The Other World Kingdom, OWK – Nostalgia 2

The Other World Kingdom’s grounds and buildings contained every single habitat a Mistress may want to live in: luxury hotel suites (with en-suite cells!); underground cellar prisons; plush Baroque salons, games rooms, fully fitted dungeons and kitchesn… I used many of them but I was, apparently, the first person to even film in a toilet.

Well. I was wearing my back latex catsuit; I was also wearing my black 8″ rubber dildo strapon; I had three willing slaves to do as I pleased. So i thought that a nice little scene of penis envy (my penis, not theirs!), would be fun. In these scenes, you can see me using my cock like a man: to piss on a men’s urinal, and to admire and compare cock size with the boys. Because that’s what men do in men’s toilet’s I’ve heard.

One of my mottos is: everything a man can do, a woman can do better. Here is some proof :)

Fisting: plundering the depths of anal orgasms

Fisting It’s very this season, by the look of it. Apart form the absurd, surreal, time and public money wasting trail currently at Kingston Court, and which I prompt you all to follow, I’ve had more requests for heavy anal play and fisting over the last 3 months, than I’ve had in years. Not complaining. It could be the after effects of all those strapon & forced-bi Slutathon parties, who knows, but the fisting and large rubber dildos aficionados are coming fast and thick – cough! They always look so innocent, well mannered, polite, my fisting gentlemen. Butter wouldn’t melt, their manners couldn’t be more impeccable. Why are these individuals, apparently tamed by society, always the biggest, most satisfying perverts who come into my studio?

“I enjoy heavy anal play an fisting”, he said. And he certainly did. His position of choice was on his back, laying on my leather swing, wrists and legs restrained… not that he looked as if he was going to run away any moment, but I enjoy a bit of drama. I had some excellent poppers presented by a previous visitor at hand, and plenty of Nitrous. In the end, poppers was enough. We probably wouldn’t have needed it, but again, it adds to the drama and atmosphere. It all started with cock, Mistresses’ 6” cock to be exact. This appendage, strapped to my harness, has special significance in my studio. It acts as some sort of threshold: whilst for some subs, it’s the biggest cock they can take, for others, it’s the beginning of a journey into size. Size culminating either with my 12” black strapon dildo, or my dainty, but still significant, clenched fist. In this case, it was the beginning of what whas going to be a very memorable ride (pun intended).

One advantage of fucking a man while lying on my leather swing, is that I can thrust my rampant hip deep into their arses, while wearing high heels. Fucking on stilettos is no small feat. And while I’ll give it to the boys that fucking and hip thrusting is hard work, doing it while wearing full stockings and needle sharp-heeled strappyt shoes, is quite a feat. But I did it: my 6” slid into my restrained sub like a finger, just a tiny bit of lube needed. So I soon had to swap it for a 9” – 10” black dildo, firmly attached to my harness, and thrust it into him, again, smoothly, easily, and very happily.

“Whatever you want, Mistresses!”, moaned my eager sodomite, “anything you want!”. Which was, basically, plundering the depths of his greedy arse, with the mighty power of my hips. By now, he was writhing with pleasure and I could see that, despite the absence of an erection, his whole body was beginning to convulse with pleasure. It’s remarkable, how for some men, being fucked up the arse takes the focus of their physical pleasure away form their apparently tyrannical cocks, and moves to the depths of their slut arses. I like this: proof that the cock is not the all mighty centre of the universe for every single man under the sun. I like a man whose arse responds to pleasure like this. It’s spectacular, and such good value for a Mistress!

And in this case, it did. So I had to un-strap myself and move onto the next level: 12” glorious inches of heavy rubber cock & balls, so heavy it could hardly be held by my thick leather harness. So I parked it in his arse, for convenience, and he moaned. Just 2 inches in at first, what with it being 3” wide, it wasn’t going to be an easy, smooth fuck this time. But soon, it was going in as if my moaning, writhing arse slut did this for a living, on a daily basis. Perhaps he does, but I’m too much of a lady to ask. I could see by now that the focus of his pleasure was located inside his arse. His puny cock drooling like an eager clit, but nothing more. So after an invigorating, energizing, and certainly tiring thrusting of hips, after grabbing his thighs and pushing him deeper towards my largest dildo, I decided it was tome for the fist.

To use my good friend and fellow lady cock & fisting enthusiast Ms Theda’s words, it had the miraculous effect of a hand reaching in, mining for the prostate orgasms that hide inside, I’m sure, every man’s arse. But not all have the ability nor the know how to discover them. But they are there. And once you are wrist deep inside a man’s arse, they keep coming. And coming. And coming. And so did he. He wriggled and writhed consumed by violent spasms, restrained but unstoppable on the swing. Every time I pushed my clenched fist in, every time I wriggled my fingers inside him, another orgasm came. I stopped at the third or fourth, maybe I was being mean, but I thought he’d had enough.

Afterwards, while chilling after the session, he confessed that he could have gone on and on. Next time then. Next time I’ll go deep mining for the never-ending male prostate orgasms. Not many men are capable of summoning them, but they are a sight to behold. All Mistresses should have one or two like that!

A fine collection of Mistress’ cocks: no lady should be seen without one!

Slutathon latest: the countdown

The countdown has started. Less than one week to go for our Right Royal Rogering…

And so far, we have a nice little stables of boy shores for the Grand Slutathon: from a total newby with a desire to slut it around to within an inch of his life and pop his cherry, to several seasoned male sluts who are willing to do anything for the Mistresses.

We have a butler in attendance and an all-round slut who will give and get as requested: in his mouth, in his slutty buy cunt and will lap the soggy biscuit with gusto. The Mistressses will sip a cocktail while watching.

We also have a slut who is experienced in fisting, according to his correspondence.  Whores like to brag, so we’ll soon see about that “puts elbow long rubber gloves on”.

And as for strapon… We’ve been polishing our dildos for a thorough session of spit-roasting a-deux. Drank plenty of water for beauty and to make the fountains of delectable golden wine flow. Our confirmed sluts have been assaulting my inbox with detailed accounts of their recurring fantasies involving cock, both meat dildo and lady cock. There will be a slut for every fantasy, and all levels of experience will be catered for. So if all this delight your decadent senses, you can still apply for a place: begandgrovel@mistytania.com

June 8th Slutathon: a Right Royal Rogering

Will you Adam and Eve it! The next Slutathon will take place on the weekend after the most British event of the year. The English Vice comes in many forms… It’s going to be the most sought after party of the Jubilee season…

it will take place on Friday June 8th, just after the Jubilee Week, how about some proper Queening?
How would you fancy a right Royal Rogering in the hands of four rampant phallic Mistresses?

