God forbid, a Pro-Domme who does it for – gasp! Money!

Once again, the itchy subject of Pro-Dommes and money raises its guilty, sex-ashamed head on a forum, this time on the forum where I’m myself a moderator, PDUK. The question was: yes Mistress, we all know you looooove our work, but what if one in a lifetime, you found yourself between a rock and hard place and have to accept one session, just one, for money rhather than compatibility? Say, you have had a slow week?

Some subs really fear that we may do something less than goddessly every now and then that wipes us off our golden pedestal. That we may actually need the money, like lesser mortals. Some subs are always putting us to the test, between a rock and a hard place, to see if we are are “authentic” as we apparently claim to be. But God forbid if we say that some subs may only want to see us to have a fancy wank, not out of pure, undiluted worship of The Female!

Anyway, I’m digressing. This was the sub’s “between a rock & a hard place” type of question:

To take my (I accept mostly hypothetical) scenario a bit further. If it got to the point where you had to make a choice between continuing with your current regulars plus a few that you would prefer not to be sessioning with and giving it up completely what would you do?

… and here is my reply (actually, 2 of them):

That’s a hypothetical question and therefore, impossible to answer truthfully, unless we were faced with the dilemma in real life. But I’ll make an informed guess, based on my experience.”The worng subs” are labelled that because they are generally men who don’t like women, they hate their kink and feel shame, they are selfish and they see us as service providers. This is just a handful of classic reasons, off the top of my head, There are more. These people undermine our dignity. They make us feel like whores, in the negative sense of the word. We are their whores, a special, lesser type of woman. No death before dishonor here, more like the dole before mental illness.

“a few that you would prefer not to be sessioning with”, are subs we’d prefer not to see for very good reasons. I don’t think any of us here are fickle little madams who say No with the only purpose of showing how Dommely we are.

Unless you were a Mistress yourself, coolsub, you can’t imagine how hard it is to see the wrong people. It depletes your energy, it depresses you, it turns a great thing, BDSM, into a job. No, worse than that: a demeaning job. And one that still demands a lot of closeness and energy. We aren’t separated from our clients by a shop desk. We enter their heads, sometimes their body, very intimately. The exchange, as you know, is very intimate. To do that day in and day out with half a clientele you’d rather not see, would be horrible. I’d probably give up, despite my lovely regulars, because I’m sure I’d burn out.

Second reply:

Some subs wonder about the “purity” of our motivations all the time. They fear that we might give the mundane question of money over vocation a thought. So they probe us to make sure that we remain in high ivory towers, that we never need to step down from to go to Tesco.

But the reality is that we aren’t mythical Vestal Priestesses of kink, untouched by any reality other than our fickle dominant wills. We are real, self-employed women in a very tough and often, unforgiving and judgemental scene. Judgement comes from fellow Mistress and from our clients too. We aren’t saints, we try to conduct our business in the best possible way. That may include compromising at times. It’s only when one does more compromising than pleasure, that I’d question the validity of the model.

We have survived because we are realistic and pragmatic, and crated a balance that keeps us ticking. Does that make us impure? I suspect that this fear comes from some clients’ own sense of sexual guilt, they’d hate to discover that they are sessioning with a money-oriented Jezabel. That’s why some want to believe that we are untouched by the grit of the world, hardly “real” women, but spiritual entities. I’m definitely not one of those, I’m complex and contradictory. So what? Sorry to disappoint.

Ms Tytania: “I used to think that men didn’t enjoy being fucked with a strapon” – Interview

Second in our series of interviews with the Mistresses who will take part in the Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, Ms Tytania tells us about her love of strapons and watching gay male porn.

1. What are you looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

The sexy, sexual charged atmosphere that we achieve. It’s such a joy to se those boys feeling so liberated, encouraged and safe in the knowledge that they can indulge their deepest fantasies, while being encouraged and watched by enthusiastic Mistresses. We have created a unique event: filthy yet warm, whoreish but classy. After having done a few, it’s clear to anyone that dozens of tightly filled, satisfied orifices can’t be wrong! I’m already looking for a suitable venue for the 4rth Slutathon.

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

I fist saw a strapon in a mainstream, girl-on-girl fake lezza type of porn. Vanilla was the only porn I knew. I must have been in my early twenties. I saw the contraption and immediately thought: “wow, imagine doing that to a man with one of those!”. But I hadn’t discovered the BDSM scene yet, and I was convinced that hetero men didn’t enjoy being fucked a strapon. On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed humping men while spooning, and I don’t remember any partner who complained about it, in fact all my boyfriends have been very keen. It all changed when I did something as simple as stop assuming, and actually asked a man if he’d enjoy being fucked by a woman. And as they say, the rest is history!

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

“Everything a man can do, a woman can do better”, I say on The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell website. You’ve been told from a young age that even in the age of feminism, there are things that a woman simply can’t do in reality. What a lie! Being able to give it like a bloke is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. But we have to give it to the boys: good, sustained, rhythmic hip-thrusting is exhausting!

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

I personally do, I prefer male gay porn above any other form of porn. Most of my female friends love a bit (or a lot) of boy on boy action and we are very lucky that so many men are happy to indulge us. I’ve lost count of the number of men, be them clients, partners or strangers in a club, who admitted they’d love to do it “if I force them”. As if they need a sub machine pointed at them to obey my little whims!

