Custom Photo Sets To Order

FAN PHOTO SETS – Do you have a fetish or scene that you’d like to see in photos? Too far away to session face to face – request a custom photo set. I will deliver a set of high resolution, professional photos for your fetish collection.

MISTRESSES, ADULT ENTERTAINERS, MODELS – I also photograph fellow Dommes and other erotic companions, alt models and glamour creatures. Are you sick f hiring sleazy men? I offer a respectful, safe experience for my fellow colleagues in the adult industry.

Email me for details: begandgrovel@mstytania.net

Fierce Domme in Chelsea cut & Doc Martens Boots




Shibari Domina Vs Escape Artist

FOLLOW: #inescapableropechallenge hashtag on Twitter. No nudity or adult material, safe for work.

WHEN? Friday, February 8th, 19:00-21:00 GMT.

WHERE? Live streamed on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter for the link to my YouTube live stream and details on the day.

It started like any other day… another male specimen believing that he can win my Inescapable Rope Bondage Challenge, by freeing himself from my world famous Shibari skills – and get his session money back! This challenge is open to all rope fans.

he then admitted to being a professional escape artist: versed in the art of freeing himself from not one, but two straightjackets and tightly locked chains and handcuffs and shackles… but he’s never tried rope before.

So I accepted the challenge, and decided that it was too good not to share with my many Shibari Mistress fans around the world. Tune into Twitter on Friday 8th and watch the challenge, live from Tytania Towers. and if you think you can do better, try it yourself.

Inescapable Rope Challenge Testimonial

Hello Mistress,
home now, a few marks but they will go soon.I just want to say a huge thank you for our session today. I literally floated home, so high was I.
I cant wait until I can come to see you again.
as requested a short testimonial for you to publish if you so wish.I have just got back from seeing MS Tytania and I am absolutely buzzing.
If you are a true rope bondage fan like me, then you don’t get better than this.
It was my first time with Ms Tytania and so I went for the ‘escape challenge’ followed by inescapable rope bondage abandonment. 
Little did I believe that the odds were so stacked against me!The first tie, a hogtie, is something I have always loved and although other mistresses have had me in this position, never has it been without other restraints. (cuffs and straps). The hogtie MS inflicted on me was rope only, snug but in a strange way, comfortable, but as you may see on Twitter, my attempts to escape were totally in vain.
Although I was able to wriggle and make some slack, the knots that would release me were way out of reach and so after some time and a bit of sniggering from mistress, she stood in front of me, boots inches from my face and announced, time up, shall I release you. I’d like to have said no, but I had a second challenge to look forward to.Next, I was tied to a couch, elbows and wrists together pulled back over my head. My legs were bound to the sides and the timer started. This felt as though it should be easier but my wriggles and squirms again only served to make some slack, but still no release. I was clearly making too much noise as suddenly a ball gag was forced in my mouth. As I tried to free myself, I looked over to mistress sitting on the settee, smiling mockingly at me, and I sighed.Time was moving on and after being released for a second time, I foolishly suggested we combine a third challenge with the inescapable abandonment. Mistress thought that would be a good idea but had already decided on a predicament scenario for the third challenge. 
Arms tied behind my back, upper arms cinched to my chest I was told to lay face down on the couch. 
One leg was bound to a side of the couch and the other folded back on itself and tied in place. I felt a length of rope pass between my toes, pulling this foot closer to my arms and tied there.  A request to raise my bottom a little, facilitated the tying of ribbon around my parts. Raise a little more please, which stupidly I did, and a rope  fixed overhead somewhere was threaded through the ribbon and pulled tight causing me to lift a little bit more. And that was it, I already knew the arm bind would be a challenge but add to that I could barely move for fear if pulling on my balls. I did struggle for a bit but then Mistress kindly took another turn in the rope piling on my cock. Mistress sat serenely on the sofa and got out her laptop. I could just see her in a mirror but she ignored me, her work done and a helpless male secured with no escape. I lay my head and enjoyed the feeling of being totally helpless. Very now and then she walked around me checking that all was well, as well as it could be, and flicked the rope pulling on my balls. I was left like that for 40 minutes or so. An uncomfortable bliss which I wish could have lasted longer.

