As luck may have it, I bumped into an old scene friend who wasted no time in telling me all this latest adventures as a boy whore: clubs, parties, orgies, filming… and it did sound as if the boy enjoyed not only the company of powerful women, but also, indulging in boy on boy action, cock-sucking and spit-roasting, to please the ladies.

So I couldn’t resist adding him to my arsenal of kink activities and pleasures. now he’s available for forced-bi sessions in my presence.

He is now available for forced-bi sessions, both as male and also in his stunning cd, cross-dressing tranny slut persona, to whore his delicious boy bits out to other boys, to please Mistress. I do like to watch my boy on boy action and fun as they are, parties weren’t enough to satisfy my own lust for watching men please other men.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t live in my cupboard under the stairs, so this type of session has to be planned and booked in advance, to ensure availability.┬áPlease email me to request an appointment.

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