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Since 2009, when I organised my first Grand Slutathon, for myself and my lady friends’ lust for strapon and pegging boys, we’ve had many satisfied, truly slutted-out boy sluts and man whores raving about theie experience. After the Grand Slutathon ran its course (but you never know), I started the now famous Slut Bed Of Shame Multi Mistress, Forced Bi Party. Here are some testimonials, so you can see what you are missing and hopefully, will leave your misgiving aside and join us to explore your inner  manwhore:



Look at that massive strapon, the  opera length rubber gloves, the determination in my face! Are you ready to surrender to my female cock?

From a humble finger exploration to fisting, and of course, without forgetting my impressive arsenal of strapon dildos and harnesses, I am a dedicated, passionate Pegging Mistress. 


From parties to one to one sessions, from eager anal virgins to consumate fisting veterans, I welcome and satisfy all anal sluts in my East London Studio. My strapon dildos are my weapons of mass domination!

Torn tighs boots strapon 27


Slut Bed of Shame withdrawal symptoms

I just received this email from Slut A, who wrote this glowing testimonial after attending The Grand Slutathon for the first time. Read and wonder at how much he regrets not being able to attend the June festivities of the flesh – this is the effect that my slut parties have on my romping boys. You can almost see the tears running down the dainty tip of his dick. Because a month without a Slut Bed of Shame is like a garden without flowers:


Hi Mistress Tytania

Just wanted to say that my week is feeling empty and hollow knowing that there’s a Slutathon on this Wednesday and I can’t make it.

It’s funny how you build up your nerves to put your name down for something like the slutathon, and it takes some faith imagining others will be there with you who you don’t know.  But it’s amazing how a few days or weeks after you start to feel empty (literally!) and just wish you could go back to one of many moments that pops into your fantasies, fantasies now merged with reality.  So I just wanted to say I will be thinking of you as I sit in my meeting away from London. 

Roll on July when I hope to be able to attend again 🙂

Slut A

The Grand Slutathon – Stop lurking!

We are a group of very experienced London Dommes, dedicated to help straight and bi boys, explore their deepest fantasy… boy on boy sluttery.

I can’t possibly keep track of the visits that The Grand Slutathon & Slut Bed of Shame pages receive; the amount of emails that lead nowhere, that I receive and reply to; the care I put in answering the questions and hesitation of so many men, who fantasise endlessly about Forced-Bi, boy on boy action, total surrender to their slutty self, under the eyes of expert Mistresses: Rebekka Raynor, Ms Slide Rules You , Ms Theda Vamp, and other guest Mistresses and Dommes, past and present.

After almost 6 years organising this kind of party honestly, I’ve lost the sense of time with this one), I am confident that I know and understand the mind of the straight men who partake or wish to partake, in such non-normative activities. My friends and colleagues and myself have been encouraging sluts to cultivate their inner boy sluts, and the Grand Slutathon has evolved accordingly. We know that a casual, light femdom soiree start is the way to go. We know how to make you chill and lose inhibitions, and how to build up to a frenzy of desire and anticipation. The secret is in starting easy and teasingly. You can’t everything you want all at once. You have to be made to miss it, to want it, to long for it. instant gratification of your desires is not our policy.

We like the afternoon to progress, from light banter and femdom play, to the Grand Finale of ames and slut Bed of Shame. or you can stop after the Strapon Tea party if so you wish, and leave the dimly lit boudoir for the more adventurous chaps, who are by now gagging for a bit of cock in their mouths.

I am positive that i have created a party, The Grand Slutathon, where all boy sluts can discover and express their inner boy whores, in a creative, complicit and fun environment, without rush or pushing. Forced bi, boy on boy action, is a huge fantasy for many straight men, but also, one that has to be explored with care and sensitivity. also, with dedicated filth in the mind (mostly on the Mistresses’ minds).

So what are you waiting for? You have been lurking, reading, watching, asking questions then timidly dissappearing form my radar. But the fantasy hasn’t gone away. it never will. So come along, drop us an email and we might make some room for you at the next Strapon Tea party, or the Slut Bed of Shame. The Grand Slutathon is for you, filthy boys. Click on the links for more info, forthcoming dates, and to wetten that appetite!


Yes, it’s not an exaggeration or a metaphor: my randy sluts, sweaty and wriggling on the Slut Bed of Shame… and it broke with a loud crack! That was not excuse to stop though, and they carried on gyrating, sucking and poking in a boy meat daisy chain of lust, till the very end.