I shall definitely being returning for more. She is a true rope expert.


Femdom Open Studio – Meet Ms Tytania & Her Friends


Back by clamouring, popular demand! Escape your work obligations in a Femdom oasis where you can indulge in your need to worship the superior female and her friends, while I catch up with all the gossip Fetish scene gossip.

You can now meet Ms Tytania & her dominant lady friends at her Canary Wharf Femdom Studio Tea Afternoons and show them how much you want to serve and adore them and of course, surrender to their fickle games and desires.


Where: At Tytania Towers

When: twice a month, from 4pm till 8pm. Drop by at ay time within this window of opportunity.


Jan – 10th & 30th

Feb – 8TH & 27TH

March – 6th & 29th

April – 5th & 30th

May – 7th & 31st

June – 5th & 28th

July – 5th & 31st

What’s this marvellous Femdom Tea Party & Open Studio? So I’ll be organising a regular tea, cake and prosecco party for my Dominant lady friends and myself. And you, my fans and devotees, are welcome to join us from 3pm until 8pm.


This is a private Tea & Prosecco party and therefore, cheaper and more relaxed than a one to one Femdom session. You’ll enjoy being in the company of myself and my lady friends, waiting upon us, being obedient, and being punished or rewarded, depending on your behaviour. There will also be other male specimens present. Expect rope bondage, high protocol, Mistress worship, moderate spanking (if deserved); light bondage… and much banter and humilliation to make your ears ring. You can admire and worship my finely turned out friends in winter boots and high heels and be their puppy and plaything. Or have you dreamed of being our human furniture?


Due to many confused inquiries, please note: the ladies will be enjoying a tea afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere where you ensure they are pampered and waited upon. Therefore: NO nudity, unless requested by the ladies; NO play such as: strapon; water sports; forced-bi; severe corporal punishment – or any activities that require full attention, high levels of hygiene and specialism. You can apply for a regular session, at the normal tribute, if that’s what you want to enjoy.

TRIBUTE: £80 per hour. Payment on arrival. We also welcome little seasonal gifts like a bottle of Prosecco, quality tea, cake, pastries and chocolates.

Email Ms Tytania to book your place. A £20 deposit is required, to guarantee availability – places are very limited! So don’t leave it till the last minute, make some space in your busy holidays diary for this Femdom Christmas Party!

begandgrovel@mstytania.net – +44 (0)7966186305

HOW TO PAY THE DEPOSIT: CHECK MY CONTACT & TRIBUTE PAGE FOR DETAILS and email/call/text/Whatsapp Ms Tytania for details.

Christmas Open Studio Party

Not just for Christmas! Regular Femdom Open Studio Parties – 2019

WHEN- FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28TH 2018 – 4pm – 8pm.

WHERE- At Tytania Towers, East London E14.

Ms Tytania doesn’t really do Christmas, but if she did… it’d be the best Christmas party ever! And you can now and test it in her Canary Wharf Femdom Studio.

Escape the Christmas obligations in a Femdom oasis where you can indulge in your need to worship the superior female and her friends.

So I’ll be organising a little tea, mince pies and prosecco party for my Dominant lady friends and myself. And you, my fans and devotees, are welcome to join us from 3pm until 8pm.

So what will happen? This is a Femdom Christmas Tea & Prosecco party. You’ll enjoy being in the company of myself and my lady friends, waiting upon us, being obedient, and being punished or rewarded, depending on your behaviour. Expect rope bondage, high protocol, Mistress worship, corporal punishment and much banter and humilliaton to make your ears ring. You can admire and worship my finely turned out friends in winter boots and high heels and be their puppy and plaything. Or have you dreamed of being our human furniture?

Tribute: £60 for the first hour, then £50 for each extra hour. Payment on arrival. We also welcome little seasonal gifts like the off bottle of Prosecco, quality tea and chocolates.


