First session, by subem

On a recent trip to London, the opportunity to meet with a Mistress was just too much a temptation, and so I came to arrange a meeting with Ms Tytania; in fact I had contacted Ms Tytania well in advance, together with a couple of emails detailing my experience to date. I had long “promised” myself a meeting with Ms Tytania; her excellent website, her busy involvement in the “scene”, and the way in which she commented on the PDUK forum, all attracted me to her with a belief that we should be compatible. Well, things did not start off too well; my rubbish sense of direction conspired to make finding her premises an ordeal, and I don’t think she was well pleased, but I did get there eventually! We had a brief chat, with Ms Tytania checking off her tick list; did I like hair pulling? Well, given that I don’t have much, probably not, but there was definitely a grin as she said it, and a good sign I noted. While she left the room I had been instructed to strip off, adopt an all fours position, with my tribute clenched between my teeth and to call to Mistress that I was ready.
Obviously I am not going to go into too much detail, but I certainly did get what I “asked” for, and some very new experiences as well. That after all is why I was there; its always good to get the things that you like delivered in a quite different way! I love nipple torture, and I got plenty of that, delivered the Ms Tytania way, sensually but also quite brutal at times! The face sitting was the best I’ve ever had and really had me fighting for breath at times. I must mention the rope suspension, obviously a Ms Tytania speciality, and a first for me. The whole process is quite fascinating, from applying the binding, to taking one leg off the floor, and then the second leg, and flying!! Its definitely an activity that you need to get used to, but certainly an activity to try, and you do feel so completely helpless! This was a three hour session, and I guess there is always the chance that a new encounter would not work well for that time, but I certainly felt it went well, both relaxed and intense at times. I felt able to completely trust in Ms Tytania, which certainly allowed me to relax, even when I was “flying”. Watching Ms Tytania go about her work is also strangely reassuring; she clearly enjoys herself!
Finishing off we had a cup of tea and a wide ranging chat, which for me is also an important part of the session; its good to find out a little of the Mistress that you have just completely trusted yourself to! A lovely lady, accomplished and engrossed in her work, very approachable, sarcastic at times, kind at times, humorous at times, easy to trust in and consequently easy to submit to; indeed, a pleasure and an honour to submit to.
Given the opportunity I shall definitely seek another appointment, and this time I’ll get the directions correct! Thank you Ms Tytania!