Abandoned to his fate in inescapable rope

Last week’s captivity and immobilisation specimen: fully restrained and abandoned in rope bondage… and a spot of predicament bondage to keep his attention as required. When not required,  specimen lied at my feet on the floor, inescapably, while I sat on the sofa answering your many emails and inquiries, and demanded to have my boots kissed and worshipped. Read more about my extended rope captivity & abandonment only sessions by clicking on that link.N-hogtie feb 17_2_result

A crawl-in closet cage in my Boudoir

fetish lockup cell cage
Been a bratty boy? Has Mistress lost patience? You need some isolation away time, locked up in my tight, concrete closet cell, under the clothes rack! A real, purpose-build fetish lockup cell cage, just big enough to let you crouch in the dark and ponder on your sins!
It’s located inside one of my clothes and accessories wardrobes: a little, dark closet to lock bad sluts up in. So while I’m doing my toilette, lacing up my boots, putting my rubber or my fully seamed stockings on… my sluts are frustratingly handcuffed, bundled and incarcerated in my crawl-in closet cage. Fancy an hour or two to calmly meditate and reflect on your many slutty sins? Or perhaps you’ve displeased me and you need to be discarded, out away like unwanted shoes? I have a place just for you…
More details on my caging and isolation sessions page.
fetish lockup cell cage

My boudoir locker cage

Some of you have asked me what this wondrous sounding contraption is. Well, my lock-in wardrobe contains a gated closet where my captives can be caged. So yes, you will effectively be imprisoned in my boudoir’s clothes closet, under my fragrant rubber and lingerie! Here are two photos of my lock-in wardrobe (as well as my puppy cage, for other types of caging):



Due to an enormous amount of enquiries, I’ve decided to offer some pilot overnight sessions. An overnight session starts in the evening, around 7 pm (exact time to be agreed on), and lasts until 10 am the morning after. It normally starts at 7 pm and finishes at 9 am, with a 7am sharp waking up call to be my toy! 15 hours at my beck and call. Tribute can be found in my contact page.


I’m also experimenting with extended, daytime, 6 hours sessions. You can check in at Tytania Towers from 10 am till 12pm, amuse me, serve me, be my toy and victim, my human guinea pig… Your release will be granted just in time for dinner. Surrender in a world that only exists in your fantasies and in my Canary Wharf Studio. check out the tribute (fee) in my contact page .


Favourite activities for these sessions can include, but are not limited to:
  • bondage
  • captivity
  • domestic servitude
  • entertaining my visiting dominant friends
  • enforced punishment and corporal punishment
  • interrogation
  • hypnotism practice
  • feminisation
  • compulsory feminist indoctrination
  • caging
  • role play in many forms

… and anything your febrile submissive mind and her wicked imagination can concoct. Normally, she will retire no later than midnight.  Mistress Tytania requires a £200 deposit to guarantee availability (it’s a long day or night!). Email me to find out more: begandgrovel@mstytania.net

overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session

The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being



At my Femdom HQ, Tytania Manor. Take a tour of my lifestyle.

The Department is an immersive femdom experience for real women who want to awake the inner Dominant in them: live an afternoon in my Femdom household, living and learning the secrets of Female Supremacy and female-oriented kink. By women, for women, to the women.  Lessons in domination and female supremacy, But not as you know them – this is no workshop, but the real thing.

The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being is an educational project to tame the male species for the benefit and pleasure of the superior species (female) and to educate the superior sex (female) into the ways and advantages of Female Supremacy. We open our doors to give you erotic power.

This is not a workshop or tutorial. but an immersive experience where you will experience and enjoy a real London Domina’s lifestyle, in her stylish and well equipped fetish apartment. Meet my Mistress friends and use our male playthings to hone and polish your natural dominance.

My Open Studio Days welcome women who feel a need to discover or improve their Dominance, by stepping into my lifestyle for an afternoon. Join me, my Domme friends and playthings, and submerge yourself in fetish tailored for the female tastes and desires.

We are the civilised, tea drinking prossecco swigging, cake eating, chaise-longe lounging side of Femdom. the male species is limited to its role as facilitator of our idle, decadent lifestyle as pets, servants, domestics and skivvies.

Sophisticated, experiended London Dominas by day… but when we are angry at men’s uselessness and frustrating clumsiness and entitlement, we kick off our heels and become the Urban Chicks. But that’s another story!