Here are two replies that I received this morning in my inbox, from two still dazed slut guests:

“Dear Mistress Tytania
I just wanted to send a quick email to say I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s party. 
Please extend my thanks to both Ms Theda and Rebekka (and apologise for me not saying good bye to her before leaving).
I think my arse will need a while to recover! But what a great afternoon it was. 
I am not sure how much I really enjoyed the boy on boy action – I think things become blurred between reality vs fantasy but I wanted to try new things so that’s not a complaint in any way, more a reflection over night. I’m sure my thoughts will develop over the next few weeks as it’s funny how you fantasise about things, then reality seems slightly different but then you keep coming back the fantasy again but with now bits of the reality intermingled (if that all makes sense!)
Anyway, it was great to meet you all yesterday and thanks again.
Look forward to the next one!


“Dear Mistress,

Well what a fabulous event! I’d like to thank Yourself and the  Mistress’ Rebekka and Theda.
I enjoyed it tremendously and I hope you all did to!
I look forward to the next one I can make.
Kind regards,


PS Sorry about the bed!”

The Force Behind London Docklands

Nothing like a well trussed up City by to start the morning in Ms Tytania’s studio…

A collection of monstrous dildos for The Grand Slutathon!

… and these are just my babies! All the other Mistresses will of course be bringing their favourite cock-shaped toys. Because the strapon isis strong competition against the meat dildo!

We may have to put your measly gristle worms to the test, boys…

Find out more about The next Grand Slutathon

To all the shy, coy and new sluts in the making

When is the next Slutathon and how can I attend? Find out here!


The Slutathon Fairy has been dealing with an exceptional amount of emails from eager, curious, but inexperienced sluts in the making. They all ask the same question: is the Slutathon for me, or am I going to be pushed nt the deep end of slutty depravity without as much as (cock)floating ring to help me  wade through this sea of strapons, tthi river of live and cum?.

Becaue all new sluts think that everybody at the Slutthon is very experienced, and they are the shy duckling who’ve been missing out on The fun all these years.

You couldn’t be more wrong. I forced bi there’re and opportunities were so easy to find, there would be no need for the Grand Slutathon. But  a bunch of Mistresses got together a few years ago, and oticed the gap in the world of kink. A fun, relaxed, yet deeply depraved gathering I like minded boywhores nd their commanding Mistresses, rimed with strapons of unusual lengths and girths.

Our Slutathon Fairy has been wading through a eritble ea of enquiries  from nervou beginners just like ou: who’ve fantasised many times about being unconditionally instructed by a Mistress, into sucking real flesh cock. Or who’ve dreamed of being taken spit roast style, mercilessly, by two rampant Dommes armed with strapon. A weapon tht doeSn’t need a rest. Unlike real boy cock!

S to answer your nervous curiosity: myself, Ms Tytania, Nd my lady friends who orchest rate the Grand Slutathon, are delighted to ease all new and coy sluts into the  action. With ourcoaching through the afternoon, we’ve seen boys bloom, from shy inexperienced sluts, into sluty kings of the Slut Bed of Shame.


Imply email me and ask. You have nothing to lose, other than tht nagging, persistent need to suck cocglory to be taken by a gang of rampant women :

You can still attend the next Slutthon on Wednesday, Dec 19th. It’s not too late yet, but hurry!


Some Ideas for December Grand Slutathon


Next party: Wednesday, December 19th / 3 – 7pm.

Email Ms Tytania to guarantee a place. Deadline: Monday 17th.

The last Slutathon was in my opinion the greatest and most fun: I had more rampant fun than ever, and the ladies and slut gents seemed to mingle easily and without respite. Much fun was had, and the culprit, form my selfish point of view, was the Slut Bed of Shame. You had to see the smiles on the Mistresses’ faces, when we finished! Exhausted, but totally satisfied.

The lucky male sluts who were tied up to that Bed of Dirty Dreams, were relentlessly rioggered, facesat, and generally abused by the ladies. On other occasions, I’d given more time and energy to ensuring boy on boy interaction didn’t lack. But you are such sluts, there is no need to worry about that: boy on boy sluttery (I hesitate to call it “forced”, seeing your egerness) was constant and needed no encouragement from the ladies. You can blush now, sluts 🙂

So while you can’t wait to greedily enjoy real meat cock with each other, what was left for us? Our love of sticking our female cocks up a boy’s arse, of down his greedy throat. The Slut Bed of Shame saw a lot of that action take place, and the Mistresses were happy. but what;s not to like about three Mistresses armed with strapons, poking, tickling tonsils and other inner organs, smothering, face-sitting, restraining a helpless boy? specially if it;s all of them at once, or take quick turns to ensure the action is relentless.

