Face to face sessions and events are cancelled  until at least May 2020. To avoid the spread of the virus, appointments will be moved online to chat, webcam and pre-bookings. Read on to get a discount on an future session:

  • GET A DISCUNT IF YOU BOOK A SESSION NOW, SESSION LATER! If you still want to session in real life at some point in the mid-near future, but can wit a month; how about a discount? Book your session before June 30th and get a £50 off each hour that you book. This is 25% off! Or get 2 hours for the price on 1 if you book an isolation/abandonment session. All you need to do is pay the session tribute before June 30th and choose any date until late October, 2020. This offer also applies to reduced Boy On Boy Soirees (£100 per slut).
  • WEBCAM SESSIONS on Camsoda are available, from 10pm most nights, or if you prefer, you can book an online session at your convenience. This will help me enormously financially, so please consider the possibility – and it’s great fun! Email me to discuss details. My Camsoda account.
  • JOIN MY FEMDOM VIDEO WEBSITE: I have an exclusive Femdom Video website on Onlyfans that you can join for $8 a month. This is a fantastic way to support me financially while I can’t see clients in real life. Click here to go to my Onlyfans account.
I am as concerned about the spread of the coronavirus and the importance of keeping social and face to face commitments at a minimum, as any of you. However, my job relies on real time visits and I’m self-employed. Many of us freelance professionals who rely on others, face a tough time ahead. We also fear online content such a video, photos and webcam sessions, that you can purchase to support me.
I live on my own and can easily keep my human contact to minimum, but work is work. Would you like o book a session to quench your thirst for Femdom, but what can we do about it? I’ve come up with some suggestions that will help the fires burning, while also, supporting your favourite Mistresses while we nest in our studios, waiting for the epidemic to subdue.

All these alternatives give you a dose of Femdom fetish without the risk, while helping a Mistress stay afloat in these difficult times. Be safe and sensible, take care of your loved ones – and wash your hands!

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