Be privileged and feel knighted by the ladies… sceptres.

How about taking part, in the company of like-minded male sluts, of some pre-Olympic Great British Buggering?

Soggy biscuit? How about a sip of soggy cream tea?
Yes, it’s a right Royal Slutathon and we need to be entertained by our court Jizz Jesters.

We will receive you at a magnificent venue near the City of London: the strapon will be more valuable than money, the Slutathon more respected than the Bank of England.
Pumped and CirCUMstance will be, erm, yes! pumping incessantly! With the inexhaustible help of mouths, hands and arses. Not the ladies, we ahste to add: it’s the duty of our Jizz Jesters, to ensure that the fountains flow for the duration of the party.
If you are early or feel shy, go for a Cock-tail in the bar beforehand

We, Mistress jezabel, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Ms Theda & Ms Tytania, will be expecting you in the Land of Poke and Glory Hole

And to finish this most gloriously British of slutathons, and to make sure you don’t faint after so much fun… take part in our Spit Roast Marathon.


You can still book your ticket by emailing ms Tytania on: begandrgovel@mstytania.com


More information, here: What is The Grand Slutathon and how can I take part?

Ooooh, Mistress! That’s big!!

Today I went to Expectations, the fabulous emporium of gay excess, with my Manhooker – a man known for his penchant for large strapons and for the women attached to them. We hadn’t met for a while, so we thought it’d be nice to go shopping for some new cocks to try for size on him (in him?) on the weekend.

We entered the shop and were instantly greeted by the wonderful aroma of rubber & leather that usally impregnates these places. The basement was cavernous, the light dim, the dildos, uncannily arranged on rows of shelves in a small alcove on the left: it looked like a cloistered private chapel in a gothic cathedral, the superhuman rubber cocks standing proud like archangels of Sodom. But this time supportive of its denizens. How times change!

As Manhooker himself noted: “you got to love those gays and their love of ridicuous sized insertables…” Cough! As if only the gays love ridiculosuly big fake cocks!

No, gays aren’t the only people who love large, phallic sized insertables. Phallic women and women with penis envy, like me, find them irresistible. There must have been about a hundred to choose from, from the baby cock size (only a small handful of them hiding shyly behind their bigger siblings), to the man fist sized behemoths and above – several dozen, actually.

So I settled for two: a smooth, black 10″ to re-start Manhooker’s training (he sears he hasn’t been fucked in months, but I’ve heard that story before) where we left it last summer… I then set my eyes and wallet on a thick, cocky, fully balled, rampant 12″ with a 7 1/2″ girth round the base.

I bought them both. They were heavy in my bag and could hardly stuff them in it (no pun). Walked around Shoreditch and went for tea at afashionable new bar, hoping I didn’t leave my bag behind… it wouldn’t have been the first time!

Kinky dreams, literally

I have been discussing a possible cuckolding session with a client, a whole bunch of emails coming to and fro on both sides. My main problem is that although I do love cuckolding scenes dearly, i can’t just do with any bloke who offers to be my bull. Ms Tytania only indulges in the more traditional pleasures of the flesh with a small, select number of bulls who also happen to be her partners. It’s not a moral decision. I can’t fuck someone i don’t like respect and fancy. Even for money.

But back to the matter in the title. I woke up from a series of vivd dreams that featured my sessions, something extremely rare in my dreams. The last one wa sthe most vivid, and it was about this forthcoming cuckolding session. I want it to go ahead, but it;s probing problematic because my bulls work during the day, like most employable people, and wouldn’t be available for a daytime session. So please note: my cuckolding sessions normally take plce in the evenings or weekends.

In my dream, we had hired plush, luxurious big hotel suite for the session (in real life, my studio in East London) is the perfect venue). I unlocked the door to a fabulous, stylish set of room with large windows, balconies and even an indoor courtyard (ah,  the power of dreams!). I unpacked my big suitcase full of dildos, harnesses and strapons of all sizes, colours and descriptions. Including some I’ve recently seen on this weird, but oddly wonderful website: Elypse Art. apart form the fantasy setting, this is all very much how I’ve proceed in the past when playing away. Also, and as I’d do in a session in real life, my favourite toys, and also those in the reserve, would be placed on tops and tables, fo ease of access and reach. So myself and my bull, the one in the dream being actaully the one I hope to have the pelasure of using at this future session, helped me arrange the room for play.

Then it all wen t bit Marx Brothers. While I was snogging and chilling with my lovely bull, getting in the mood for the session and waiting for my cuckold to phone me at the arranged time, the suite door burst open and a group of people marched in. They were a film crew, with cameras, sound booms, busy runners, continuity girls… they marched in claiming there had been a mistake, and that suite was hired for filming. “But I have the right key!”, I protested showing them the key I’d used to get in. “Security in this hotel is appalling”, somebody explained to me. Very enlightening, thanks, but all I could see was a forest of dildos around us. So I ran to cover them with my jumper, with my handbag, with anything at hand. I even pinched one of the male crew’s jacket and while I was flirtingly talking to him to distract him. I put his jacket over a group of tastefully arranged dildos, like a dinner table centerpiece, scooped them in the jacket and sneaked into my bedroom. “You are running away with my jacket”, shouted the film guy I had tried to distract from my theft. I was holding it against my chest, concealing the sex toys. “I won’t be a moment!”, I replied, and then I woke up.

Luckily, my sessions all happen in very discreet venues and could never envision being interrupted or busted like that. But I woke up feeling stressed. Any dream interpreters and shrinks out there, your replies are welcome :)


Such a Perfect Day: Double Domme, Strapon & Fisting

“The fucking was relentless.  As soon as one dildo was taken away then another was introduced, always bigger, fatter, longer, deeper and pumped harder.  On my front, on my back, on my front, on my back.”