For now, The Department – DFLW-B, is a Femdom, female centred space where dominant women share their experiences and train other ladies into Female Supremacy. Each day, with each new hopeful recruit or trainee lady, we become closer to a world where women rule. Our goal, yes, is to establish Universal Female Supremacy in each household. To make women’s lives sophisticated, stylish and toil free. To relegate the male species to its rightful place: a complaint floor slug.

I have introduced women to the joys and secrets of Femdom for years, giving tutorials, couples training and advise for married couples who want to introduce elements of D/s and Femdom into their relationship. Many Mistresses offer that kind of training.

The Department For the Ladies’ Well-Being, however, is not a tutorial of a class. Is the chance for women, either single or with partners, to step into a Femdom gathering and experience the Femdom lifestyle in my own home and studio.

Men are trained at the Department’s Open Studio Days (link). But special soirees are organised, where new ladies are welcome to take part and learn, ask questions, improve their skills and meet other dominant ladies. We are a femdom network.

Individual tutorials tailored to each ladies’ specifications, can be considered after an introductory afternoon at the Department’s Open Studio.

The price is £150 per woman or £200 per couple, for a 4 hour immersive experience. Single male specimens need not apply.

Email Ms Tytania to book a Mistress Class: begandgrovel@mstytania.net

Males, however, may apply to serve me an my Dominant friends, many professional London Dommes and lifestyle Dommes, at my Open Studio Days (click on link for more).



Unsure? check out the many glowing testimonial from our no less glowing sluts past and present (well, their arses and well polished dicks were definitely glowing!), by clicking here or on the pic below:SBOS - CLOGS



FEB – 12TH




(taking a break until late 2019)

DO YOU WANT TO BE OUR BUKKACKET, AKA HUMAN BUKKAKKE BUCKET? Come the next party and be in the middle of our sticky, hot, grand finale!

SLUT BED OF SHAME GUEST MISTRESSES: Ms Tytania, Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Ms Theda Vamp (of Pedestal House Mistress fame). More to be announced.


You turn up at an atmospherically lit apartment… after introducing yourself to the Mistresses, you are lead into the master bedroom where a bunch of other boys are cavorting on the king size bed – groping, stroking, caressing, fondling, tasting, sucking, deep-throating real cock, hard for your male attention. The Mistresses sit around the bed, in the dimly lit room, and watch while you entertain them with your hardly contained boy horn.

The Mistresses all wear their finest and meanest strapons, because they can’t contain their desire to fuck and spit roast so many eager male pussies.

Later, a big bukkake scene will take place, all under the Mistresses’ orders and instructions.

This is real, unbound, uncensored, boy on boy slutty magic for the ladies’ viewing pleasure. Wish you were here?

This is a popular party. We run 2 in one afternoon and evening, but p[lease book your place in advance, we can’t accept same day guests.

Each party costs £200.

REFUNDS: Refunds are only offered in the event of the party being cancelled by the organisers, but not if you decide not to attend. If the party is cancelled or postponed, we’ll offer our guests the choice of a place at a future SBOS, a 90 minute session with Ms Tytania or a cash refund via bank transfer.

Contact Ms Tytania for any enquiries and for payment details: begandgrovel@mstytania.net


THE SLUT BED OF SHAME! Such an evocative name! How does it work?

Ms Tytania’s Slut Bed Of Shame – the perfect, fool proof Femdom recipe for this favourite variation on the Forced-Bi theme. What started as a side show at The Grand Slutathon, her legendary Multi Mistress London parties that focused on forced-bi, CFNM and Strapon action, became an event in its own right due to its immense popularity among men who identify as straight, alpha types, but who fantasise about indulging in cock worship and boy on boy action. The Slut Bed Of Shame, as its name suggests, is quite simply, a group of horny boy whores on a large bed.

The party starts at 4pm. The boys will be performing for the ladies’ viewing plasure for the duration of these 2 hours.

But how does Ms Tytania make this such a compelling party? and will it be right party for you, male specimen? Here is her recipe:

To make a Slut Bed of Shame you will need:

  • 5-8 sluts, naked
  • 1 – 2 Domestic boy or sissy maid
  • 4 Mistresses
  • 1 large, strong bed where sluts can writhe, rub and also, be tied at the ladies’ discretion.
  • Atmospheric light
  • Romantic music (optional)
  • Lashes of Prossecco


Find a luxury boudoir in central London and invite your dominant girlfriends round for the afternoon. Preferably, of the kind who love to watch men perform boy on boy action for their viewing pleasure.

Bring a domestic slave, sissy maid or other type of quality service-oriented submissive specimen loaded with a crate or two of prossecco. Direct them to their corner to serve the ladies and tidy up the inevitable mess.

