You need a dedicated email to contact Mistresses discreetly

Many, far too many clients, use personal, shared or work email address as first point of contact with a Dominatrix. But they nonetheless probe me with questions about my discretion! Are you and your studio discreet, Mistress? I am indeed – but do you act with discreet as  a client?

Shockingly, men who visit professional Dominatrices, use email addresses with their full name, profession, work details, etc.
Potential new subs use what clearly looks like their main email address; some, use their work email address, where I can easily see the company they run or who they work for. You call that discretion?
I don’t need nor want to know. Your private life is irrelevant to me, I am only interested in the slut I meet in my studio. That’s the joy of Kink and Domination: it’s a temporary suspension of real life. A Mistress, like you, contacts and expects complete discretion when contact happens.

Please gentlemen. You expect complete discretion from a professional Mistress and I do my darnest to provide it. But discretion is one of those things that must perhaps start at home?

If you contact professional Mistresses, escorts, or other types of services that are frowned upon by society at large, always practice discretion. It could put your job, your relationship or your privacy in danger. Open a dedicated email address.

If you value your privacy and discretion, never email nor access websites from:

  • Your work or family computer

  • A work laptop

  • Tablet or phones that you use for work.

  • Any work related email address.

  • Personal email address

It’s basic common sense, but I’m shocked at how often this needs to be reminded.
Open a private email address and get a separate SIM card for your phone. Do it. Do it now – and thank me later.
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