- By cockslut pig Tom.
Having been unable to attend the March Slutathon, Ms Tytania offered me the option of waiting till the next one or alternatively, to book a session. I chose a Double Domme strapon session with Ms Theda and Ms Tytania. Here is what happened…
Walking towards the door at exactly the given time, I still could have backed out but this moth has always been drawn to the flame, or in this case, two flames.  Ms Tytania and Ms Theda would be waiting.  I had talked to Ms Tytania by phone, revealed my kinkiest inner fantasy by mail and this left me feeling vulnerable.  Baring your darkest and deepest places to a Mistress can be a foolish thing. Its the old saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for’.  And I had wished for more than I knew I should.  I knew that Ms Tytania had shared my fantasies with Ms Theda.  This had put me at a double disadvantage.  I had never even spoken or written to Ms Theda and I was only imagining what they had in store for me.  In truth, I did not know, because scripting was never part of it. And I think it never should.  Their blank canvas was to do whatever they wished.  I was handing total control to two Mistresses that I had never met.
In the hallway I was greeted by two smiling faces.  Warm smiling faces, almost giggling.  I knew that whatever was going to happen, that they were really, really going to enjoy this.  I was really nervous but with the adrenaline that I enjoy and crave so much.  I was invited to kiss the hand of Ms Tytania and in turn that of Ms Theda. I was commanded to help buckle Ms Tytania’s stilletto shoes which with shaking hands took a while but was my pleasure.  I took deep breaths to calm myself but little did I know how important those deep breaths would become later on.
My nerves had got the better of me and I stood when I should be kneeling and was forgetting my permissions.  In truth, no groundrules had been laid and I was wobbling like jelly inside.  Ms Theda revealed the strap on that she already wore.  Men are supposed to like their statistics, how fast, top speed, etc while women just like the colour. I won’t bore you with exact dimensions but I will say that it was bigger by far than any dildo I had ever, ever taken.  It was black and fat.  Ms Theda ordered me to suck it.  I could not fit it in my mouth and many have accused me of having a big mouth over the years.  It just rested against my teeth, I could not fit it in.  I was helpless and stupid.  It never even occurred to me that Ms Theda wanted me to take it.  I thought it was just a prop.  She made me lick it because I could not swallow it.  I licked and looked up.  I could see her grin.  Nothing will ever persuade me that she was not absolutly loving the moment.  No actress in Holywood could display such a grin with the menace and pure joy that oozed from her face.  Time to worry, I had begged to be allowed to be a slut and boy was Ms Theda and Ms Tytania determined to make that happen.  We had not even started yet.
I was led into the ‘playroom’.  I stripped as instructed and  got on all fours ready to call the Mistresses back into the room.  This was arranged quickly.  I sensed the Mistresses were eager to get started.  This was not ‘clockwatching’.  This was purely about their lust and thirst.  Now I will tell you my first impressions of the Mistresses that in seconds to whom I was to instill my total trust.
Ms Tytania is simply stunning, warm and so so intelligent.  She made me feel that I would do anything just to please her and not to disappoint her but there was no question who was in charge.  This was her turf and she was running this show as seamlessly as a matron on a well run ward.
Ms Theda has the most wickedly expressive and lovely face.  She gives the impression that she knows what she wants and she knows that you are going to give it.  She was definitly going to push my limits and further than ever pushed before.  And her face was going to show that she was enjoying every second of doing it.
Now individually, both Mistresses are a joy and pleasure to meet.  Imagine how I felt with both but Two and Two does not equal four here.  The sum of their power and imagination together is vastly greater when joined.  They laugh together, they plan together, they bounce ideas together but most importantly they just loved doing the session together.  In a different life I would be proud to call them my friends.
I have read many testimonials and I agree that some moments shared are best kept between a mistress and slave.  But as a flavour I will share a small insight.  On their return I was quickly led to the bench that for the next hour and a half was to to be the place where I would be spitroasted like a pig.  I was even given a buttplug with a curly tail like a pig to warm me up for the hogroast feast that was to be theirs.
The fucking was relentless.  As soon as Ms Tytania’s dildo was taken away then another was introduced by Ms Theda, always bigger, fatter, longer, deeper and pumped harder.  On my front, on my back, on my front, on my back.  Ms Theda especially seemed to enjoy taking me on my back.  She loves to see the faces of ‘the boys she buggers’, contorted, begging for more, begging for less, pleading…
But there was humanity too, whenever the onslaught was at its height I asked for a hand to hold and it was there.  Being fucked relentlessy by Ms Tytania I asked to squeeze Ms Theda’s hand and was given it. I was encouraged and helped at every stage.
When Ms Theda fucked me I held Ms Tytania’s hand, careful not to squeeze too hard.  Despite my predicament there was always respect both ways. Mid session, Ms Theda introduced the dildo was that I had struggled with in the hall.  It was too big to get in my mouth and I thought too big for my arse. I was determined to try.  Ms Tytania distracted me by placing a shopping bag on my head.  Breathing was easy but the darkness was surreal,  I never told her that she had left a shopping receipt in the bottom of the bag.  It is strange that when Ms Theda was plundering my arse with the fattest dildo I had ever taken that I was squinting at the receipt wondering what shopping she had bought.
If the fattest dildo was mid session then what was at the end?  I will not go furthur into that but my ambition was fulfilled by Ms Tytania’s fist. She fisted me effortlessly, introducing her fist and then half of her arm, which she celebrated by wriggling her fingers inside me. This was all acheived with skill, care, trust and respect both ways.  I had gone through a journey to a destination that I had tried to reach many times.
I think that every session should leave unfinished business.  I was exhausted and literally fucked.  The Mistresses must have been exhausted also.  But there was going to be a finale.  I sensed Ms Theda would have carried on all day.  She prepared for the hardest, deepest fuck of the day with the fattest dildo.  Her face said it all.  I called it her ‘Going for Gold’ face. But my exhaustion meant that it must wait for another day.  And that day will come….

Frilly sissy maid, trained in the boudoir

Despite the pomp of frills, satin, lace, bows, and all the frippery that make useless sissy maids worth having around in the boudoir, my sissy slut is a very graceless creature. So she got punished by doing chores, and then was forced to massage my feet for one our instead of being allowed to cum. I wouldn’t want sticky stains in those pretty, turquoise satin & lace bloomers!

Grand Slutathon: we are back in 2015!

Yes! We are back! After your relentless inquiring and begging, The Grand Slutathon is back.

Book asap and pay only £200 for an action-packed party, including our infamous Slut Bed of Shame and soggy biscuit games!


Sick of all the cloying sugary coated nature of Valentines? So are our measly, tytannical Domme hearts. We are baying for blood, and cum, and deeply inserted strapons!


When? Thursday February 12th, 3 – 7 pm

Where? In London, Zone 1.

Three premier London Mistresses (to be confirmed according to availability) and High Priestesses of the Dildocracy, will put your sluttiness to trial.



