Mistress Rebekka Raynor: “The sight of an erect shaft does wonders for the contents of my underwear” – Interview

Last but no least in this series of interciews, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, fierce Scottish beauty, reveals why she can’t wit to attend The Grand Slutathon and reign supreme in the art of male trodding – whilst privately relishing the spectacle of their erect shafts.

1. What are you most looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

I am mostly looking forward to the profound sense of glee to be had in a room full of ladies who will no doubt be laughing their heads off at the expense of the males. The day will be all about fun and mutual enjoyment, the opening and widening of bodily cavities, one of my major loves. I can see it now, a conveyor belt of willing voids to be taken, mouths and assess to be ravished and ravished again until none of them know what day it is or how to spell their own names…

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

My first experience was with a boyfriend when around 16, so let us just say that I have treaded the hallowed spaces and have composed the map. I had my own toy, and after experimenting with fingers first and having the poor wretch wear my underwear to college, proceeded to investigate matters further with said implement. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a relentless quest to violate as many willing specimens as my lifespan would allow.

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

The feeling of having a shaft alone does not make me feel powerful – it’s more the feeling and knowledge of having a different sort of access to a previously difficult part of the male body, the ability to inflict yet another mode of pain and pleasure, like learning a new note on a musical instrument, therefore drawing out far different and more beautiful notes than previously.

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

Gay male porn to me is much more visually interesting to me than straight. The sight of an erect shaft does wonders for the contents of my underwear, and what better to encourage that than two, three or four of them? One of my favourite scenes of all time features three men in a very artistic and acrobatic scenario, taking each other in ways and positions that no ordinary mortal man could dare to achieve without a trip to A&E. Even more so, it was obvious that they were all attracted to each other, which is even more important than  the acts of anti gravity they were committing.
5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women;s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

Clichéd as it is, body confidence is mostly in the mind. Even if your body is not how you would like it to be, the way you carry yourself can be a far more powerfully sexual thing than what it looks like. Not forgetting that just like a doctor, a Dominatrix has seen all sorts of body shapes and sizes before and is unfazed. That said, if you are a good boy then you will get down on your damn knees and be too busy sucking to worry about what you think I think you look like.


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