A real life Domination & submission session, by slave Forest. Testimonial.

Mistress Tytania is already well known to  people on the wider London fetish scene, both of which are enriched by her enthusiastic participation. Having enjoyed several sessions with Miss Tytania over recent months, my purpose in writing this review is to describe as best I can the qualities that have made the experience fulfilling, to help others decide whether to request a session with her. Sessions take place in a 1st floor apartment, situated securely in a quiet residential estate a few minutes’ walk from the Docklands Light Railway. The train time from Bank station is about 10 minutes.

The flat reflects Miss Tytania’s warm personality and her vocation as an artist, and I find it very easy to feel relaxed there, slipping readily through that delicate veil dividing the everyday world from the magical realm of D/s. Sessions normally start with a friendly conversation in the kitchen, before we proceed to the main play room. I believe that for Miss Tytania domination is a passion, and she derives fulfilment from the psychological and emotional aspects of D/s play.

In session with her, there is for me a real sense of engaging person-to-person, each of us communicating sincerely and with a smile, without any acting or role-play. I do not mean that either of us could live exclusively in that mode, but in session feel that we are both expressing important aspects of ourselves that are closely bound up with what we are. This means that the sessions are spontaneous and unpredictable.

I tend to outline in advance a few things that it might be good to try, and Miss Tytania clearly prepares for the session in advance, but there is no script or order of ceremony to follow. Apart from when Miss Tytania gags me with a pair of her panties, let us say, or uses her leather head harness, with mouth-bit, on me, we tend to talk a lot in session, about a range of things, and this sometimes influences the direction the session takes.

However, I should stress that my conversational skills are of necessity impaired when Miss Tytania has me bound face-down over her bench, or strapped to the cross, and is inflicting CP on me, or she is taking delight in trampling up and down on my chest and stomach. A few groans, yelps and ‘Thank you, Madams’ are generally all I can muster then  😀 Miss Tytania is a skilled and passionate exponent of rope bondage, and I have spent a fair proportion of my time in session in some kind of restrictive bondage, often wearing nipple clamps – this does not necessarily excuse me from having to struggle into the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water when she is thirsty, and I have come to the conclusion that she really likes to see men suffering for her. 😀

Miss Tytania has lovely feet and enjoys having them pampered by a careful and respectful submissive. I love providing that service, so it has sometimes provided a soothing prolonged ending to the session. A benefit of getting to know each other is that we can develop and try new things. In Miss Tytania’s web-site parlance, I am definitely a Goddess Worshipper rather than a Pain Slut, and she welcomes both. But I have been able to move a little way towards the latter category under her encouragement. Miss Tytania has been doing professional sessions for only a year, and is herself still learning, perfecting her craft, so a session can be a voyage of discovery for both Mistress and submissive.

I have found Miss Tytania to be very conscious of health and safety issues, especially with potentially dangerous activities like bondage and trampling. She does not pack sessions close together, so there is always opportunity to unwind and relax, and she is very generous with her time. In my view, Miss Tytania would not be the right professional Mistress for those who want primarily sexual experiences. Sexual arousal, though pleasurable, is incidental to rather than the main purpose of the session. She maintains strict boundaries which you do not ask her to cross. On a practical note, I would strongly recommend getting very detailed directions before the first session, as it is a bit of a maze around there, and I was glad I had an A-Z with me; and go to the session with a mobile phone.

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