Here are some of our past and future regulars: The Mistresses.

We accept a maximum of 8 sluts per party.

Ticket price for February Slutathon:  £200 per guest.

Email Ms Tytania to reserve a place and for paying details, using our secure, discreet method.

The Grand Slutathon is Ms Tytania’s very own version of a Strapon, Forced-Bi CFNM, filthy party.

It’s held in Central London in Zone 2.

We are unique. We do love our vigorous, sweaty buggering of boys! (Read if you don’t believe us)

Designed to meet like minded sluts who can rarely indulge in these exquisite, choral pleasures, under the encouraging and sometimes, coercing eye and words of four highly reputed london Mistresses.

I know what you are all thinking at the minute: Slutty, Strapon, Forced-Bi CFNM, filthy parties are two a penny these days. They seem to be sprouting all over London and beyond, like an outbreak of juvenile acne. So, you must be asking yourself, what is it about The Grand Slutathon to set it apart form its imitators and wannabes?



The Grand Slutathon is a private, discreet party. I DON’T film nor photograph it. I don’t keep any other information than your email address and mobile number. I offer these parties in the understanding that my guests expect safety, anonymity and discretion in an empathic, non-threatening,  fun environment.

If I’d want to film, I have my own professional film crew to produce high end, top quality BDSM videos. I’m not going to sell my soul for an hour of grainy, amateur footage. It’s YOU I expect to milk dry, not the Slutathon, you cock whores :)

My parties are, first and foremost, for my enjoyment and pleasure, my Mistress friends and my guest sluts.

I am an accountable Mistress, you’ll pay me into my business bank account, meaning that you know where you can find me. Whilst I’m not interested in your personal life outside our play time, I am happy to let my clients know who I am. They are giving me enormous trust.

So… what happens at the Slutathon, stays there. Although we love reading your gushing blogs, tweets and other testimonials!


We are the stuff of legend

We have well documented record of previous, successful parties organized with flair and filth in the mind. Check here for some testimonials.


A word I personally hate, but you get my drift very soon. We may like our guests for their rampant, voracious cock hunger and their shockingly accommodating man pussies… But we know they are classy, discerning gentlemen in their everyday lives and don’t do sleaze. So are we (classy thaht is, not gentlemen).


Talent casting

I receive many applications to attend the party, but this is not a first come, first, erm, cums basis! I offer a well catered party at a reputable, clean, discreet venue. I screen my guests to ensure we only invite sluts who show a modicum of good manners and social skills, are articulate and eager without being competitive with other subs. The Grand Slutathon is friendly, non-threatening, non-judgemental and sexy. No do-me subs and no bullies.


Fun packed, with a devious imagination

We take time thinkng of the fun and games to be had, so there is not a minute wasted.We also respect your need to have a break and come back to the action when your mind and other parts of your anatomy are focused.

You can wear a mask, but let me know first if you need me to provide one. We don’t care about your face: all that we care about is your hungry orifices, which are the Mistresses’ property for the duration of the party, to do with them as we please.

 A bouquet of dedicated, slut friendly Mistresses

We genuinely enjoy subverting masculinity and gender roles. We cherish and pamper our sluts… in our own, relentless, dominant way. You are treasured human toys that make our lives as Mistresses more fun.

Safe & hygienic:

Check our FAQ Page for more.

Hygiene: find out more.


Our sluts know their stuff

So send us suggestions and feedback. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.


And last but no least:


We welcome newbies: you may be at the stage where you’ve been fantasized yourself silly, but still a bit daunted by the prospect of attending a real life party, with real life horny, rampant sluts and demanding Mistresses. Email me or any other of the Mistresses attending and tell us that it’s your first time. We will talk to you, receive you separately if needed, and make sure that your integration into the fun is gradual and fun. We want you to have fun. And we want to have fun with you, and at your expense too.



If Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon is your bag, and we can guarantee that if you are a hole-filled, cock hungry whore, it will be, email me, Ms Tytania, @ begandgrovel@mstytania.net, and tell me what would you like at the Slutathon.

And so, the quest begins…

… to plan, engineer and finally enjoy, a long Double Domme session involving Cuckolding and forced-bi. Almost a Hollywood production, if it’s to be done well.

This sub and I have been exchanging long emails over the Christmas period and they were a great way to relieve the saccharine and peace on earth atmosphere of the festive season. His eagerness to have it all at once amused and delighted me in equal doses, but I’m just as excited at the prospect of a long, intricate and sexy Double Domme , Cuckolding & forced-bi session, as him.

So I thought that, to make things work to their ultimate potential, and to enjoy and savour every aspect of this long session, activities had to be compartmentalized and offered separately. So I suggested a 3 to 4 hour long,  early evening appointment, divided in two parts, like this:

1. A Double Domme session in my playroom, to indulge in those old staples that we the ladies love so much, that is, tormenting a sub or 2 over the bench, humiliate them in CFNM fashion, and be served, worshipped and pampered by them. My personal stud would be at the ready to be spanked while my guest sub enjoys the spectacle and prepares for it himself. Oh, and Mr Cuck would be at the ready, serving the ladies a nice glass of French red.

Our guest sub will also attend on my Domme friend and myself by being human furniture and eager leg & buttocks worship lap dog, there is no being idle in my play room. He will also try the strap and the cane, and a thorough OTK hand spanking to remind him that we aren’t here to give him a show. He’s the show too!  This tableaux of pain and servitude would get the juices flowing for the second part of the session:

2. Cuckolding & Fluffer duties. In my Boudoir, once my lady friend has left, things get steamy. I’ll start by tying my sub up with rope and place him at the foot of the bed, in a position where he can see it clearly. I will then, excited by the previous games, demand to be pampered and satisfied by my lovely, strappy, tall, well endowed stud. Maybe my puny Cuckold gentleman on the floor can learn a thing or two about how to satisfy a woman, even though nature has probably not been very kind with him. I won’t lose sight of him even in the middle of my pleasure. I like teasing them mercilessly in their impotence.

My sub and Cuck, will be asked to do fluffer duties, something I personally love: watching my subs engage in boy on boy oral action for my pleasure. I hope he’s better at it than previous cucks: they are always very eager to suck cock, but their skills are often lacking. Boys, do what you’d like to have done to you! But it’s fine, he’ll have plenty of chances to practice and show off his whoreish techniques.

