YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT: a cuckolding feast for your frustrated eyes and senses.
You’ve asked about cuckolding sessions, a kink that Mistress rarely indulges in, because she finds most men unsatisfying. However, every now and then, a male comes along that fits her erotic demands. If your interest is picqued, this is one I had some long time ago: Night of The Bull And The Cuckold. I’ve always wished I could indulge in this pleasure more often.
Ms Tytania will receive a visit from her French bull lover in November. To make the rendezvous even more exciting, she’d like to invite her cuckolding fans to attend and watch her handsome young Parisian Bull satisfy her sexually in ways that you’d never be capable of offering. Cuckolding fetish: this is Femdom domination at its most intimate, exclusively for Mistresses’ special beta cucks and lowly boy sluts. 
On November 12th, Ms Tytania’s private boudoir will open its curtains to her inferior boys. You can apply to be a spectator and lowly cuckold, and get confirmation of your inadequacy to satisfy a dominant woman.
November 12th, 7pm.
Ms Tytania’s Studio and Boudoir.
– Email Ms Tytania expressing your interest in this rare treat.
– Tribute: £250, paid via bank account. A max of 3 cuckolds will be allowed. Beta boy-on-boy fun may be encouraged, but not compulsory. Just watch at Mistresses’ bed’s feet and learn (if you’re capable), restrained in full rope bondage. Or from inside my steel cage.

CONTACT AND BOOKING: As usual, you can send Ms Tytania a polite email to express your interest and to confirm your attendance.

cuckolding mistress session

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