Summon the sluts and instruct them to strip for the ladies’ assessment and (dis)approval.

Command the sluts onto the Slut Bed Of Shame and order them to enjoy each other with their mouths and arses. Make them mingle and couple up in slurpy 69’s; tie some of them up and turn them into The People’s Whore; skillfully conduct them while they roll on the bed in unison, rubbing against each other in a chaotic, sweaty, mass of erect male bodies; direct them how to please each other with their hands and mouths, and ask for feedback and punctuation. A clipboard and pen is always a nice touch.

Drizzle them with baby oil and watch them wriggle, writhe and moan as they suck and stroke hard cock.

Demand to impress the ladies with an ornamental tableaux, a fountain of bukakke.

Play the Soggy Biscuit game and punish the last to cum with a man juice covered biscuit for his tea.

If there is a suitable bathroom in the venue, send the boys to lather and shower with each other. I’m specially fond of a good wet boy on boy show.

Punish slackers and do-me subs with a wank ban and watch them implode.

Finish by asking the by now exhausted, but frustratingly horny cock-hungry whores, to suck each other to completion or demonstrate their wanking skills ( many so called straight men are good at the former, and all are excellent at the latter).

Serve very hot and best enjoyed by the ladies with a glass of two of cold prossecco.

A domestic Femdom session

In my East London studio: where traditional Femdom meets modern day female supremacy.

A Trampling Session

The Magic of Corsets

Mistress by day… but I fear that my fearless femme commandos, the Urban Chicks will want a word with me, after I acquired no less than FIVE new corsets. But before I am dragged to a UC-SC disciplinary tribunal for crimes of objectification and falling into the trap of traditional Femdom, here is a gallery of my new corsets (more photos on the way soon).

Mistress Tytania – Skingirl – skinhead femdom fetish

skingirl skinhead femdom fetish mistress


skingirl skinhead femdom fetish mistress
skingirl skinhead femdom fetish
 With Ms slide & a grovelling skingirl / punk Mistress fanboy

A chelsea cut is an iconic style that challenges conventional femininity, with its severe shaven skull and long bangs. It gives my approach to femdom fetish a fierce edge. Skinbyrds have a cult following among many submissive men and fetishists, my admirors tell me. Our severe haircut and Doc Martens boots, has a dangerous feminine edge that is naturally dominant and femdom.

When it comes to the women, I specially love the way skinbyrds, skingirls or rennies, look so androgynous and stylish. When I turn up at regular fetish clubs in braces, Doc Martens boots and severe chelsea cut, subs, slaves and fetishists beg to serve me. And I love a man who appreciates such an un-lady like look in a woman. 
I’ve had a skinhead fetish since I started going to my first fetish clubs, in my early twenties, and they were mostly gay leather clubs and bars. I’ve been a skingirl and punk fashions for many years. I found the skinhead look a real turn on: the way gay culture had appropriated this most masculine, butch subculture, and turned it upside down, into a gay icon. As gay culture has done with all male subcultures and looks.

You need a dedicated email to contact Mistresses discreetly

Many, far too many clients, use personal, shared or work email address as first point of contact with a Dominatrix. But they nonetheless probe me with questions about my discretion! Are you and your studio discreet, Mistress? I am indeed – but do you act with discreet as  a client?

Shockingly, men who visit professional Dominatrices, use email addresses with their full name, profession, work details, etc.
Potential new subs use what clearly looks like their main email address; some, use their work email address, where I can easily see the company they run or who they work for. You call that discretion?
I don’t need nor want to know. Your private life is irrelevant to me, I am only interested in the slut I meet in my studio. That’s the joy of Kink and Domination: it’s a temporary suspension of real life. A Mistress, like you, contacts and expects complete discretion when contact happens.

Please gentlemen. You expect complete discretion from a professional Mistress and I do my darnest to provide it. But discretion is one of those things that must perhaps start at home?

If you contact professional Mistresses, escorts, or other types of services that are frowned upon by society at large, always practice discretion. It could put your job, your relationship or your privacy in danger. Open a dedicated email address.

If you value your privacy and discretion, never email nor access websites from:

  • Your work or family computer

  • A work laptop

  • Tablet or phones that you use for work.

  • Any work related email address.

  • Personal email address

It’s basic common sense, but I’m shocked at how often this needs to be reminded.
Open a private email address and get a separate SIM card for your phone. Do it. Do it now – and thank me later.
dominatrix mistress contact discretion

Ms Tytania is a Lifestyle Mistress

Ms Tytania is a lifestyle Mistress. Her world involves everyday life and the people around her. She also has a quintaessentially feminine nature that loves being pampered, waited on and worshipped. Her feet, legs, buttocks and body, dressed in nylons, vintage lingerie and corsets, are a woman worshipper’s dream.