Finally, and after having had my wicked way with my obliging stud, cuckold will be rewarded with a full facial cumshot on his face. The money shot, as they call it in the vanilla porn world. As a Grand Finale, both my stud and myself will rinse him off with our golden showers, me probably using my trusty Shenis. This is probably my favourite part of the evening. I’m easily pleased.

So that’s my proposal for the perfect Double Domme & Cuckolding session. Ms Tytania, making two very lucky boys – well… two very lucky boys!

2011, Ms Tytania’s review

With the recession taking hold of London, 2011 has been a bumpy ride, but very exciting because new “problems” also translate as “new opportunities” and I am a Mistress of reinvention, never happy to stay too long in the same routine. Developing The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell – UC-SC Project has been the most exciting part of it. It’s given me the opportunity to get out o the BDSM STudio and interact more with other creative professionals like photographers and video makers. This is marvelous, because I have a background in art, specifically video & photography, and to use these talents to develop my ides of what kink and BDSM mean to me has been a wonderful opportunity for self-expression.

I enjoyed Double Domme sessions with a delightful new Mistress, Maitresse Dalida, a personal friend whom I’ve adivised and also learnt from. We expect many more soirees of joint bitchery and dominance in 2012.

I filmed with Ms Slide and Femme Fatale Films. Again, I am looking forward to collaborating with many other Mistresses and friends.

Delved deeply and joyfully in the delights of heavy rubber bondage sessions, and eplored the heady pleasures of N2o & poppers both in rubber sessions and as part of my shibari session. I discovered tht Nitrous & suspnsion go very well together!

I did so many strapon sessions, I’ve forgotten how many. And here is a toast for many, many more, because I truly enjoy pegging boys and I’m at my happiest when I’m strutting my stuff with a cock sticking out of my otherwise ladylike crotch.

I threw two Strapon & Strapon, bi-boy CFNM Plus parties. A huge success and such a wonderful social occasion for myself, my fellow Mistreses & friends, who took part with rampant gusto. There will be more soggy biscuit competitions, more cake-sitting and more boy on boy puppetry! Stay tuned for the date & time  of the next party, that’s coming very soon.

Smaller forced-bi & cuckolding scenes were also a true highlight of 2011 in my Studio & Boudoir. A form of rotic dominance I truly enjoy.

I also met some wonderful personal playthings and kinky lovers in 2011. So the fun seemed to never end, at least some weeks. Some boys, obviously, are luckier than others!


Some new developments for 2012

Well, January will see me putting my tribute up, for the first time in 8 years. More details here.

I will also be engineering real time, UC-SC style sessions for those who keep asking if they can be rough handled by the fearsome Urban Chicks… I’ve designed UNDERGROUND just for you, male scum, in a suitably imposing prison cell… here is your chance to be interrrogated, restrained, held hostage, water boarded, pegged and sounded for the Femdom Revolution. The Urban Chick is, after all, my feistier, more unpredictable incarnation. These sessions will be betwen 2 – 3 hour long, and will take place at Murder Mile Studios‘ amazing prison cell room. Boxing, mixed wrestling and shibari also possible there.

The TV & Sissy Boudoir will see much more action, having proved to be such a success as an alternative to the playroom area in my Canary Wharf studio. I’m already planning a bondage & sissification photoshoot for the new year!

And lastly, my members’ site, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell – UC-SC, will continue bringing down the patriarchy and making those smug, small-dicked City boys pay for the mess that we all are in… Femdom style.

Night of the Bull & The Cuckold

it’s not often that I meet  man in my everyday life that I’m erotically attracted to, let alone two. But this time, I found the perfect match: an ideal Bull and the ultimate cuckold boy, to fulfill and old cherished fantasy of mine. Cuckolding a helpless insignificant, but nonetheless pretty cuck, in the arms of a strappy, well endowed bull. Both at my beck and call. I’m a big fan of mFm threesomes.

We started by meeting in a favourite pub, where my eager cuck addressd us both as Sir, to crush his masculinity jsut tad more. He wasn’t allowed to drink, but he bought us drinks and waited patiently till it was time to go back to the boudoir for the evening’s entertainment.

Back in the boudoir, little Mr Cuck was ordered to strip in front of us, slowly, for our entertainmen, while I made out with my delightful Mr Bull: tall, handsome, fiery red and apparently, ex-army. Plus a beautiful, big cock to please me with, judging by what my hands found when going down for a good old boy groping. I stopped my cock-mining to tie up my cuck boy into hogtie and positioned him on a thick rug at the foot of the leather sofa, where he couldn’t miss any of the action. Then we started for real with Mr Red And Fiery Bull.

Sex is something I can take or leave. Physically, I’m indifferent to it. Apart form a good dose of intelligence, I expect my sexual partners to have also an imagination. for me, sex has always have to happen as part of a narrative, and cuckolding makes sex worth the effort of breaking into a sweat, and the inconvenience of having my hair messed up and lipstick smudged. Just by itself, not even my gorgeous bull would give it much interest.

But having a little, passive, all eyes cuckold at the foot of the bed makes a world of a difference to me. The glint in his eye when I caught him watching, the shudder of delight when I threw my clothes and lingerie over him, as if he got in the way, like a piece of furniture…

“Oh, and can you see how a real man fucks a woman? Watch, listen and learn what it takes to be a woman-pleasing man. Not that I have any hope that you ever will be up to scratch.”

To make him useful and not jsut a passive, yet delighted audience, I demanded that he kept Mr Bull hard by sucking on his cock. Little cuck boy obeyed eagerly, swallowing as deep as he could. He gagged and threw up, but never mind. Mr Bull took the gagging and reflux as appreciation of his enviable size. Alas, the cruelty of nature will never allow little Mr Cuck to upgrade to Mr Bull. Some flaws are for life! But he’s a good, obedient cuck, and do as told. His oral services were demanded because I enjoy watching boy on boy puppetry, and later, were demanded on me. Such a lucky boy!

Finally, and the game finished, almost oblivious to the little piece of meat tied up on the floor, Mr Bull got up and standing on him, pissed on my cuck with all the Niagara might of his bladder. I laughed and laughed while I mixed myself a drink (with different fluids, I hast to add). But then I noticed that my cuck wasn’t only lying on top of the rug, but also on top of a pile with my not piss-drenched clothes. Oh no.

