The Other World Kingdom, OWK – Nostalgia 2

The Other World Kingdom’s grounds and buildings contained every single habitat a Mistress may want to live in: luxury hotel suites (with en-suite cells!); underground cellar prisons; plush Baroque salons, games rooms, fully fitted dungeons and kitchesn… I used many of them but I was, apparently, the first person to even film in a toilet.

Well. I was wearing my back latex catsuit; I was also wearing my black 8″ rubber dildo strapon; I had three willing slaves to do as I pleased. So i thought that a nice little scene of penis envy (my penis, not theirs!), would be fun. In these scenes, you can see me using my cock like a man: to piss on a men’s urinal, and to admire and compare cock size with the boys. Because that’s what men do in men’s toilet’s I’ve heard.

One of my mottos is: everything a man can do, a woman can do better. Here is some proof ūüôā

The Other World Kingdom, OWK – Nostalgia

I’ve been looking at photos taken at The Other World KIngdom, in the Czech Republic, a few years ago. I always traveled there win the spring, when their garden nettles were fiercest, and slept in a suite that contained a cage for my collared slave, forest.

Back in the day, I posted ¬†few accounts of these trips. Unfortunately, they got lost in the internet, because forums and websites come and go, and your contributions go with them. So I’ll have to start again, because the OWK is no more, and people ask me: what was it like? So here I go…

I really miss that place. It was a Femdom fantasy come true, the first and so far, last condominium dedicated to Femal Supremacy. They even had their own currency within its walls, and men couldn’t tread on the tiles paths, only on the grass or on the dirt.

I went there in 2007 and 2008. I wanted to see for myself what it was like, because I’d heard so much and people being people, information about it was always contradictory. The first time, i traveled with the peerless Mistress Natalie; the second one, with the no less glamourorus and formidable Domina Liza. It was April, it was spring, and the vast OWK grounds, a walled, secluded condominium in the center of the Czech Republic, were verdant and indoors, chocabloc with anything a dominant woman’s measly heart may wish. but the tender, young nettle beds in the wilder parts of the gardens, were specially tempting.

I stated in a suite that contained, as well as everything you’d expect in a hotel, a steel barred cell where my slave forest could sleep. it had a wooden bench on the wall and a thin mattress and blanket was available too, at the Mistresses’ discretion.

the dungeons, udnerground cells and plush salons wre ery tempting and used, as my filming can porve. But what I was specially looking forward to were the outdoors grounds, and the human puny carts at my service. Becuase that’s not the kind of thing that a London Mistress can indulge in every day.

So for the first day of filming, I planned a picnic and pony cart parade with the 3 slaves I had at my service: my loyal forest, and two German gentlemen of a submissive disposition, that ran to serve when it was announced that Ms Tytania of London was visiting, and needed slaves to serve her during her stay at the Other World Kingdom.

 The slaves are given orders and instructed on how to behave like good pony boys. They tried, bless them, but the jumping gave me a sore arse!

“Clip-clop-clip-clop!” Off we go!¬†More a donkey than a studs.

So he got some correction to make a better job next time. My single tail saw some use that weekend!

After setting a good example, they were very eager to treat me to a picnic lunch on the lawn.

I’ve seen worse, but then, I’ve seen better foot worship, I suppose. competition among slaves always help getting a better service.


… and if that doens’t work, a good ball kicking does the trick to put them back in line. The wine was warm and the cucumber sandwiches soggy. But a lovely day was had by all, in our first day at The Other World KIngdom.

Ms Tytania in the media

I generally keep a very low profile in the BDSM scene. I’ve never been keen on “appearances”, fawning entourages, or assaulted by eagerness to attend the opening of an envelope. I haven’t been to a fetish club in ages and I don’t seek that fake demi-celebrity status that being a pro-Domme seems to give you as soon as you have a shop window in the internet. I do enjoy private play aprties (specially those organized by myself), but in general, i am a private kinkster.

In ten years as a professional Dominatrix, I’ve been approached by the media on a good number on occassions. Sometimes for TV, sometimes for magazines. They all introduce themselves with the same story: “we are working on a feature that will present BDSM/kink/sexuality/professional domination form a different angle, in a different, more sympathetic light, to a wider audience. We are very interested in your opinion, your experience, your point of view, because it’s not the archetypal whips and chains shocker setting”. I’ve always declined.

Eventually, another Pro-Domme/s I know or know about, agrees to work with them. The results are always the same. Because the TV or magazine/newspapers have the last say in the editing of the final product, the pro-Domme is presented in a way that she wasn’t intending. I gave up long ago on the hope of using these opportunities as a platform to be heard and to dispel myths. They twist and re-interpret your voice to their onw end and ¬†aenda (wow, th media do that? No crap, Mistress!”, I hear you say :)). They rarely end up manufacturing the product they promised to you. As I heard Zoe Margolis saying the other day at the Eroticon 2013 Conference, the media always has the upper hand. One reason is because the people who approach us, are outsiders to BDSM. They say they know nothing about our world and want us to present it in our own words, but that’s a fallacy. They may not nothing of its reality, but they have an opinion and mental image, before they even contact me. And this fictional idea of BDSM as whips and chains for freaks, always prevails, it’s usually a very stereotypical view that triumphs.

In my opinion, TV and the media are simply bread and circus, nothing more. they aren’t interested in “whowing your world in a sympatheitc light”. They are only interested in their shock hungry audiences and we kinky people, are perfect victims to throw into the lion’s jaws.