50’s Pinup: gloves, nylons, satin…

Hogtie & tease session pictures

… and big boy, suspended upside down 🙂


Bastinado session

Bastinado is the ancient art of caning the soles of the feet. Allegedly from the Spanish word “bastonazo” (hitting with a stick or rod), and invented, according to legend, by the Spanish Inquisition to extract confessions form their victims. It certainly suited my fiery Spanish temperament today, and bastinado slut M went home a happy boy. I added a spot of facesitting and nipple tease to stretch the already remarkable endurance of his leathery feet 🙂

The bastinado photo gallery can be viewed on my website.

Bastinado slut M, came to my studio with this ingenous home made bastinado contraption in his bag. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some subs will get to to enjoy their kink. and how crative they can be with it, too.

As endorsed by the Spanish Inquisition

Human Puppy Ball Play Training: Fetch!

“Fetch!”, demanded Mistress Tytania, and her human puppy dog obeyed. A playful human pet training evening in my Docklands BDSM studio.

As a true lifestyle Domme, Mistress Tytania loves turing her human admirers in to an obedient puppy dog and play femdom puppy training: obey, sit, give me your paw, fetch! ball, roll on the floor… and cage time!
In a world that demands so much responsibility of a man, puppy dog play is a way of giving up control to a demanding, superior, female pet owner.  The sophisticated modern femdom lady appreciates her human puppies!
human puppy dog play femdom

Be my dog! – Photo Gallery

As a dog lover, there is nothing that pleases me more than an obedient human dog at my feet. Puppy training on a lead, giving him doggy treats and petting him. Putting my human puppy dog in a cage when he misbehaves, maybe letting him lick my heeled feet if he’s good or sleeping at my feet. Never be said that Ms Tytania isn’t a compassionate, soft-hearted Mistress to her pets!

A deep intimate shave before sissification…

TV’s, sissy sluts and other girlie boys, seem to have taken wonderfully to the idea of The Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon. Hair salons are probably one of the most feminine environments there are, and sissies need deforesting their unfeminine body fur.

So prior to a full feminisation, this sissy had an electric buzz cut to number 3: it helped for a perfectly fitting wig.

Then came the genitals, smooth as a well compliant, available porn star. Off with his hair on pubic area, bikini line, bum, sack and crack. A wet shave with pink lady shaving razors did the trick because this undeserving sissy slut wasn’t too hairy in the first place. Just as well, because I have to say that women’s shaving razors are a bit crap. Generally, I prefer tried and tested man’s razors.

As you can see, the whole procedure was carried out while wrapped in a hair dresser’s cape: a fetish that a surprisingly number of subs seem to share. Not cock stays dormant under its silky, shiny touch.

Appointments are now accepted for all manners of grooming & shaving. Email me for a booking.




The Force Behind London Docklands

Nothing like a well trussed up City by to start the morning in Ms Tytania’s studio…

Electric tens and sounds for the win!

I’m going to be on a high for a few days after today’s session. It was great seeing an old sub returning after years in not so kink friendly shores, and what a return!

As a prelude to his giving up his body to my administering, he walked in to present me with a bottle of some impressive Bourdeaux. Red wine is my favourite!

A session that involves tight rope bondage and inescapable restriction is always a sure way to tempt me, but what was to come was an exercise in electricity & cruelty. I was inspired, if I may say so myself.

So, after presenting himself naked to Mistress, I proceed to hogtie firmly and securely with my favourite red rope. His raging boner (he walked through the door like that) was a great target for my collection of hair clips and pins, the best designed nipple & cock torture accessories ever. My steel crown of thorns found a good home around his engorged glans.

I put the bottle away and thought that gagging him with my worn knickers and a used stocking was not a bad reward for such nice little detail. Fortunately, I’ve been a bit slack with my laundry and I found some rathe stale items at the bottom of the laundry basket. Where is Tommy the domestic when you need him?

Seeing that today’s specimen seemed the adventurous type, I suggested putting urethral sounds down his raging boner and rather cavernous jap’s eye. Just clamping my electrics tens unit to his nipples didn’t feel quite fun enough. although I must say, my sparkly butterfly hair clips conduct electricity to the nipples like a treat, despite their girlie, innocent look.