Email Ms Tytania to book your place. A £20 deposit is required, to guarantee availability – places are very limited! So don’t leave it till the last minute, make some space in your busy holidays diary for this Femdom Christmas Party!

begandgrovel@mstytania.net – +44 (0)7966186305


Only for the brave… Femdom wet shave with straight razor

Ms Tytania has a steady hand and can leave that face baby smooth with one of her new steel straight razors. Fancy a wet shave? Maybe a test wet shave of your precious balls? After a warm, soapy lathering and hot towel? In bondage. Under a tight silky cape. Immobilised, on her vintage barber’s chair. Trust me, I’m a Fetish Femdom Barberette and I’m full of fun ideas!

Ms Tytania’s japanese rope bondage skills – a testimonial

I unashamedly present you with some feedback regarding my Japanese rope bondage, suspension and shibari skills: a glowing testimonial form a very experienced rope bottom and femdom sub who won’t forget our 5 hour long rope session any time soon. the long afternoon included abandonment in rope, rope suspension, various hogties, floor rope ties and predicament bondage. This is the happiness in kink and fetish that I always aspire to offer: a chance to explore your fetishes with an experienced, creative, non-judgemental Domme. Where is my next rope bunny?

And here is, Specimen D, in his happy place:



Since 2009, when I organised my first Grand Slutathon, for myself and my lady friends’ lust for strapon and pegging boys, we’ve had many satisfied, truly slutted-out boy sluts and man whores raving about theie experience. After the Grand Slutathon ran its course (but you never know), I started the now famous Slut Bed Of Shame Multi Mistress, Forced Bi Party. Here are some testimonials, so you can see what you are missing and hopefully, will leave your misgiving aside and join us to explore your inner  manwhore:



Revolutionary Femdom Tax


Is a full kidnapping perhaps too scary, too dear for your tight fisted male arse? How about 2 hours BEING STALKED by a fearless, cunning female dominant in the streets? Let’s play Femdom Hide And Seek. We’ve got our eyes on you: attend the rendezvous and pay the Revolutionary Femdom Tax. But finding us is the fun bit… follow our directions using  Global Positioning System(GPS) receiver on your mobile phone and let’s play Femdom Hide And Seek.

2 hours geo-caching style manhunt, street stalking and ransom payment: £500 (deposit required).

Femdom Manhunt Mission: Stalked for the Revolutionary Femdom Tax: This is what we did to a male specimen like you. You can be our next prey in the streets of London.

How does this work? As part of her exciting UNDERGROUND domination, Ms Tytania has designed a new Femdom game: the spy/double agent rendezvous story, reimagined for Femdom. Wait for Ms Tytania to decide on the place, after agreeing on the time and date… be there and wait for the adrenaline to rush… she will follow you down the streets, while sending direction on your phone. Be ready for google Maps, sms instructions & much, mush stalking and confusion, till she decides it’s time to strike and pounce on you to demand the Revolutionary Femdom Tax.

You will meet us several times: perhaps in a cafe, where our agent is inconspicuously enjoying a latte and a book, to pass orders; in a quiet alley, she may be waiting for you, to give you instructions in an envelope… Excited yet?

All you need is a smart phone and google Maps, and the UC-SC‘s Revolutionary Femdom Tax ready to be handed in an envelope in your pocket. Be summoned at a previously agreed location within London; wait for instructions, directions and orders to reach you via sms or Whatsapp. Follow the map; follow instructions; retrieve the objects hidden for you at different locations, nooks and crannies… wonder when and where and how, your Femdom Tax Agent will appear, undetected, and demand your ransom money. Expect red herrings and decoys. Be confused, but still feel compelled to obey: you shall know what’s like to be chased like prey by a dominant woman. Be male prey to a the Femocracy. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, she’ll appear from nowhere in a dark alley. Pay promptly and she’ll instruct you back into the real world. Like previous specimens, you may need a stiff drink after the experience!

