Mistress Jezabel: I own a large collection of boy-on-boy porn, seeing it live is an extra special treat – Interview

In our third interview with the Mistresses taking part in the forthcoming Grand Slutathon, Mistress Jezabel tells us about ehr penchant for gay porn, keeping strapon-hungry toyboys while at college, and more.

1. What are you looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

Well, my two favourite things are watersports and strap on, so I will relish the oppotunity to rape as many sluts as possible. There is also something rather wonderful about Dominating with a group of ladies, its a very special dynamic.

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

When I was at university, I had a boy toy that was very into it, and we had a lot of fun, after the first time I tried it, my thighs ached for a week!

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

There is a special feeling about penatrating someone, its very difficult to describe.

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

Yes they do! Its incredibly hot especially if they are enthusiastic. Nothing better than watching a greedy cocksucker! I own a large collection of gay porn for my viewing pleasure, seeing it live is an extra special treat.

5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that womens bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

I also enjoy the male form, but nudity in this context is also a sign of repect for the dominant female. There is no need for shyness, it is key to your submission. Plus it makes for easier access when the action gets going.

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