Ms Tytania’s Domination sessions – Covid hygiene protocols

From July 2020, Ms Tytania’s East London Femdom Studio is open for BDSM and Domination sessions. As post-covid London reopens, she has put a series of hygiene protocols in place to ensure the maximum cleanliness and lowest risk of contagion during the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you would like to consider a session with her but are unsure about the risks, please read this page and then contact her to discuss a possible appointment.


  • Because of other personal commitments, Ms Tytania gets tested for Covid19 – Coronavirus every week. You can ask her about this in your email.
  • She takes hygiene and cleanliness during the covid pandemic very seriously. She will limit her availability for Femdom domination sessions to two clients per week, on different days.
  • At the moment, she only sees a maximum of TWO clients per week, and never on the same day. Deposit applies to guarantee availability. – Ms Tytania lives on her own. Only she uses and access to her Canary Wharf Studio. Nobody else has access to the premises or the to her toys and implements.
  • Her studio has been repainted, refurbished and prepared to facilitate clean surfaces and toys during lockdown. There is no carpet or other soft surfaces, only hard wood, melamine and real leather that are easy to wipe clean and disinfect.
  • She uses Clinell hospital grade products, proven to kill bacteria, germs and 99% viruses. –
  • All her toys and implements are used once before being sterilised and disinfected thoroughly.
  • Ms Tytania will only wear clothes and accessories that remain the studio, no street clothes or footwear. She will also wear one use gloves. – Not all BDSM activities are possible at the moment. Please discuss your preferences with Ms Tytania, before booking an appointment. – You will shower again before leaving.


  • As somebody who has likely travelled by public transport, you will expected to were a mask from the moment you leave your home or workplace, to the moment of arrival.
  • If you are not wearing a mask on arrival, you will be refused entry.
  • Once in Ms Tytania’s studio, you will be directed to the bathroom and asked to shower before the session commences.
  • You will put your clothes and accessories (phone, etc) in a separate bag, until the end of the session. This also applies if you drove to your appointment.
  • It’s not mandatory, but recommended, that you bring a spare mask and a change of clothes to wear after you finish your session.
  • You can also ask Ms Tytania for a fresh one use mask before you leave her studio.

To book an appointment, send and email to discuss details, date an time. No phone appointments at present.

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