Through The Peeping Hole: A Recent Boy On Boy Femdom Event

A Recent Boy On Boy Femdom Soireè at my East London Studio: One Mistress; one vanilla girlfriend who knew how to ask my eager cock whores, what she wanted to see! And two eager boy sluts, deep into the pleasures of Boy On Boy Femdom (aka forced bi) action.
If you’re curious about getting it on with another bi curious boy, my Boy On Boy soirees are definitely your cup of… spunk; you want to experiment the old fashioned termed “forced-bi” experience (i personally dislike the notion that boys need to be “forced”, because trust me, they never need any coercion!
Normally, I invite two boys from my personal boy slut stables, after a client contacts me to cook a femdom session involving cock sucking and enjoying the horny body of another fellow boy slut. I have a good number of eager male whores to choose from!
You can email me to be included in my stables, and will be notified when you’re required. would you be available, free and swilling, you can come to my studio and entertain the ladies with your delightfully horny cock hunger and  cum thirst.
You can read more details here on this page dedicated to the Femdom Boy OnBoy Soiree and its companion Boyd Slut Index.
Some more peeping Tom pics on my blog.

Slut R’s Boy On Boy Soiree Testimonial

Dear Mistress Tytania,
Many thanks for your lovely email. I am pleased that you both enjoyed the spectacle. It’s a big part of the attraction for me and its wonderful to have an audience like yourselves. Of course the other boys make it special too!
I have written a testemonial as below for you:
I have had the previous pleasure of attending Ms Tytania’s previous ‘forced’ bi sessions in the form of ‘The Slut Bed of Shame’. These were multi-slave/multi-mistress affairs with multiple cocks, mouths and strap-ons. I enjoyed them tremendously, with many delicious memories. The Boy on Boy soirees are clearly different and are more intimate affairs, but with Ms Tytania in control with one or two of her friends in attendance I knew I would come away with similar feelings and look back with fondness.
Ms Tytania’s directions are excellent and I presented myself at the appointed hour. Ms Tytania ascertained my motivations and limits for the evening and, after I had showered, I was introduced to her friend and the two other boys.
The action started almost immediately – Ms Tytania does not waste time and it was a flurry of cocks, mouths, hands and nipples. The Mistresses instructed us to perform various ‘tableaux vivant’ which would have looked not out of place at the most decadent parties. One boy orgasmed early on in the proceedings and I hesitantly volunteered to clean up. This met with much approval (and some cheek blushes on my part, I think).
I was worried that the boy was finished for the evening, but I needn’t have been concerned. Under their expert care the Mistresses encouraged him back into the fray. We had a half time break where performances were reviewed and boys were checked for their well-being and satisfaction. The second half was, to be frank, a blur. I cannot for the life of me remember the sequence of events. The mood was manipulated by Ms Tytania and Mistress Theda from sensual to decadence to hard core cock-action so elegantly it was perfectly natural. Safe to say the final climax was all that the boys could have wished for – and I think – the Mistresses too.
I am already looking forward to the next event I can attend. My thanks to Mistress Tytania and Mistress Theda. It was beautiful.

Envious? Cock hungry? Cum thirsty? Why not take a look at this page for more details on how my boy on boy sessions work, and email me to discuss. No slut too inexperienced to be turned down. I like to create a safe, fun, non-judgemental environment where you can fulfill  your innermost desires.



In the meantime, I wish all my clients, friends and  fans, much health And strength. Stay safe, be sensible, take care of yOur lOved ones and WASH YOUR HANDS.


A fantasy for men who don’t identify as gay… but who embrace or want to explore their sexual complexity. It’s now a reality in Ms Tytania’s Femdom Studio – for Mistresses’ visual pleasure and delight!

You can join her Boy Slut Index mailing list at the bottom of the page now and be notified when one of her boys is seeking a likeminded mate for tryst. Continue reading to find out how it all works and how to apply. 





First of all – read a recent review here and take it from the hors…- I mean, from the slut’s mouth: Slut R’s Soiree Testimonial.
It’s Ms Tytania’s very own Stables, full of horny men who love to interact with other horny men. Do you dream of indulging on boy on boy action under Mistresses’ watchful eye? Ms Tytania loves facilitating such pleasure for her favourite regular clients and admirers. To this end, she’s putting together an index or stables of boy sluts who love performing under Mistress’ instructions. Email Ms Tytania to be added to her Index… She will match other cum thirsty boys and coordinate a session where her favourite regular chaps meet for deliciously fun cock-worship trysts. 
Many women find great visual pleasure in watching two or more grown up men sucking cock. Ms Tytania has a number of Dominant friends and vanilla girlfriends, who love watching boy on boy action. We don’t force anyone in these forced-bi sessions. We find the term rather unfair – our slut boys are all more than happy to please Mistress!


As a veteran professional dominatrix, Ms Tytania is an expert in the submissive male’s psyche. Forced-bi is an unfair term for a kink that many men love, but are a bit shy about. She and her dominant friends facilitate and encourage boy on boy sluttery action. All in a safe, non-judgemental, hygienic and fun environment. She invites and tempts men into fulfilling their desire to touch, suck, worship and enjoy other men’s cocks. 
  • APPLY VIA EMAIL for a boy on boy session. Like a normal domination session, you suggest your availability, time and date. Ms Tytania will then match you up with somebody in her Index who might be game and free at that time and date. Once you join her mailing list you will also receive messages asking for your availability on dates suggested by other boys. She just does the matchmaking.
  • All FORCED-BI SLUT BOY action is safe and hygienic: lube, condoms and the highest hygiene and cleanliness, are guaranteed. The happiness and safety of or boy on boy, forced-bi eager sluts is our priority!
  • STRAPON PLAY – Ms Tytania is of course always eager to test her own formidable collection of woman cocks on you. Strapon and pegging play can of course part of the action. Spit-roast anyone? Male cock in your mouth and female cock up your backside… what’s not to like?
  • WHAT ABOUT MS TYTANIA’S FAMOUS SLUT BED OF SHAME AND GRAND SLUTATHON PARTIES? – For over 10 years, she organised the legendary Slut Bed Of Shame and Grand Slutathon parties.  These multi Mistress, multi slut parties, encouraged men to indulge in boy on boy and cock hungry fun. She’s downsized now to private sessions. Ms Tytania now coordinates her trusted clients to meet other men who love sucking cock. These are small, special sessions that cater for their desires. She sometimes invites a second Domme, to tempt you even more.


£150 per slut. This includes your rendezvous with Mistress, her vanilla friend to watch and a fellow boyslut or two for one hour of unbridled decadence. Nothing more and nothing less. This rendezvous lasts 90 minutes.


If you need to cancel, please give Ms Tytania 24 hours notice. She will save your fee and roll it over for the next available party within the next 2 weeks. After that, you’ll lose your fee. No shows or those who don’t bother to cancel in time will lose their fee. If Ms Tytania has to cancel the soiree, she will offer a refund or a place at the next party within the following 2 months. She can also swap the fee for a 1-2-1 session.


Email Ms Tytania applying for a boy on boy session. Like a normal domination session, you suggest your available time and date. Ms Tytania will then match you up with somebody her Index. Likewise, once you join her mailing list you will be sent messages asking for sluts available on dates suggested by other boys. She just does the matchmaking.

You will be after looking a these photos, taken at our Inaugural Boy Slut Index soiree (permission given from all participants):
forced-bi slut boy