My Bulls aren’t your predictable, sexist macho men you’d expect to find in a porn movie. No way, such men never cross the door to my Boudoir. So, swiftly and without being prompted, Mr Bull got up, put my clothes on the sink and lovingly washed them by hand while I enjoyed a G&T. Naked over the sink, I watched his rippling muscles wringing and hanging my ress, nylon stockings and suspender, my new underwear.

Then I allowed my cuck boy a drink, but he was already drunk in the pleasure and joy of what he had just witnessed. Dizzy and spaced out, I allowed him to stay for the rest of the night for a good dose of strapon riogery and to cook me breakfast in the morning, as a way to say thank you.

And that was an ordinary summer weekend in Ms Tytania’s private moments.


Filming with Femme Fatale Films, Femdom Finest

Last October I arrived in South London with slave Severin on tow, to film some videos and do a Photoshoot for Femme Fatale Films, run by the gorgeous, extremely dominant, Lady Eleise de Lacy.

I hadn’t filmed for  a while and even play with my subs had taken a back seat for afew weeks. A relaity, who cares for you, and how you dare interrupt the flow of my fantasy world? But on the upside, I was inspired and rearing to go when the lights, camera and action were go!

The results, Cindy’s Palace, about a bordello girl who turns the tables on her mysoginist client, and Storm The Office!, can be seen respectively on Femme Fatale Films embers’ site and on my own members’ site, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell.

Femdom is what you make of it, and I like what I do of Femdom. I hope you enjoy it too!

Click on the picture to visit Femme Fatale Films website.

Boy on Boy Puppetry: Pull the cock, not the strings

New tickets deadline: October 27th.

When I ask my boys to amuse me by sucking each other off, or being bummed by one of them or being part of a spit roast scene where I also get to use my dommely cock, I love referring to it as “Boy on Boy Puppetry”. It’s puppetry of the penis, but not as we know it. I hold and direct my male puppets not by strings, but by their cocks. I hold and pull their eager dicks, literal or metaphorically speaking, so they do as Mistress commands.

I also like to share my love of the strapon with my Mistress friends: we all love sharing a boy for a good spit roast. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be seen without my strapon dildo and all men would be anally trained to take it and to enjoy it, from a young age.

Cocks, specially other men’s cocks, hold such a powerful pull in a submissive man’s imaginary. It’s the ultimate taboo, the place where his masculinity is surrendered, his submission put to the final test. To engage sexually with other boys for Mistress, is a to show that I have the power to wipe out their male privilege and pretensions.

And yet, the boys are gagging for cock, dying to be put in their pen for the ladies’ amusement. To be nothing but a complying, tail wagging puppy, a pet-like accessory, a puppet on a string for a dominant woman. To have a man’s cock is to have he man at your will: naked, erect, horny, surrounded by demanding dommes and maybe in the presence of other boys too, with its promise of danger and unspoken temptations.

This is what my Parties are about: to have fun in the company of my friends, while taking full advantage of male weaknesses. Being strong, seductive and persuasive till they have no choice but do as told with their tiny, but very eager, dicks. It’s ultimately what they want. I know it, and I know how to use it, even abuse it.

The next party will be on Friday, October 28th. Have a look at my past, present and future parties, here:

Boy on Boy Fun sessions

My Strapon, CFNM, Bi Boy Parties

Branding the male – pork crackling?

During a short break in Spain last week, I escaped the routine of family duties and chores to retreat in Mistress Natalie’s superb Studio Wanda, in Bilbao (Spain). She had a fully frillied, willing sub ready in the dungeon for my entertainment, so I spent two hours practising some rope bondage with him. She had asked me to prepare him, trussed up and immobilized in inescapable shibari bondage, because she was planning on branding him with a hot iron.

I’m not the one to disappoint a friend. So I got myself down to work and thought, why not crucify the slave? I tied him up with hemp rope to a thick bamboo rod, and then suspended him until he was just about touching the floor with his toes. Thus prepared, I called Mistress Natalie.

“I don’t want you to utter the smallest sound, not a word, not  asigh, or you won’t be allowed to cum”, I warned him.

The red hot iron with Mistress Natalie’s initials on it crackled and sizzled as it burnt the skin. A faint cloud of smoke and a pungent, unmistakable smell rose: pork crackling! We both laughed, while he bit his lip to keep mum. As I untied him, the fresh branding revealed itself gradually, redder and redder on his buttock. Pork crackling indeed!

You can view the  complete photoshoot here: Branding at Studio Wanda.

Previous CFNM Strapon Plus Party: REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS

*STOP PRESS!* New tickets deadline: October 27th.

So,  if you say this is no ordinary party, what it is exaclty that makes it different and unmissable?

Where can i find out more, form the participants themselves, not just the organizers?

What were previous parties like? Can I trust this rampant phallic ladies?

And what’s sub’s point of view?

If you’d like a glimpse of what we have achieved before, here is a review, form a Domme’s perspective, of the

1. First London Strapon & WS Party I co-organized last April, along with Ms Theda.

And here are a number of testimonials, as well as a summary:

2. First London Strapon & WS Party – Review and Testimonials, from the attendants themselves.

This time, we are bigger and more ambitious, but we still an to keep the friendly, warm trust and kinkyness among all guests.

The other Mistresses attending can be found on this other blog entry: Mistresses attending.

You can read the FAQ, rules, etiquette and other practical stuff, here: FAQ and Etiquette.




Still unsure about discretion and credit card privacy issues? You can now buy your ticket online: Ms Tytania’s Strap-Plus Party. We use Eventbrite, a discreet, secure, anonymous and vanilla online ticket payment company.


The Grand Slutathon: A sneak preview


Next party: Click here for dates.

Email Ms Tytania to guarantee a place. Deadline: Friday, may 10th.

Here are some of the games and activities that did take place at the Second Slutathon, in October 28th 2011.


On arrival, each male sub will be greeted individually in the lobby by the Mistresses. If he wants to wear a mask or hood, he can put it on before meeting the other guests in the main room. Hooded if desired, but still fully dressed, he’ll be taken to the lounge, where he will be asked to take his clothes off in the middle of the room. How this is performed will be at the Mistresses discretion, according to how feel fit for their amusement. The new sub will then be examined for cleanliness, personal hygiene and cock size. The size of every subs’cock will be diligently written down by the ladies, logged in size order, and when completed, read aloud in public. Each sub will be asked to stand up and hear the real size of his manhood, then asked to stand in a line, in ascending order.


Now we are talking, strap it on… Not many specifics agreed on so far, probably because Ms Tytania and her friends simply love using their lady cocks on helpless bumboys… improvisation and rampant mayhem may reign supreme when the ladies get carried away!