£200 per hour. Deposit required. Full ransom paid on location and at our agent’s discretion.


Tying up and suspending big boys… upside down!


Holding you by your dick, just in case you slip? I don’t think that H&S would approve! But I deserve to have my heels kissed at the very least, I think. My rope sessions page: Shibari Domina Extraordinaire.

The Facility – jailing, imprisonment & detainment event, Feb 13th

On February 13th, I’ll be gust Warden at The Facility, goddess cleo’s jail fantasy event. I’ll attend in full UC-SC – Urban Chick Supremacy Cell mode, ready to crush the male and impose a merciless femdom regime for our male prisoners (you, male scum!): under the boots of fierce femme wardens. Full re-education into female supremacy will be enforced by myself.

Full info & booking details here.

Do you fantasise about being jailed, or perhaps you have the desire to experience a complete lockdown, or retained on remand for a short/long term incarceration, overseen by beautiful, stern Duty Wardens…  If you have, then The Facility may very well be exactly your cup of tea!  Imagine being imprisoned behind bars, detained in a cell, kept captive in a cage, locked in an isolation unit, or confinedin a cupboard, whilst intermittently being beaten, broken, tormented and quite possibly tortured by gorgeous, strict, Dominant women?  Well here is your chance… Be incarcerated by Goddess Cleo and her beautiful friends, who may decide to hogtie you on the floor, cuff you to the chair, saran wrap you to the bench then sit back to watch you struggle, encase you in a straight jacket if you misbehave, or strap you down to the bed with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape…

FacilityThis event is primarily based around imprisonmentincarcerationisolationconfinementdetentionrestraintand complete lockdown.  There may, however, be multiple variations on each activity in order to achieve the desired experience, including but not limited to bondagecagingsaran wrap/cling filmcuffschaincollar/leashstraight jacketshibari, etc, as well as other forms of torture, if the Duty Wardens so desire.



Look at that massive strapon, the  opera length rubber gloves, the determination in my face! Are you ready to surrender to my female cock?

From a humble finger exploration to fisting, and of course, without forgetting my impressive arsenal of strapon dildos and harnesses, I am a dedicated, passionate Pegging Mistress. 


From parties to one to one sessions, from eager anal virgins to consumate fisting veterans, I welcome and satisfy all anal sluts in my East London Studio. My strapon dildos are my weapons of mass domination!

Torn tighs boots strapon 27


Abandoned to his fate in inescapable rope

Last week’s captivity and immobilisation specimen: fully restrained and abandoned in rope bondage… and a spot of predicament bondage to keep his attention as required. When not required,  specimen lied at my feet on the floor, inescapably, while I sat on the sofa answering your many emails and inquiries, and demanded to have my boots kissed and worshipped. Read more about my extended rope captivity & abandonment only sessions by clicking on that link.N-hogtie feb 17_2_result

Extended isolation and confinement in rope bondage

Hogtie Feb 2017

NOTE: for the avoidance of confusion, I’m a Shibari Domme. I don’t offer steel bondage sessions, I use rope and exceptional rope skills to bind men to my will.

For rope fiends who love being confined and left alone in a corner for an extended, undisturbed time, I offer extended rope bondage bundling-up & isolation sessions.

Please note that, unlike normal cell/cage incarceration and isolation, I have to keep an eye on the rope and possible issues with blood circulation, limbs going numb, etc, so the types of bondage have to be checked and changed regularly throughout the duration of the imprisonment.

– 1 hour caging and isolation time: £80
– 1 hour caging and isolation + 1 hour session: £280
– 3 hour combined session (1 hour play + 2 hr isolation): £360
– 3 hour combined play (2hr play + 1 hour isolation): £480
– 2nd play hour and longer: £160 ph.

A recent testimonial:

D testimonial rope captivity

More about my extended incarceration & imprisonment sessions.


A crawl-in closet cage in my Boudoir


Been a bratty boy? Has Mistress lost patience with you? You need some isolation away time, caged in my closet cage under the clothes rack!