5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women’s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

True, the Greeks didn’t have those hung-ups. They loved the human body, male or female, they didn’t make aesthetic differences. I am turned on by men sexually, so seeing, touching, dominating their naked bodies is delightful. I love how different they are to me: they are more muscular, tighter. The narrow hips and little bottoms are a part of a man’s anatomy I’m specially fond of. I’m an arse woman, definitely… which takes me back, full circle, to the themes of the Grand Slutathon, and why I created it: the enjoyment of male sluttery, naked. And the more naked boys we can get, the merrier.

Stay tuned for Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Mistress Jezabel’s interviews coming very soon.

Find out more about Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, here.


Grand Slutathon: Cleanliness & Hygiene

From a concerned follower on Twitter:

“A bit worried about cleanliness. I dont want to share a strapon”

These type of comment frustrates me. To think that anyone can believe that a sensible Pro-Domme would use the same, unclean, unsterilized strapon on several people, is beyond belief. That you pay £350 to have someone else’s germs shoved up your arse by a crack-addled “Mistress”. Well, if that’s your idea of my parties, better stay away. I feel insulted and I also feel insulted on behalf of Ms Theda, Mistress Jezabel & Mistress Rebekka Raynor, highly reputable London Mistresses who haven’t earned a good name by being dirty, careless or unsafe. We don’t live in Victorian times anymore. Dominatrices don’t hide their shame and their sins in polluted alley ways. We live in the same world as you, go to the same bars at you, have a life outside of our dungeons, very similar to yours. WE don’t transmit venereal diseases.

A good part of the overheads at the Grand Slutathon, going by previous editions, goes to sterilizing and disinfectant solutions, fluids, wipes and containers to keep everything germ free. We have a maid whose only job is to keep everything clean and disinfected. We use dozens and dozens of condoms for strapons and cocks. We practice clean, safe sex at all times. A lot of rinsing, sterilizing, mopping and wiping goes on at the Grand Slutathon, so everybody can relax and enjoy their favourite activities in a safe environment.

Ms Theda: “I love the vigorous buggering of boys” – Interview

To wetten your very slutty, cock hungry appetites, we are publishing a series of interviews with the four Mistresses who will be attending Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd. Some are new to this party, others are old hand. But we are all passionate about extracting the last drop of whorishness out of our sluts.

Ms Theda was the first Mistress who agreed on being interviewed by me. We sat and chatted, in a col February afternoon, over a few glasses of sloe gin and almond croissants.

What are you most looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

Ms Theda: What am I most looking forward too? Oooh! *claps hands* Of course the vigorous buggering of boys, watching them suck cocks – mine and each others, the humiliation games and hopefully a flexible boy or two I can fist. And if we’re feeling flexible and as they seem to do it in porn these days, how about we try and do an anal DP on one of them?

How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

Probably about age 19. After enjoying watching gay porn, and owning a dildo, came to the conclusion I could do that too! Experimented with my boyfriend who liked it, I loved it – et voila. Although I learned about ‘proper’ strapons much later. I didn’t even know there were such things until my mid twenties.

First experience was scary actually, even if I was the one who initiated it. A finger up a boy’s bum for pleasure is not the same as a whole dildo – I was terrified of injuring him. After the initial warming up, his obvious enjoyment meant I wasn’t doing anything bad and i suddenly realised I was inside him! Being able to penetrate a man blew my mind and all of a sudden there were tonnes of new ways to have sex.

Did you feel empowered? How?

I felt extremely empowered. Spreading a man’s legs, watching My cock enter him, knowing I was capable of dominating in a new way which was intense, intimate, penetrative, dirty. Being able to look down at his straining cock and lean back away from his reaching hands whilst still being inside him. In someways, the detachment added an exciting voyeurist element – I could fuck and get pleasure from watching. The ability to make someone orgasm a whole new way was a thrill too. It was empowering to know I’d turned this ‘civilised’ man, who offered his arse to me into a quivering mess of fucked meat, sweating, beaming and covered in his own cum having barely touched him with my hands.

Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

I like boy on boy, girl on girl, trans on boy on girl – I’m quite varied with who I watch in porn. And even if the storylines in general are over rated, if there’s suitably aggressive bumming going on in the porn – I’m a happy woman.

One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women;s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

I think men are just as body conscious as women when it comes to being naked, but CFNM isn’t about whether you have a six pack and a burnished tan – for me it’s more primitive. In fact, being shy can be a positive – there’s nothing nicer than a man stripping down and being truly vulnerable – now that’s exciting. There are some particularly soft and silky parts to a man’s body, that women don’t have and I’m not talking about their genitals!

It’s establishing the mindset more than anything. Removing the fig leaf of acceptability and civilisation (clothing) and presenting the whole you, body, submission, excitement (often hidden by clothes) for women to view, appreciate and use as they wish. A man can look beautiful in a suit, but he’s hiding in it. I love the honesty of CFNM.


Stay tuned for Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Mistress Jezabel and Ms Tytania’s interviews coming very soon.

Find out more about Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, here.

For The Love Of Woman Cock

Ms Theda, one of the glorious ladies who will be attending The Grand Slutathon, is a peerless strapon and fisting Mistress. She can fuck a man like a hustler and fist like the most hardened Gay Daddy.

so, as an appetizer of things to come at the Slutathon, here is a short story she wrote of her rampant adventures in fetish clubland, where, like most of us, cut her teeth bumming adoring boys just for the kicks. Yes, we do love wielding our cocks…

A hot, dark club and a hidden corner. The bass of the music thudding through the walls and the floors.Trousers clumsily puddled round your ankles and your wrists pinned to the wall by my firm grip. My hot rapid breath against your neck.

“Relax slut, you’ll only go and hurt yourself if you don’t” I laugh into your ear.

click on this link t read the whole steamy story here:


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