Some ideas I’ve been toying with include:

Dildo Deep mining! Ms Theda will go deep mining for prostate orgasms with the aid of her fearsome Plundering Tools. Her legendary, almost mystical powers to locate the Souce of allMale Pleasure defies rational explanation. But what the ladies want to know is: can men fake it satisfactorily, like a woman? The boys will give us the answer to this age old question.

Size Queen Bumboy: special prize for the sub who can take the largest lady cock, for the longest time.


There is no escape till the Mistresses’ have witnessed your utter sluttiness!

The Mistresses will choose two boys to engage in diverse sexual activities of their choice: not much rum, but rope, sodomy and the lash will certainly fature. Specially sodomy.


Like a pagan, matriarchal initiation rite, the boys will acquire their manhood by the ingestionof copious wuatities of piss. the less man-like boy, the one who refuses or can’t swallow fast enough,will be given to the boys to piss on him. I’m sure you prefer the ladies’ Golden Wine, so open up and take it!


Half of the boys will be forced to masturbate another sub. The one who makes his partner cum will be the winner. They can choose to perform their fluffer chores with their hands or with their mouths.


As a proposed Grand Finale for the Party, a more British affair. The boys, whose balls will no doubt be at bursting point by the en of the afternoon, will be asked to from a circle around a large Digestive type biscuit. They will be in full view of the Mistresses, who will be sitting comfortably to watch the show. The subs will wank till they ejaculate on the biscuit. The last boy to cum will eat the cum-covered biscuit in the presence of the Mistresses.

Foot massage, head, neck, shoulders massage will also be requested while the ladies watch the entertainment.


We assume that some subs won’t be into every single activity and games. Your limits will be respected if you email us details in advance. Read more here: Limits and Hard Limits. There will be plenty of meat to satisfy the ladies’s hunger for kink.

CFNM, WS, Strapon Plus: FAQ and other info

This blog is open. Please feel free to ask me anything about the party by posting a reply.THE VENUE

The venue is a luxury apartment in London’s Zone 1, within the Circle Line. The exact address will be given on payment. The venue is discreet, very clean, fully serviced, with a bar and maids in attendance. Towels, condoms,  lubricant and gloves will be provided.


No, you can’t pay in hand or on the day. Deadline for paying for your ticket is the day before the Slutathon’s date.


We use a  discreet, completely anonymous bank account you can pay into it to purchase your ticket. Please ask us in an email to find out more. This is a completely vanilla business account and nothing obvious will appear on your bank statement.


First questions first: Yes, you can wear a mask, but nothing else, at the party.

I’ve received enquiries from subs who are hesitant about attending because they fear that their anonymity will not be respected. I know that words and promises are easy to make, but as a successful and well regarded Pro-Domme with 9 years experience, I can only insist in my guarantee of total discretion and my commitment to my subs, lady friends’, and my own privacy.

No, we won’t take pictures or film the event. We aren’t interested in your life outside of the party.  We are four professional and/or lifestyle Dommes, trying to have fun and to give subs who don’t go out and about the BDSM scene, the opportunity to interact with others. We know that our clients are not gregarious kinksters and aren’t open about their sexual desires. We know taht some of them have delicate jobs and personal circumstances.

We are lifestyle kinksters and are sadly aware of the stigma against kink and BDSM. WE know that most of our clients feel vulnerable due to their sexual preferences. WE hate society’s sexual hypocrisy, but we are a safe, non-judgemental haven for those looking to explore their kinks safely and in the company of other, non-judgemental like-minded people and Mistresses. For this reason, Ms Tytania’s  Strapon, WS & CFNM Plus Party is a friendly place for them to explore group BDSM without shame, guilt of fear. Clothes and belongings will be kept safe and mobile phones or cameras will not be allowed in the premises.


This is Femdom event. We expect all subs in attendance to be clean, presentable, polite and well behaved towards Mistresses and other subs. We expect the regard and respect due to all Mistresses ina  Femdom environment, and to respect their decisions and heir own playspace: don’t expect all Mistresses to be all over you at all times. This is NOT a private, ‘one sub only’ session. Mingle and be friendly to the other male subs. We want a friendly and supportive environment. Drunkness or being unruly and under the influence of drugs will not be tolerated, although N20 and Poppers will be available. Be outgoing, don’t hide in a corner and if you feel too shy, please tell a Mistress. Wallflowers will be gently, but dominantly deflowered of their shyness!

Some subs ask me if they can bring the Mistresses in attendance a small present. You may bring a bottle for the ladies, if you want to, but it’s not mandatory.

Please state your limits and preferences as clearly as possible, as well as activities that you “might try if pushed/encouraged.”

I reserve the right to refuse entrance or expel any guest who doens’t abide by these simple, common sense rules, or who is a nuisance to Mistresses or to his fellow subs.


There will be NO refund on cancellation, unless we cancel the party, in which case, it will be our responsibility to refund you. The nature of the Forced-Bi, CFNM, Watersports, Strapon Plus party is clear to those with some experience in BDSM. If, once at the party, you decide to leave of your own accord; if you cancel after purchasing your ticket, or if you are asked to leave by the Mistresses due to not complying to our rules and etiquette, we will not refund your fee.

We won’t refund your cash if you have to cancel, but we are happy to keep the fee for a future party. If we have to cancel or reschedule a party, we will offer a refund or a rollover to the next Slutathon.


We have written a whole blog entry to this important issue. Read more HERE.


The list can be found on this entry, and will be updated as we receive confirmation: Mistresses Attending.


We assume that some subs won’t be into every single activity and games. Your limits will be respected if you email us details in advance. Read more here: Limits and Hard Limits. There will be plenty of meat to satisfy the ladies’s hunger for kink.

CFNM - Watersports – Golden Showers – Strapon – Phalic Women – bumboys – Forced bi – Boy on Boy Puppetry – Clothed Females – Naked Males – Spit Roast

Ms Tytania’s CFNM, WS, Strapon Plus Party

For our latest Slutathon dates, visit this page.

After the success of previous parties, we are proud to announce the London CFNM WS, Strapon Plus Party, that will take place at a secret location in Central london, on Friday October 28th, from 1 pm till 5 pm. Please note that this is a paid event.

We are not another commercial dungeon party. We organize and select our guests, venues and activities, very carefully to ensure it will be an unforgettable experience.


