Grand Slutathon: we are like no other slut party


STOP PRESS! We are back in September 2014!

Yes! We are back! After your relentless inquiring and begging, The Grand Slutathon is back.

When? Friday September 26th, 3 – 7 pm

Where? In London, Zone 1.

Bigger and kinkier than ever! 

Three premier London Mistresses (to be confirmed according to availability) and High Priestesses of the Dildocracy, will put your sluttiness to trial. It’s going to be…



Here are some of our past and future regulars: The Mistresses.

We accept a maximum of 8 sluts per party.

Ticket price:  £300 per guest.

Email Ms Tytania to reserve a place and for paying details, using our secure, discreet method.

The Grand Slutathon is Ms Tytania’s very own version of a Strapon, Forced-Bi CFNM, filthy party.

It’s held in Central London in Zone 2.

We are unique. We do love our vigorous, sweaty buggering of boys! (Read if you don’t believe us)

Designed to meet like minded sluts who can rarely indulge in these exquisite, choral pleasures, under the encouraging and sometimes, coercing eye and words of four highly reputed london Mistresses.

I know what you are all thinking at the minute: Slutty, Strapon, Forced-Bi CFNM, filthy parties are two a penny these days. They seem to be sprouting all over London and beyond, like an outbreak of juvenile acne. So, you must be asking yourself, what is it about The Grand Slutathon to set it apart form its imitators and wannabes?



The Grand Slutathon is a private, discreet party. I DON’T film nor photograph it. I don’t keep any other information than your email address and mobile number. I offer these parties in the understanding that my guests expect safety, anonymity and discretion in an empathic, non-threatening,  fun environment.

If I’d want to film, I have my own professional film crew to produce high end, top quality BDSM videos. I’m not going to sell my soul for an hour of grainy, amateur footage. It’s YOU I expect to milk dry, not the Slutathon, you cock whores :)

My parties are, first and foremost, for my enjoyment and pleasure, my Mistress friends and my guest sluts.

I am an accountable Mistress, you’ll pay me into my business bank account, meaning that you know where you can find me. Whilst I’m not interested in your personal life outside our play time, I am happy to let my clients know who I am. They are giving me enormous trust.

So… what happens at the Slutathon, stays there. Although we love reading your gushing blogs, tweets and other testimonials!


We are the stuff of legend

We have well documented record of previous, successful parties organized with flair and filth in the mind. Check here for some testimonials.


A word I personally hate, but you get my drift very soon. We may like our guests for their rampant, voracious cock hunger and their shockingly accommodating man pussies… But we know they are classy, discerning gentlemen in their everyday lives and don’t do sleaze. So are we (classy thaht is, not gentlemen).


Talent casting

I receive many applications to attend the party, but this is not a first come, first, erm, cums basis! I offer a well catered party at a reputable, clean, discreet venue. I screen my guests to ensure we only invite sluts who show a modicum of good manners and social skills, are articulate and eager without being competitive with other subs. The Grand Slutathon is friendly, non-threatening, non-judgemental and sexy. No do-me subs and no bullies.


Fun packed, with a devious imagination

We take time thinkng of the fun and games to be had, so there is not a minute wasted.We also respect your need to have a break and come back to the action when your mind and other parts of your anatomy are focused.

You can wear a mask, but let me know first if you need me to provide one. We don’t care about your face: all that we care about is your hungry orifices, which are the Mistresses’ property for the duration of the party, to do with them as we please.

 A bouquet of dedicated, slut friendly Mistresses

We genuinely enjoy subverting masculinity and gender roles. We cherish and pamper our sluts… in our own, relentless, dominant way. You are treasured human toys that make our lives as Mistresses more fun.

Safe & hygienic:

Check our FAQ Page for more.

Hygiene: find out more.


Our sluts know their stuff

So send us suggestions and feedback. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.


And last but no least:


We welcome newbies: you may be at the stage where you’ve been fantasized yourself silly, but still a bit daunted by the prospect of attending a real life party, with real life horny, rampant sluts and demanding Mistresses. Email me or any other of the Mistresses attending and tell us that it’s your first time. We will talk to you, receive you separately if needed, and make sure that your integration into the fun is gradual and fun. We want you to have fun. And we want to have fun with you, and at your expense too.

If Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon is your bag, and we can guarantee that if you are a hole-filled, cock hungry whore, it will be, email me, Ms Tytania, @, and tell me what would you like at the Slutathon.

Grand Slutathon Update: The Mistresses

Here are some of the Mistresses who have enforce the Law of Filth unto some very lucky boys, at previous Slutathons.

You can email Ms Tytania to book your ticket now: Fast, discreet, anonymous and without booking fees or other hassle. Hurry up, places are very limited.

Ms Slide

A fellow devious and mischievous Mistress with a cruelty and sense of humour to match her imagination. Click on the photo below to read “Get your bits out for the lasses!”, her Slutathon interview.



