Session testimonial: Wonders await outside the Circle Line!

It still amazes me that some subs are reluctant to travel outside the Circle Line to see a London Mistress. I rather be considered because they want to see me, a suitable Mistress, not because my studio is within the magic Circle Line of…  Psychological comfort? Safety? Respectability? Whatever, I love my East London, and I appreciate the more adventurous gentleman who isn’t afraid to venture where the timid and tame fear to tread 🙂

Here is a session testimonial from somebody who decided to take that little step beyond Aldgate East…


Testimonial. By submissive Geri.

I finally carried out a fantasy and sessioned with Mistress Tytania today.
I have admired her from afar, for quite some time now.
She always gave me the impression that she was one of the most ‘real’, ie, she genuinely gets a kick from dominating men, and this really appealed.

What stopped me going till now was I am scared of venturing to sessions in residential areas outside central London, particularly East London, but I decided to brave it, though I booked an early appointment as I always do outside of the centre for this reason.

Mistress Tytania gave me the best session I’ve had so far. We carried out my fantasies, TV and hogtie, in one seamless session. With other Dommes, I made the mistake of turning up with a script/shopping list and of course they feel obliged to follow this, and I wanted them to – but it didn’t really work for me. I knew I would get short shrift from Mistress Tytania if I even tried this so I just told her a couple of loose ideas of what I wanted to do, then I just relaxed and let her take it from there, do what she wanted. Because of her experience, and the fact that this is more of a lifestyle than a job for her, she could read me and what I wanted to do, but it was still a surprise for me ie I didn’t know what was coming next which heightened the excitement.

I enjoyed stripping for Mistress, enjoyed being ordered around, feeling totally under her control, enjoyed putting on the female garments, and of course the hogtie. I now want to explore all these elements further, like do a pure TV session and I definitely fancy a session of pure rope bondage. The only regret I had was seeing the suspension rigging from the roof just before I left… but then I realised… there’s always next time!

With some Mistresses it’s like you are meeting them backstage at the beginning, then they come out for an acting performance of the session – not Mistress Tytania. She is a Domme before, during, and after session. That makes a huge difference, I feel. Gives a much better atmosphere. I know there are probably guys who prefer it the other way too but I prefer Mistress Tytania’s way.

So all in all a great session and for those of you who can overcome your central London fetish in order to carry out your other fetishes, much excitement awaits.

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