Ms Tytania – London Domme Session Testimonials

Some selected session reviews, old and new. Re-reading them, I realize what a long way I’ve come, from the more generic, multi-themed “let’s try a bit of everything” sessions of the early days, to the more structured, free flowing but also, more compact sessions I do today, where activities can be more limited, because they are tailored to my understanding of each specific sub.

I started dipping my pedicured toes in everything, but now I construct my sessions around what my intuition (helped, of course, by emails and phone conversations), will make the most out of each individual specimen that requests to see me. Bespoke kink, indeed!


Some recent sessions:

Wonders await beyond the Circle Line! – by TV Geri

Extreme fisting session – by slave slut S

Double Domme Strapon & Spit-Roast session – by spitroast piggy Tom

First rope suspension session – by subem.

A session with Ms Tytania – by Backlit.

… and some golden oldies:

An early, multi-themed session – by reefknot.

A dedicated CP session – by Holofernes.

A D/s session – by Forest.

I am, of course, learning and developing all the time as a Mistress, and my recent rubber sessions are a clear example of my evolving tastes. But Ms Tytania’s personal style is imprinted in each one of them.

More reviews, including some old classics, coming soon.