Ms Theda Vamp, Strapon Queen Extraordinaire and Humilliatrix Supreme, lifestyler and House Domme at Club Pedestal, with a tongue as sharp as a razor, nails as sharp as a hungry tigress’…  and strapons as big as missiles! Her pelvic thrust is a legend at our parties: Click on the image below to read “What a Slutathon! and there’s going to be more!”, her review of her first Slutathon.


Mistress Rebekka Raynor


A Slutathon veteran, her no-nonsense attitude will get the slut out of you in no time. Or else. Click on the photo to read her Slutathon Interview: “the sight of an erect shaft does wonders to the content of my pants”.

Mistress Jezabel

Confesses to owning a large collection of boy on boy porn, in her Slutathon interview. Read more by clicking on her photo…

 Domina V

Gorgeous, fun and with awicked mind, Domina V will be traveling from far away Brighton, to attend the June 20th Slutathon. Specializing in sissies, trannies and other frilly friendly sluts, she is our latest addition to the GRand Slutathon. No arse too tight, no sissy or boy slut too coy for her! You will obey!



And of course,

Ms Tytania: Click on the picture below to read my very own Slutahtion Interview: “I used to think that no man would let me fuck him with a strapon!”

Grand Slutathon – Testimonials



Yes, I am a connoisseur when it comes to organize a kinky party that both Mistresses and sub sluts will love!


Read our latest testimonial, slut Joe’s First Slutathon on May 16th.

You can read about our second party here: Ms Tytania’s 2nd CFNM, Forced-Bi & Strapon Party.

Read two reviews here and here.

A Review by a lady who attended on of our early Slutathons.

Ms Slide writes ecstatically about her first Slutathon on her blog: Ms Slide at December 2012 Slutathon.

You can find some juicy details, rules and games performed at previous parties, in this sneak preview.

So if you can’t wait to be there…



Check this page for more details. Bookmark it for future dates!


Email Ms Tytania:, to purchase your ticket discreetly and without extra fees.

And so, the quest begins…

… to plan, engineer and finally enjoy, a long Double Domme session involving Cuckolding and forced-bi. Almost a Hollywood production, if it’s to be done well.

This sub and I have been exchanging long emails over the Christmas period and they were a great way to relieve the saccharine and peace on earth atmosphere of the festive season. His eagerness to have it all at once amused and delighted me in equal doses, but I’m just as excited at the prospect of a long, intricate and sexy Double Domme , Cuckolding & forced-bi session, as him.

So I thought that, to make things work to their ultimate potential, and to enjoy and savour every aspect of this long session, activities had to be compartmentalized and offered separately. So I suggested a 3 to 4 hour long,  early evening appointment, divided in two parts, like this:

1. A Double Domme session in my playroom, to indulge in those old staples that we the ladies love so much, that is, tormenting a sub or 2 over the bench, humiliate them in CFNM fashion, and be served, worshipped and pampered by them. My personal stud would be at the ready to be spanked while my guest sub enjoys the spectacle and prepares for it himself. Oh, and Mr Cuck would be at the ready, serving the ladies a nice glass of French red.

Our guest sub will also attend on my Domme friend and myself by being human furniture and eager leg & buttocks worship lap dog, there is no being idle in my play room. He will also try the strap and the cane, and a thorough OTK hand spanking to remind him that we aren’t here to give him a show. He’s the show too!  This tableaux of pain and servitude would get the juices flowing for the second part of the session:

2. Cuckolding & Fluffer duties. In my Boudoir, once my lady friend has left, things get steamy. I’ll start by tying my sub up with rope and place him at the foot of the bed, in a position where he can see it clearly. I will then, excited by the previous games, demand to be pampered and satisfied by my lovely, strappy, tall, well endowed stud. Maybe my puny Cuckold gentleman on the floor can learn a thing or two about how to satisfy a woman, even though nature has probably not been very kind with him. I won’t lose sight of him even in the middle of my pleasure. I like teasing them mercilessly in their impotence.

My sub and Cuck, will be asked to do fluffer duties, something I personally love: watching my subs engage in boy on boy oral action for my pleasure. I hope he’s better at it than previous cucks: they are always very eager to suck cock, but their skills are often lacking. Boys, do what you’d like to have done to you! But it’s fine, he’ll have plenty of chances to practice and show off his whoreish techniques.

Finally, and after having had my wicked way with my obliging stud, cuckold will be rewarded with a full facial cumshot on his face. The money shot, as they call it in the vanilla porn world. As a Grand Finale, both my stud and myself will rinse him off with our golden showers, me probably using my trusty Shenis. This is probably my favourite part of the evening. I’m easily pleased.

So that’s my proposal for the perfect Double Domme & Cuckolding session. Ms Tytania, making two very lucky boys – well… two very lucky boys!

Ms Tytania disrobes

Ms Tytania takes her black silk taffetta coat to reveal a glamourous ensemble and satin lingerie. Fully seamed black & pink stockings, knee-high black leather boots and long opera satin gloves.