So for the next Grand Slutathon, the Slut Bed of Shame will take place of honour. Myself and my lady friends will polish our hard strapons inside the boys with unparalell thrust, zest and force. Because as well as being friends, the Mistresses who take part in the Grand Slutathon, all share a passion for fucking a boy’s arse. or several boy’s arses, as was the case last October.

So, one note taken: more atrapon action at the next Grand Slutathon. No need to queue up sluts. Just contact me and apply to be used.

Ms Slide joins the Grand Slutathon

I’m still organising the Mistresses who will take part on the next Grand Slutathon. One mistress is already confirmed: Ms Slide, perverse, vocal, creative and a personal friend, has just agreed on being our latest, fabulous addition to our exclusive parties.

And like all other Mistresses who have taken part in previous Slutathons, here is an interview where she tells us how much she loves a willing bumboy… or ten:


“Get  your bits out for the lasses!” – Ms Slide’s Grand Slutathon Interview

Slutathon latest: Slut Bed of Shame


It’s you, sluts, who make the Grand Slutathon the success it is, thanks to your suggestions, ideas and contributions. Your fertile, dirty minds furnish our infamous party with the filthiest activities known to Mistresses and sluts alike.

After receiving several emails with similar suggestions, I have created a new amusement for our future Slutathons: the Slut Bed of Shame. You invented it. I simply milked your dreams and fantasies, and turned them into into a reality. The Grand Slutathon is your deepest, most secret fantasies come true.

So what does The Slut Bed of Shame consist of?

It is indeed a bed. A large, double bed with restraints on all corners, where a willing slut is tied up to. Spread-eagled, naked, his orifices exposed to al the guests in the room: rampant, phallic, demanding Mistresses, and their stables of horny boy whores. If you come to the Grand Slutathon, you can apply to be on the Bed for a 30 minute slot, and be used thus. Hard limits will have been specified beforehand and respected by all, and safe sex performed at all times.

Each Slut Bed Shame specimen will be stripped of his humanity and turned into a sex toy; masked if he so wishes, but otherwise, will have become the private property of the ladies, and at their disposal to be used and abused.

Restrained on the Slut Bed of Shame, you will be the fuck toy, cock whore and bumboy of everybody who may want to use your body for their amusement or their pleasure. Your holes will be filled, your arse occupied and your body covered in fluids. You will do your utmost to be compliant, to offer pleasure, and be punished for failing to please our Mistresses and/or guests.

You will be thouroughly, uterly and remorselessly used like a sex toy. After your round is over, you will shower and thank all guests (and specially the ladies) for using you thus.

… and then off to the next slut, and the next one, and the next… to be restrained to the slut Bed of Shame, where his time as Sex Object will commence.

If you’d like to come the Slutathon, and specially, if you’d like to be in The Bed of Slut Shame, email me, Ms Tytania, and tell us the ladies how you can amuse us with your slutty eagerness.

We can’t wait to fill the gaping, begging holes of our eager boy bitches.

Click on the Slutathon banner, right, and find out more about our parties, ethic, protocol, hygiene and all FAQ.

Hard limits pushed, but always respected.


Slut S the anal slut, gets what he needs: extreme anal fisting

“This is an account of my second appointment with this wonderful Mistress. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am 40 something anal whore. I just love to be violated and my “boycunt” sodomized with a variety of implements. Hard anal penetration with strapons, occasionally the real meat but most especially with a beautiful woman and her clenched fist.  My first meeting with Ms Tytania was excellent, full on debauchery where she gave me a good seeing to. So I knew with the next meeting she wouldn’t disappoint this little slut.

We met again at noon for a 1 hour session. Ms Tytania greeted me with a friendly (and knowing) smile.  The apartment was full of her beautiful toys.  Dildos of all shapes, sizes and colours were there to be chosen.  A leather sling hung in the centre of her main play space.  The accoutrements of her craft littered the apartment.  “This is going to be fun.” I thought to myself whilst preparing in the bathroom.  

Shortly afterward the session commenced in earnest.  Straight down to business, no messing about I was bent over a bench, legs spread ready to accept her.  Ms Tytania lubed me up and strapped on a huge, smooth, black dildo.  The tip ran over my twitching anus, eager to accept its full length, begging to be entered.  Oh the ecstasy of anal penetration, she slid inside me with little effort.  Rhythmically thrusting her member into me.  I felt my internal muscles clench.  I wanted to hold on to this moment for as long as possible but not even my well trained ass could hold this phallus still.  The sensation was orgasmic, faster she fucked me, harder she fucked me.  My anus was wet with the juices the walls of my rectum were pumping out.  The fucking was hard, fast and relentless.