So out came my collection of urethral sounds. The rosebuds seemed the best bet, and pop they went, one after another, until I found one big enough to fit in snugly. It took some trying, the specimen’s mangy dick was misleadingly wide (on the inside that is). It reminded me of the boy that I slid my little finger down his jap’s eyes last summer, one experience that still lingers in my memory…

… But I’m digressing. A thick sound went down all the way to the hilt and on went the crocodile clamps, one attached to the sound, the other to his left nipple. By then, I’d put the hogtied specimen under my queening bench, for a good arse-kissing session. Arse kissing is not the vile remit of the treacherous and hypocrite only, all good subs must comply Chez Tytania’s and do their time under my bench.

So lying under my bottom, me comfortably sat on the bench, with a stockings on his head, hogtied and gagged, the boy took increasing electric pulses rather well, yelling and howling rather convincingly as I pumped up the volume, so to speak. Eventually, I freed one of his hands and gave him permission to play with himself while I zapped his scrotum, where I’d attached the nipple clamp, and frittered his mangy dick.

LIke Frankenstein’s monster, a mix electricity and manual exertions brought an otherwise negligible piece of meat to life, then to a glorious, if brief, grand finale. Sparks where visible from Canary Wharf, I’ve been told, but then, Mistresses are so used to flattery and groveling…

New fetish hairdresser services at the Salon

From mid February, and due to popular demand, we have started offering full wash, curl and set services at the Enforced Grooming Salon.

Manicures: using water-based nail polish that can be washed off at the end of the session (or taken home with you).

Bleaching and hair dying.

All beauty and grooming services will be performed over the barber’s chair, with full hair dryer hood, hair rollers and lotions.

Mistress’ wet shave with cutthroat razor

As a haircut and bob fetishist, I like my hair very severe.

So I went to see my lady barberette for a trim: electric razor sides, back and fringe, and as a treat, a wet shaved nape with a cutthroat razor. Terrifying, but such a pelasure. I lvoe the feeling of the sharp, sharp blade across my skin nd scalp.

I am not immune to the pleasure of having my neck and nape shaved with a cutthroat razor. My lady barberette . It took quite a while, first a good lathering and shaving in the direction of the gran; then second lathering, and shaving of the nape against the growth of the hair. The result: a high-backed bob and a baby smooth nape, with 4 inches of scalp revealed to the cold January air.

A tight tent under the hairdresser’s cape

A hair fetishist’s appointment at The Enforced Shaving & Grooming Salon

I have had a hair fetish for a long, long time, and have always struggled to find a mistress who would cater for my specific fetish. Then I found Ms Tytania’s Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon. Following a number of emails between us, and a call to discuss the session, I duly turned up for my appointment at her place of residence.  I was led through to her Salon and the site of the barber chair, rope and hairdressing utensils, all lined up for me, was just amazing.

Ms Tytania was dressed in her red latex dress; we sat down and discussed the session. I was then allowed to shower, as I had come straight from work. When I stepped back into the ‘salon’ Ms Tytania was now in ‘fetish barber’ mode, and I was ordered to stand still whilst she wrapped my chest in red rope. I was then told to sit in the barbers chair, where my arms were roped to the arms of the chair, my legs were tied together, and more rope was wrapped around my chest, pinging me tightly to the chair – no escape here! I could see myself in the full length mirror, which just added to the experience, and I started to lose myself in the moment, until Ms Tytania bought me back to earth by slapping my face and remarking that I was bad to have come to her salon with such a nasty stubble on my face, and she would have to do something about that.

There then followed a whirlwind experience of being caped in two big PVC capes, hot towels, shaving foam, and Ms Tytania shaving my nasty stubble.  However, the best was yet to come. Ms Tytania was going to clipper my neck as the hair was all uneven, when she noticed my ‘tent’ under the capes, and proceeded to tightly tie part of the cape to my manhood (mummification for the cock, you could say). Then the clippers were buzzing and cutting the hair on my neck and at the same time Ms Tytania was pulling the rope attached to my manhood, and the sound and feel of the clippers was just too much and I exploded…

This was the best ‘hair fetish’ experience I have ever had, and it won’t be long before I am back in Ms Tytania’s salon.

Latest Grooming Services at the Salon

“Oh my, handheld clippers, satin glove and a beautiful bobbed Lady in charge of a man’s appearance!”  – Burt, hair fetishist.  


Firmly tied up to the barber chair

Wet shave

Hair cape fetishist, tightly bound in 3 hair capes and rope. Wet shave, neck trim, happy ending. Snip.

Bum, sack and crack.

Back to The Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon