Mistress Tytania’s Rope Bondage Tutorials for all levels

Mistress Tytania teaches private Japanese rope bondage or Shibari tutorials, from beginners to advanced, in her East London Studio. She specialises in women who tie men up: the physical difference and size between most men and women is an exciting challenge, specially with rope suspension. Her tuition as a natural teacher is the perfect entry to the world of rope bondage.

japanese rope bondage tutorial mistress
  • Mistress Tytania’s Beginners rope bondage introduction tutorial: goes through the basics. As a result, you will learn basic “which rope” specifics; basic ties and techniques to bind limbs and simple full body bondage. She will teach you how to tie hogties, floor rope bondage, predicament bondage and furniture/objects bondage.
  • Advanced: if you want to refresh your rope bondage skills and learn new ones. Sharing skills with other rope aficionados is an excellent way to expand one’s repertoire. You will also learn new ways to old rope problems. Mistress Tytania’s East London Bondage Studio is conveniently, fully equipped for the most advanced rope techniques.
  • Suspension tuition: understandably, these tutorials involve more advanced bondage techniques, as it requires previous knowledge of basic rope ties and positions. As a bondage teacher, Mistress Tytania will guide you from the bottom up… literally. 
  • Women’s rope tutorials: Mistress Tytania is particularly happy to be a rope teacher for women. Her rope bondage tuition benefits petite women who  want to tie big men up. Because she is a petite woman herself! Mistress Tytania loves meeting women who want to see a man in inescapable rope bondage!
  • Couples: Mistress Tytania can teach you if you’re a couple who want to enjoy the magic of a rope bondage tutorial together. Unsurprisingly, kinky rope tuition can be an erotic experience for you and your partner.
Mistress Tytania’s Japanese rope bondage tutorials last three hours and are a hands-on, practical rope session. She can provide her own rope bunny at no extra cost. She is based near Canary Wharf, East London, in zone 2. Please email her for enquiries about price, availability, etc.Don’t forget to check out Mistress Tytania’s Femdom Rope Bondage galleries! You could be master the art of Japanese rope bondage in the hands of a consummated Shibari Mistress in no time.

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