Inbuilt in one of my clothes and accessories wardrobes, there is a little, dark but surprisingly roomy, closet to hide bad sluts in. so while I’m doing my toilette, changing clothes, putting my rubber or my fully seamed stockings on… my sluts are frustratingly handcuffed, bundled and incarcerated in my crawl-in closet cage. Fancy an hour or two to calmly meditate and reflect on your many slutty sins? Or perhaps you’ve displeased me and you need to be discarded, out away like unwanted shoes? I have a place just for you…

More details on my caging and isolation sessions page.




As luck may have it, I bumped into an old scene friend who wasted no time in telling me all this latest adventures as a boy whore: clubs, parties, orgies, filming… and it did sound as if the boy enjoyed not only the company of powerful women, but also, indulging in boy on boy action, cock-sucking and spit-roasting, to please the ladies.

So I couldn’t resist adding him to my arsenal of kink activities and pleasures. now he’s available for forced-bi sessions in my presence.

He is now available for forced-bi sessions, both as male and also in his stunning cd, cross-dressing tranny slut persona, to whore his delicious boy bits out to other boys, to please Mistress. I do like to watch my boy on boy action and fun as they are, parties weren’t enough to satisfy my own lust for watching men please other men.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t live in my cupboard under the stairs, so this type of session has to be planned and booked in advance, to ensure availability. Please email me to request an appointment.

Dec 7th: STRAPON & forced-bi party!


When: December 7th, 2016.
Save the date! I’ll be strutting my rampant stuff at Domina Parties’ Double STRAPON & forced-bi party.
Don’t contact me! Use the contact details on the page (link above), to guarantee your place. I’ve joined forces with Goddess Cleo‘s famous, extravagant, Domina Parties  – to bring my own love of strapon, forced-bi and slut parties to my admirers and to enjoy it in the company of world famous Dominas..
A multi Mistress party isn’t a party  with a gang of like minded dominant women getting together, plotting the details, polishing our female cocks in preparation for a good STRAPON party. So now, we are bigger, meaner and much more creative together.
So now, my legendary Grand Slutathon  and the Slut Bed Of Shame, take part in collaboration with Domina Parties. Our deviant minds working inspect harmony, to bring you the most exciting femdom parties in London.
Times, venue and payment details on this page. Contact Domina Parties ASAP to avoid disappointment! Together, we the Mistresses are stronger!

Guest Mistresses will be:


My boudoir locker cage

Some of you have asked me what this wondrous sounding contraption is. Well, my lock-in wardrobe contains a gated closet where my captives can be caged. So yes, you will effectively be imprisoned in my boudoir’s clothes closet, under my fragrant rubber and lingerie! Here are two photos of my lock-in wardrobe (as well as my puppy cage, for other types of caging):



For those who enjoy being confined and forgotten in a cage of very small cell, my caging and captivity sessions are ideal.

And not only in my studio! Be imprisoned by myself and a gang of merciless Lady Wardens at Domina Parties’ The Facility event – next event, February 13th 2018.

emdom cage captivity banner_NEW


Some of you enjoy a combined session where there is play time with Mistress, and also, incarceration time either at the beginning or the end of the one to one session. Here are the relevant tributes:

– 1 hour caging and isolation time: £60
– 1 hour caging and isolation + 1 hour session: £260
– 3 hour combined session (1 hour play + 2 hr isolation): £320
– 3 hour combined play (2hr play + 1 hour isolation): £460
– 2nd play hour and longer: £160 ph.
Inescapable rope bondage captivity, for rope & imprisonment fans: £80 per hour (please note that a person tied up with rope can’t be left alone and needs to be checked for circulation issues, numb limbs, etc, and rope ties have to be changed and altered regularly).
Overnight sessions: captivity and also Femdom service.

And don’t forget to check out my secret lock-in boudoir closet – get caged in my clothes wardrobe!



