Punishment head shaving session

punishment haircut shaving
A punishment haircut shaving in Ms Tytania’ Femdom Grooming & Shaving Salon in East London. Ms Tytania is a pioneer Femdom Barberette in the London domination & fetish scene.
Check out her Barberette Domme Studio and read some testimonials from happy hair shaving and head shaving fetishists who finally fulfilled their dream: to be in bondage, under the strit orders and wishes of a dominant female barberette who knows how to dominate the male mind, one snip of the scissors, of buzz of her electric clippers, at a time.
She also owns a collection of vintage barber’s implements that will make the delights of every hair fetish kinkster. 
Her steady but unforgiving hand is also a Mistress in the art of shaving with a straight blade wet razor. Check out her blog!

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