It is almost exactly a year since I first sessioned with Ms Tytania. Apart from one piece of SM tourism in the States, it was my first session for sixteen months: the reasons are private, but they did mean that I needed something very special, and I thought long and hard before choosing the mistress who would reinitiate me. I was led to Ms T by some perceptive and accurate praise in a review by Forest. He has flawless taste: her sympathy, understanding, and skill were just what I needed. I have seen her several times since: most recently, almost on the anniversary of our first session.

Many who frequent London events will be familiar with Ms T’s Louise Brooks-like attractiveness and elegance of figure. She is, as many have said, a very nice person. She is also naturally and vocationally committed to sexual domination.

As her website makes clear, she operates in a domestic environment, in an elegant apartment, adorned with some of her witty and talented paintings. It has become rather more dungeon-like over the year, since her artistic talents extend to the designing and making of a comfortable and very distinctive whipping bench. Yet more importantly, her skills include great understanding of the kinds of needs that drive submissives.

I dislike describing the physical details of sessions. Suffice it to say that, dressed exactly as I wished, this beautiful, likeable, and extremely energetic mistress gave me a blissfully severe CP session, of which the culminating 120 strokes of the cane were a mere fraction of the perfect whole.

Some weeks ago, we were discussing the nineteenth-century mistress Theresa Berkeley. Two passages from a contemporary description of her stick in my mind. The mistress ‘must have a quick and intuitive method of observing the various aberrations of the human mind, and be ready and quick to humour and relieve them’. Full marks, Ms T. The same writer speaks of the longing ‘to receive chastisement from the hands of a fine woman’. ‘Fine’ at that time meant ‘Exquisitely fashioned; delicately beautiful’. ‘Chastisement from the hands of a fine woman’ is a perfect description of the Ms Tytania experience.

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