And the stereoype is what is going to prevail. When the interview goes into the editing room or page, they invariably choose what sounds familiar, what seems to make sense with a popular misconceptions of Pro-fessionsl Dominance, kink, or BDSM. The media want to reassure their public, not to challenge it. Every time someone else accepted to be on TV or a amgazine, that’s how they came acroiss.

This time, however, and after meeting with the producers for a real life meeting, it felt a little different. I’m probablyjust being naive, but I decided to give ¬†them the benefit of the doubt. so I’ve said yes to collaborating on a TV program on “alternative sexualities” – yes, tentatively- to a project for a major TV channel. They want me to be some sort of :expert consultant” on a feature about kidnapping fetishes. I’ve been doing a bit of that lately with The Femdom Bloc and yes, I think I know my stuff. But do they know theirs? So I’ve decided to take the plunge and say yes. Even if I have veto over the final script, I know I hae no veto over the final edited product. so fingers crossed.

Next time you see another cliche ridden program on those freaky kinky people on TV, who knows, it may partly be my fault. Blame Ms Tytania for selling out to the paps.

Click on the image to find out more about our bespoke kidnapping scenes.



I’ve just been invited to take part in a panel discussion on blogging for sex workers, at the forthcoming EROTICON 2013. A conference for people who write sex blogs. There seems to be a lot of interest in women, specially, writing about their sex lives, and to be even more precise, on women’s submission on the written page. No prizes for guessing that this sudden interest owes a lot to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenom. There are so many blogs, many of them excellent, written by women who explore their sexualities and anlyse them, that I wouldn’t know where to start to recommend the best ones. it’s no wonder that a conference is organized, for the second year running, to discuss this and to help bloggers meet each other. We live online too much, I think!

I w2as pleased to be invited, because there are a lot of lifestyle women invited to the conference, but a conspicuous absence of professional sex workers. As if it was assumed that we are only interested in doing our thang, then go home and count our money. without a need to stop and ponder about our career, which takes up so much time in our lives, that that teaches us and others so much. Yes, escorts and dominatrices write blogs too.


I’m pondering on what it is I’m going to talk about. First of all, that I rite blogs to reach a type of client that will feel more satisfied by a Domme who sounds real and multi-faceted, multidimensional, not just a fantasy in latex. This aproach attracts clients whose company and sessioning I enjoy for more reasons than just the fact that they contribute to my livelihood. LIke minded play partners make for amazaingly awesome sessions.

Playing is a two way thing. When I feel there is no connection, it;s a one way street. i feel that I’m giving and giving, trying to read my sub’s mind, and getting nothing in return.


My best sessions, I’ve had them with people who followed me here, or on Twitter, or on the occasional BDSM forum. They are intrigued by the person behind the mask. I am also interested in the real person behind the paying client.

So once again, I guess that I’m going to find myself explaining how, despite this being my job, i try to get more than just hard cash from it. That all the technological advances and online platforms available, area tool to reach not only a wide audience, but to narrow it down to those who feel an empathy with me. To cast my wide net, to become more accurate and precise, in a way.


It’s a shame that most blogs written form a male sub;’s point of view, are in general fantasies and Femdom fiction, or simply, lyrical flattery of specific favourite Dommes. You rarely read about their experiences, emotions, how they feel. is it perhaps a female thing? I’definitely would love to read more about what goes on inside a sub’s head. I hear about it in session, in my pre and post session talk. But it would benefit male subs no end, if they write more about themselves and helped dispel negative myths about male submission.


This page is for full on, no frills, fetish kinknapping and abduction scenarios. For extended caging and isolation only sessions, go here: Caging & Captivity or Extended inescapable rope bondage sessions. We also love orchestrating an adrenaline fuelled stalking experience, where you’re the victim in our cat & mouse chase: street stalking session.

Ms Tytania & Ms Slide’s Bespoke Kidnappings, interviewed on Bizarre Magazine! Read the article here.



Pampered, perfumed London Mistresses by day… but at night, Urban Chicks Ms Tytania, Ms Rebekka Raynoer and Ms Slide (and many of Ms Tytania’s friends) , ditch the bland comforts of the boudoir, to capture, drag off the streets and interrogate, helpless members of the inferior male species.

Last week, we undertook the no small feat of kidnapping a a male for an UNDERGROUND scenario. We chose a dark January night, and the narrow alley ways of East London. Directed to a remote backyard in an industrial estate, our victim carried a bunch of white roses to be recognized. From our car, we recognized him immediately by his nerves. “Everybody is staring at me funny”, he texted. As if anyone would care!

Passer-bys could hardly bat an eyelid at a man being handcuffed, dragged and taken inside a car parked in a quiet, dimly lit London street.

Driving to the Cell was easy: blindfolded, he couldn’t guess where he was being taken.


Once in the Cell, he was subjected to a harsh regime of bondage, caging, kicking, and enforced indoctrination into Female Supremacy. Piss-boarding, the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell’s very own contribution to revolutionary urban warfare, was needed to soften his stubborn macho brains. Enforced anal occupation was undertaken by a zesty, enthusiastic Ms Slide.

UNDERGROUND sessions are Ms Tytania and Ms Slide’s dominant passtime du jour. Males are welcome to submit to a full kidnapping, hostage and interrogation by email. Find out more by clicking on the link.

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