i knocked on the door and walked in, Mistress Tytania closed the door I turned around and saw Mistress Tytania dressed in a black rubber cat suit :0   with knee length black leather stiletto boots. i was directed into Her boudoir, W/we had a brief chat to confirm what had been outlined in my email.

The first task was to polish Mistress TytAnia’s rubber cat suit all over, what a chore 😉   once i had completed the polishing to Mistress Tytania’s satisfaction, i was instructed to remove my cloths, wrist cuff, a collar and lead were put on me and a cloths peg attached to each nipple for good measure  🙂

i was then instructed to get on all fours, Mistress Tytania sat astride me and told me to carry me to carry Her into the kitchen as She wished for me to make a cup of tea for Her.   Whilst the kettle was boiling Mistress Tytania had fetched a few more pegs   She applied four to the side of each nipple    then removed the peg from the nipples and applied little hair grips with little butterflies to each nipple ………… now they did hurt a bit :0 :).

The tea was made with the aid of Mistress Tytania tweaking the pegs from time to time, i was then told to carry the tea into the boudoir and place it on the side board.   Mistress Tytania sat on the sofa and instructed me to kneel in front of Her. Mistress Tytania teased the pegs on my nipples and trampled my cock and balls with Her stiletto heels.   “On your hands and knees i want to use you as a foot rest” was the next instruction, i was then told to worship Mistress boots.   When that was done Mistress Tytania removed the pegs :0

The next part of the session was rope bondage which was applied tightly around the chest waist and crouch my arms were securely bound to my body…….. i was instructed to kneel in front of the sofa again …………… the next thing i heard was crack – crack above my head “ever felt a single tail before”   my answer ??? no :0     a few strokes of that across my shoulders and bum.

i was then instructed to lay on my back on the bench with my head toward the cross, my ankles where then bound, lifted
and secured to the cross, just right for the riding crop and a few more strokes of the single tail. my ankles where then tied to each side of the bench my knees held apart by also being tied the side of the bench, Mistress Tytania sat on my chest and applied a tight cord binding to my cock and balls, when Mistress Tytania got off my chest clover clamps where placed on my nipples and the ends of the CBT binding passed through the joining chain of the clamps and the cord tpulled by Mistress Tytania 🙂

Mistress Tytania though red candle wax would match the nice pink colour of the CBT binding, before She went to get the candle cloths pegs and those hair grips where applied to my balls :0    Mistress Tytania removed the clover clamps from my nipples and sat back on my chest removed the pegs from my balls and then liberally applied the wax, when She stood up my nipples received the same treatment and then a bit more on the cock and balls.

i was realised from the bench and told to stand the rope bondage was removed, this left a wonderful crisscross pattern on my body. i was then instructed to fetch Mistress Tytania a glass of water from the kitchen on my return i was once again told to get on all fours in front of the sofa, Mistress Tytania then put Her humbler on me, She then sat down using me as a foot rest and a some more boot worship. The humbler, collar and cuffs were removed W/we then had a post session chat.

There were several things in the session with Mistress Tytania that i had not done before, the session was a good mix of bondage, S&M and D’s and is on my “i must session again short list”

Thank You Mistress Tytania for a wonderful session, You looked absolutely stunning in Your rubber cat suit!

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