Ms Tytania’s Oct 28th Party: limits and hard limits

(This is an old blog from a past party. For forthcoming Slutathons, stay updated here)

I’ve received a few emails inquiring about limits and hard limits in regards to the activities to be enjoyed at the CFNM, Watersports, Strapon Plus Party.

Some subs assume that all activities and games are compulsory for everybody. No, this is not the case. We aren’t going to be playing by numbers nor ticking boxes. Things will happen organically, and we understand that not everybody is into absolutely everything. There will be enough willing victims for each Mistress and to indulge our wicked imaginations.

So if there is one or two games or activities that aren’t your cup of tea, but find by and large, the whole idea of the party is one that tempts you, then this party is for you. If you enjoy group play, multiple Mitresse, and interacting with other subs, then ┬áthe CFNM, Watersports, Strapon Plus Party is the event for you.

Please email us with you limits and hard limits, and we will still consider you. As I’ve already said, there are going to be enough volunteers and victims for each bit of fun.

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