Due to an enormous amount of enquiries, I’ve decided to offer some pilot overnight sessions. An overnight session starts in the evening, around 7 pm (exact time to be agreed on), and lasts until 10 am the morning after.An overnight session normally starts at 7 pm and finishes at 10 am, with a 7am sharp waking up call to be my toy! 15 hours at my beck and call. Tribute can be found in my contact page.


I’m also experimenting with extended, daytime, 6 hours sessions. You can check in at Tytania Towers from 10 am till 12pm, amuse me, serve me, be my toy and victim, my human guinea pig… and be released just in time for dinner… refreshed after a whole day in a world that only exists in your fantasies… and in my Canary Wharf Studio. Tribute in my contact page too.


Favourite activities for these sessions can include, but are not limited to: bondage, captivity, domestic servitude, entertaining my visiting dominant friends, enforced punishment and corporal punishment, interrogation; hypnotism practice; feminisation; enforced feminist indoctrination; caging; role play in many forms; and anything your saturated submissive mind and her wicked imagination can concoct. Normally, she will retire no later than midnight.  A £200 deposit is required. Email me to find out more: begandgrovel@mstytania.net



Dog training foot 9



The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being



At my Femdom HQ, Tytania Manor. Take a tour of my lifestyle.

The Department is an immersive femdom experience for real women who want to awake the inner Dominant in them: live an afternoon in my Femdom household, living and learning the secrets of Female Supremacy and female-oriented kink. By women, for women, to the women.  Lessons in domination and female supremacy, But not as you know them – this is no workshop, but the real thing.

The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being is an educational project to tame the male species for the benefit and pleasure of the superior species (female) and to educate the superior sex (female) into the ways and advantages of Female Supremacy. We open our doors to give you erotic power.

This is not a workshop or tutorial. but an immersive experience where you will experience and enjoy a real London Domina’s lifestyle, in her stylish and well equipped fetish apartment. Meet my Mistress friends and use our male playthings to hone and polish your natural dominance.

My Open Studio Days welcome women who feel a need to discover or improve their Dominance, by stepping into my lifestyle for an afternoon. Join me, my Domme friends and playthings, and submerge yourself in fetish tailored for the female tastes and desires.

We are the civilised, tea drinking prossecco swigging, cake eating, chaise-longe lounging side of Femdom. the male species is limited to its role as facilitator of our idle, decadent lifestyle as pets, servants, domestics and skivvies.

Sophisticated, experiended London Dominas by day… but when we are angry at men’s uselessness and frustrating clumsiness and entitlement, we kick off our heels and become the Urban Chicks. But that’s another story!

For now, The Department – DFLW-B, is a Femdom, female centred space where dominant women share their experiences and train other ladies into Female Supremacy. Each day, with each new hopeful recruit or trainee lady, we become closer to a world where women rule. Our goal, yes, is to establish Universal Female Supremacy in each household. To make women’s lives sophisticated, stylish and toil free. To relegate the male species to its rightful place: a complaint floor slug.

I have introduced women to the joys and secrets of Femdom for years, giving tutorials, couples training and advise for married couples who want to introduce elements of D/s and Femdom into their relationship. Many Mistresses offer that kind of training.

The Department For the Ladies’ Well-Being, however, is not a tutorial of a class. Is the chance for women, either single or with partners, to step into a Femdom gathering and experience the Femdom lifestyle in my own home and studio.

Men are trained at the Department’s Open Studio Days (link). But special soirees are organised, where new ladies are welcome to take part and learn, ask questions, improve their skills and meet other dominant ladies. We are a femdom network.

Individual tutorials tailored to each ladies’ specifications, can be considered after an introductory afternoon at the Department’s Open Studio.

The price is £150 per woman or £200 per couple, for a 4 hour immersive experience. Single male specimens need not apply.

Email Ms Tytania to book a Mistress Class: begandgrovel@mstytania.net

Males, however, may apply to serve me an my Dominant friends, many professional London Dommes and lifestyle Dommes, at my Open Studio Days (click on link for more).


A Trampling Session