Ms Tytania’s East London Studio will soon open, offering one selected session a week, from July 6th.

Email me if you are interested, but please note that there might be a queue, given the reduced availability.

  • Availability: one session with one client, once a week. Please note that I will be very selective when deciding who is a low risk person and what is low risk BDSM play. Discuss your issues honestly, for everybody’s safety.
  • I’m a low-risk individual and been self-isolating since mid March. I live on my own and I’ve scrupulously stayed away from people.
  • If you are also a low risk person, you can email me and discuss details.

I’ve refurbished my bathroom (I have to keep busy during quarantine!). All toys and play areas and I offer shower facilities before and after play, clean towels and a full cleaning of all used areas before and after appointments.

What type of sessions can Ms Tytania offer at this time?

These lists are not comprehensive. Please email to discuss your suggestions.


  • Rope bondage.
  • Role play scenarios.
  • Caging, confinement, immobilisation, abandonment.
  • Interrogation.
  • Slave training into Femdom and obedience.
  • Verbal humiliation.
  • Training: maid, pet, subservience, high protocol femdom, hard edge femdom.
  • Clothed worship – foot and legs; shoe, boot, stocking worship.
  • Gloved slapping.
  • Fully clothed facesitting.
  • Double Domme Femdom.

Activities and sessions that aren’t possible at this time:

  • Strapon, fisting, Anal play and all intrusive activities.
  • Medical.
  • Hair fetish involving razors.
  • Bare foot worship, skimpy-clad facesitting (but fully dressed facesitting is fine).
  • Boy on Boy Soirees.
  • Watersports, food humiliation.
  • Spitting.
  • Impact play that breaks the skin (severe flogging, caning, whipping, tawse).

Email Ms Tytania to discuss a possible appointment from June 8th onwards. 


No, this discount was only valid until Lockdown was called off. Many of my regular clients took advantage of it and I’m pleased to announced that I’ll be seeing them very soon – so book your appointment asap, because sessioning will be very limited for a few months.

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