Mistress didn’t worry or care about me (she didn’t need to) she just wanted to fuck me, aggressive, predatory, raw sex.  I was just a receptacle for her huge tool.  Something to be sodomized and it felt wonderful.  Now Ms Tytania moved it up a notch.  The next strapon was even bigger.  It was more anatomically correct than the last with a large bulbous head, thickly veined shaft and balls. Knelt before her I caressed its length in my hands.  Then it was pushed into my mouth.  I gagged on this giant. Withdrawn I had the opportunity to run my tongue over its beautiful glans.  Flicking over the urethral opening I fantasized about it shooting thick, sticky white sperm down my throat.

 “Bend over the bench”, she ordered.  Fantastic! I was to be fucked again!  Unlike the last one I could not take the full length of this monster, it was just too big.  But the sensation was amazing.  I could feel its head (inside me) dilating my rectum as it was thrust back and forth.  I had some of Ms Tytania’s (excellent quality) amyl in a mask in front of me.  I inhaled some and my head began to spin immediately.  I could feel myself loosen inside (and Ms Tytania speed up).  

The fucking started to get really hard-core now.  I was being given it very hard and was not sure how much more I could take.  Ms Tytania was really getting into this.  Both of us lost in this debauched spectacle.  The epitome of role reversal.  Strong, aggressive woman fucks sissy faggot hard in his loose ass.  This is what (my) dreams are made of.  The Mistress withdrew her big black cock and I could only imagine what my ass looked like.  It must have opened me up considerably.  But that was the plan, stretch me open so I could be given a hard, deep, anal fisting.

We moved to the sling, legs strapped high in the air, fully lubed up and head spinning from the amyl nitrate, Ms Tytania was straight in again.  Fisting me hard and fast.  Punch fisting my now very sore asshole until I could take no more.  For the next thirty minutes this continued.  Short intense burst of anal fisting followed by moments of rest.  

Ms Tytania’s technique was superb, as she punch fisted my ass she twisted her fist inside me. Her knuckles riding over my swollen prostate added to the cocktail of sensations. Shallow punch fisting where her clenched fist was pulled out and reinserted (fist still clenched) were the finishing touch.  The 1 hour session flew but my poor ass could take no more.  For any anal aficionados out there a session with this fantastic Mistress is highly recommended.  If you’re into hard anal play there are few (if any) Mistresses who could surpass her.  I will definitely be back for more (as soon as my ass has recovered).

Slut S… “

… and here are some pics I took of Slut S, while on the job… Mistress can multitask!

Fisting: plundering the depths of anal orgasms

Fisting It’s very this season, by the look of it. Apart form the absurd, surreal, time and public money wasting trail currently at Kingston Court, and which I prompt you all to follow, I’ve had more requests for heavy anal play and fisting over the last 3 months, than I’ve had in years. Not complaining. It could be the after effects of all those strapon & forced-bi Slutathon parties, who knows, but the fisting and large rubber dildos aficionados are coming fast and thick – cough! They always look so innocent, well mannered, polite, my fisting gentlemen. Butter wouldn’t melt, their manners couldn’t be more impeccable. Why are these individuals, apparently tamed by society, always the biggest, most satisfying perverts who come into my studio?

“I enjoy heavy anal play an fisting”, he said. And he certainly did. His position of choice was on his back, laying on my leather swing, wrists and legs restrained… not that he looked as if he was going to run away any moment, but I enjoy a bit of drama. I had some excellent poppers presented by a previous visitor at hand, and plenty of Nitrous. In the end, poppers was enough. We probably wouldn’t have needed it, but again, it adds to the drama and atmosphere. It all started with cock, Mistresses’ 6” cock to be exact. This appendage, strapped to my harness, has special significance in my studio. It acts as some sort of threshold: whilst for some subs, it’s the biggest cock they can take, for others, it’s the beginning of a journey into size. Size culminating either with my 12” black strapon dildo, or my dainty, but still significant, clenched fist. In this case, it was the beginning of what whas going to be a very memorable ride (pun intended).

One advantage of fucking a man while lying on my leather swing, is that I can thrust my rampant hip deep into their arses, while wearing high heels. Fucking on stilettos is no small feat. And while I’ll give it to the boys that fucking and hip thrusting is hard work, doing it while wearing full stockings and needle sharp-heeled strappyt shoes, is quite a feat. But I did it: my 6” slid into my restrained sub like a finger, just a tiny bit of lube needed. So I soon had to swap it for a 9” – 10” black dildo, firmly attached to my harness, and thrust it into him, again, smoothly, easily, and very happily.