If you’d like a glimpse of what we have achieved before, here is a review, form a Domme’s perspective, of the First London Strapon & WS Party I helped organize last spring, along with Ms Theda.

And here are a number of testimonials, as well as a summary: The Inaugurational London Strapon Party – Review and Testimonials, from the attendants themselves.

This time, we are bigger and more ambitious, but we still an to keep the friendly, warm trust and kinkyness among all guests.

The other Mistresses attending can be found on this other blog entry: Mistresses attending.

You can read the FAQ, rules, etiquette and other practical stuff, here: FAQ and Etiquette.

The party will be hosted by the four ladies and be limited to a maximum of 12 males.

The title does no justice to the wild, embracing nature of this party. as well as the CFNM nature ad a starting point to get the right atmosphere, the party will also include some of our favourites:

Strapon Extravaganza.

Watersports Galore

Small Penis Abattoir


Hogtied piggy races

Boy-on-boy puppetry for the entertainment of the ladies

Dancing boys competition: humilliate yourself for the ladies.

… and much more that we will think of on the day, because we are imaginative, wicked ladies. If you want to find out more about the specific activities, A SNEAK PREVIEW CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Of course, we don’t expect everybody to be into everything, so please tell us more about your personal kinks . We would like to use you to your best advantage and to amuse the ladies.
The party will include a bar with soft drinks and nibbles, served by our two sissy maids.
Held in a discreet and luxurious apartment in Central London, the location is yet secret and will of course only be revealed to confirmed attendees.


We assume that some subs won’t be into every single activity and games. Your limits will be respected if you email us details in advance. Read more here: Limits and Hard Limits. There will be plenty of meat to satisfy the ladies’s hunger for kink.



Still unsure about discretion and credit card privacy issues? You can now buy your ticket online: Ms Tytania’s Strap-Plus Party. We use Eventbrite, a discreet, secure, anonymous and vanilla online ticket payment company.

CFNM - Watersports – Golden Showers – Strapon – Phalic Women – bumboys – Forced bi – Boy on Boy Puppetry – Clothed Females – Naked Males – Spit Roast

Read this page for FAQ and to find out more about practical details: FAQ, etiquette, etc.


In case any of you have missed the latest addition to the UC-SC public blog, the Fearsome Urban Chicks have introduced the Meat Dildo Tax, where the males can “support the Revolution with  their dicks”, by paying a Tax for having a pathetic dicklet that would never, ever satisfy a red blooded woman, let alone the Urban Chicks themselves. And just in case you think you are too well endowed to worry, they have an even higher Meat Dildo Tax, The Smug Bull Tax, for those who are, almost literally, walking dildos.


Ms Tytania is, needless to say, unimpresed by the quality, size and performance of most cocks that she has the misfortune of getting acquainted with, both in and out of session. so she will support the UC-SC’s Emasculating Campaign with all her might, and take part in as much castrating, humiliating, and demeaning cock-abuse as she humanly can.

Ms Tytania would like to Join the Femdom Revolution by adding her bit to the struggle, thus:


Show me your tiny dicklet!

I have been experimenting lately with the joys and fun of small dick humilliation and pilloring. Such a deliciously emasculating pleasure couldn’t go unnoticed for the fierce Comrades at the UC-SC. So ditching our heels and nylosn once again, we gathered in the Cell to laugh at those pathetic scraps of meat, those cocktail sausages, that men are so proud of, and came out with this: The Meat Dildo Abattoir.

You call that a cock…? We call it a cocktail sausage!


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the indefatigable guerrilla ladies deserve to spend the Emascualtion Tax in revolutionary mojitos!

The UC-SC Project and ethical porn…

When I sat down to writ all that dry, but necessary, stuff about legality, 2257 and complying to UK and US laws, I couldn’t help but thinking of that fashionable term: Ethical Porn.


I believe that I make, to my best knowledge, ethical porn. So along with the usual disclaimers that you find on most adult websites about adults, consensuality etc, I thought I’d add some kind of manifesto that went  a little deeper into the ethics that motivate me. This is the draft, that I will of course alter and expand in the near future, before the UC-SC website goes live:


The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell is a role play fantasy for adults, a fictional dystopia that mixes the discourse, aesthetic of radical politics and activism with BDSM. We aren’t a political organization.

We are an art project created by visual artists and film makers based in UK. The purpose of the UC-SC Project is to cast a sexy, ironic but critical commentary on radical political philosophy, both current and historical, and on its formal discourse and modus themes.

We don’t condone violence against people, be it either groups or individuals, in any way or form.

The UC-SC is also a commentary on pornography, its conventions and discourse; also on the adult industry, on the gender roles and stereotypes and on the role of women in it.

The team behind The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell comply with current UK sex laws. We advocate the free sexual expression and exploration as undertaken by consenting, risk aware adults, regardless of the nature of these sexual activities.

For more information on the legality of certain sexual activities, please check the Backlash website, an umbrella organization whose activists defend the right of adults to view extreme pornography.

The people who are taking part on the UC-SC project as models, designers, technicians, film crew and IT people,  and of course its creator, support the right to create, distribute and view pornography responsibly and ethically. We believe that we are ethical porn makers and that the UC-SC project is ethical porn. We are aware that by being available for the adult public, this project is taking part and commenting on the current debate regarding issues such as agency, morality, personal politics, feminism and the sexualization of culture.


… and if you got this far reading, there is a reward waiting. Here is, at last, a preview of the free UC-SC site: The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell. The members’ side will be live at the end of May.

The UC-SC Project…

… is coming along nicely, and certainly coming strong! Lots of preview pics on this regularly updated Flickr Page.

The members’ site will be ready and viewable to the general public by the end of May. The Members’ site will open a little later. Bookmark the current website for updates:

The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell.

The British Mistress abroad…

so, back at home in Bilbao this week for a short spring break and what better way to hide form the blazing sun and fast tanning crowds, than in the depths of Studio Wanda. I had time to help Mistress Natalie during a long internment session, had lunch with her and hassle her prisoner for the day. I got to shave his arse, crack and balls, and indulge in a spot of strapon fucking in a sling. Leather slings, as visitors to my own studio in docklands cantestify, are amzingly playful and versatile pieces of equipment and ideal for bumming those stubborn arse sluts without tiring myself, with all that see-saw back and forth. Not to mention that once tied up to it, there is nowhere for them to go. Not that they’d want to go anywhere else, I can assure you.

Sessionsin London will resume on May 12th.