see by now that the focus of his pleasure was located inside his arse. His puny cock drooling like an eager clit, but nothing more. So after an invigorating, energizing, and certainly tiring thrusting of hips, after grabbing his thighs and pushing him deeper towards my largest dildo, I decided it was tome for the fist.

To use my good friend and fellow lady cock & fisting enthusiast Ms Theda’s words, it had the miraculous effect of a hand reaching in, mining for the prostate orgasms that hide inside, I’m sure, every man’s arse. But not all have the ability nor the know how to discover them. But they are there. And once you are wrist deep inside a man’s arse, they keep coming. And coming. And coming. And so did he. He wriggled and writhed consumed by violent spasms, restrained but unstoppable on the swing. Every time I pushed my clenched fist in, every time I wriggled my fingers inside him, another orgasm came. I stopped at the third or fourth, maybe I was being mean, but I thought he’d had enough.

Afterwards, while chilling after the session, he confessed that he could have gone on and on. Next time then. Next time I’ll go deep mining for the never-ending male prostate orgasms. Not many men are capable of summoning them, but they are a sight to behold. All Mistresses should have one or two like that!

A fine collection of Mistress’ cocks: no lady should be seen without one!

Double Domme Sessions in London

It’s been happening for a while. I’m no stranger to enjoying sharing the fun with a friend or two, but now I have built a dedicated website to Double Domme sessions with Maitresse Dalida:

Divine Double Domme Domination

Click on the picture to visit the website


You can find more details on this webpage, and contact us via email, so we can both read your messages and discuss an appointment.


Last minute Slutathon shopping and a surprise for my arsenal!

The postman woke me up this morning wiht a delivery. I wasn’t expecting anything, but he handed me a package the shape and size of a shoebox. It had my name on it and it came from the US. The penny dropped then: it was my new Shenis, which I’d ordered so long ago, I’d all but forgotten about it! The timing couldn’t have been better.

So with this new (replaced) addition to my arsenal of utility cocks, I showered and had breakfast with a spring in my step. I put on a nice short dress, sheer stockings and fuck off, knee-high military boots. With a new cock in my power, I was ready to face the world with attitude!

It compensated for the unexciting nature of my last minute Slutahon related shopping: sterilizing fluid, gloves, antibacterial cleaning spray & wipes. How chic!

After that, I got confirmation by email of our luxury apartment being available form 1pm and also eager texts from tomorrow’s slut boys. who obviosuly, can’t contain themselves with excitements!

I last hear of the other Slutathon ladies, Ms Theda, Mistress Jezabel and Rebekka Raynor, on Twitter, where they were debating what to wear. Rubber will probably be the strongest contender, it can be wiped off bodily fluids and even better, licked clean bu some lucky tongues!

So, bring on the Third Grand Slutathon…

Slutathon latest: the countdown

The countdown has started. Less than one week to go for our Right Royal Rogering…

And so far, we have a nice little stables of boy shores for the Grand Slutathon: from a total newby with a desire to slut it around to within an inch of his life and pop his cherry, to several seasoned male sluts who are willing to do anything for the Mistresses.

We have a butler in attendance and an all-round slut who will give and get as requested: in his mouth, in his slutty buy cunt and will lap the soggy biscuit with gusto. The Mistressses will sip a cocktail while watching.

We also have a slut who is experienced in fisting, according to his correspondence.  Whores like to brag, so we’ll soon see about that “puts elbow long rubber gloves on”.

And as for strapon… We’ve been polishing our dildos for a thorough session of spit-roasting a-deux. Drank plenty of water for beauty and to make the fountains of delectable golden wine flow. Our confirmed sluts have been assaulting my inbox with detailed accounts of their recurring fantasies involving cock, both meat dildo and lady cock. There will be a slut for every fantasy, and all levels of experience will be catered for. So if all this delight your decadent senses, you can still apply for a place:

June 8th Slutathon: a Right Royal Rogering

Will you Adam and Eve it! The next Slutathon will take place on the weekend after the most British event of the year. The English Vice comes in many forms… It’s going to be the most sought after party of the Jubilee season…

it will take place on Friday June 8th, just after the Jubilee Week, how about some proper Queening?
How would you fancy a right Royal Rogering in the hands of four rampant phallic Mistresses?

Be privileged and feel knighted by the ladies… sceptres.

How about taking part, in the company of like-minded male sluts, of some pre-Olympic Great British Buggering?

Soggy biscuit? How about a sip of soggy cream tea?
Yes, it’s a right Royal Slutathon and we need to be entertained by our court Jizz Jesters.

We will receive you at a magnificent venue near the City of London: the strapon will be more valuable than money, the Slutathon more respected than the Bank of England.
Pumped and CirCUMstance will be, erm, yes! pumping incessantly! With the inexhaustible help of mouths, hands and arses. Not the ladies, we ahste to add: it’s the duty of our Jizz Jesters, to ensure that the fountains flow for the duration of the party.
If you are early or feel shy, go for a Cock-tail in the bar beforehand

We, Mistress jezabel, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Ms Theda & Ms Tytania, will be expecting you in the Land of Poke and Glory Hole

And to finish this most gloriously British of slutathons, and to make sure you don’t faint after so much fun… take part in our Spit Roast Marathon.


You can still book your ticket by emailing ms Tytania on:


More information, here: What is The Grand Slutathon and how can I take part?