“Whatever you want, Mistresses!”, moaned my eager sodomite, “anything you want!”. Which was, basically, plundering the depths of his greedy arse, with the mighty power of my hips. By now, he was writhing with pleasure and I could see that, despite the absence of an erection, his whole body was beginning to convulse with pleasure. It’s remarkable, how for some men, being fucked up the arse takes the focus of their physical pleasure away form their apparently tyrannical cocks, and moves to the depths of their slut arses. I like this: proof that the cock is not the all mighty centre of the universe for every single man under the sun. I like a man whose arse responds to pleasure like this. It’s spectacular, and such good value for a Mistress!

And in this case, it did. So I had to un-strap myself and move onto the next level: 12” glorious inches of heavy rubber cock & balls, so heavy it could hardly be held by my thick leather harness. So I parked it in his arse, for convenience, and he moaned. Just 2 inches in at first, what with it being 3” wide, it wasn’t going to be an easy, smooth fuck this time. But soon, it was going in as if my moaning, writhing arse slut did this for a living, on a daily basis. Perhaps he does, but I’m too much of a lady to ask. I could see by now that the focus of his pleasure was located inside his arse. His puny cock drooling like an eager clit, but nothing more. So after an invigorating, energizing, and certainly tiring thrusting of hips, after grabbing his thighs and pushing him deeper towards my largest dildo, I decided it was tome for the fist.

To use my good friend and fellow lady cock & fisting enthusiast Ms Theda’s words, it had the miraculous effect of a hand reaching in, mining for the prostate orgasms that hide inside, I’m sure, every man’s arse. But not all have the ability nor the know how to discover them. But they are there. And once you are wrist deep inside a man’s arse, they keep coming. And coming. And coming. And so did he. He wriggled and writhed consumed by violent spasms, restrained but unstoppable on the swing. Every time I pushed my clenched fist in, every time I wriggled my fingers inside him, another orgasm came. I stopped at the third or fourth, maybe I was being mean, but I thought he’d had enough.

Afterwards, while chilling after the session, he confessed that he could have gone on and on. Next time then. Next time I’ll go deep mining for the never-ending male prostate orgasms. Not many men are capable of summoning them, but they are a sight to behold. All Mistresses should have one or two like that!

A fine collection of Mistress’ cocks: no lady should be seen without one!

Last minute Slutathon shopping and a surprise for my arsenal!

The postman woke me up this morning wiht a delivery. I wasn’t expecting anything, but he handed me a package the shape and size of a shoebox. It had my name on it and it came from the US. The penny dropped then: it was my new Shenis, which I’d ordered so long ago, I’d all but forgotten about it! The timing couldn’t have been better.

So with this new (replaced) addition to my arsenal of utility cocks, I showered and had breakfast with a spring in my step. I put on a nice short dress, sheer stockings and fuck off, knee-high military boots. With a new cock in my power, I was ready to face the world with attitude!

It compensated for the unexciting nature of my last minute Slutahon related shopping: sterilizing fluid, gloves, antibacterial cleaning spray & wipes. How chic!

After that, I got confirmation by email of our luxury apartment being available form 1pm and also eager texts from tomorrow’s slut boys. who obviosuly, can’t contain themselves with excitements!

I last hear of the other Slutathon ladies, Ms Theda, Mistress Jezabel and Rebekka Raynor, on Twitter, where they were debating what to wear. Rubber will probably be the strongest contender, it can be wiped off bodily fluids and even better, licked clean bu some lucky tongues!

So, bring on the Third Grand Slutathon…

Slutathon latest: the countdown

The countdown has started. Less than one week to go for our Right Royal Rogering…

And so far, we have a nice little stables of boy shores for the Grand Slutathon: from a total newby with a desire to slut it around to within an inch of his life and pop his cherry, to several seasoned male sluts who are willing to do anything for the Mistresses.

We have a butler in attendance and an all-round slut who will give and get as requested: in his mouth, in his slutty buy cunt and will lap the soggy biscuit with gusto. The Mistressses will sip a cocktail while watching.

We also have a slut who is experienced in fisting, according to his correspondence.  Whores like to brag, so we’ll soon see about that “puts elbow long rubber gloves on”.

And as for strapon… We’ve been polishing our dildos for a thorough session of spit-roasting a-deux. Drank plenty of water for beauty and to make the fountains of delectable golden wine flow. Our confirmed sluts have been assaulting my inbox with detailed accounts of their recurring fantasies involving cock, both meat dildo and lady cock. There will be a slut for every fantasy, and all levels of experience will be catered for. So if all this delight your decadent senses, you can still apply for a place:

June 8th Slutathon: a Right Royal Rogering

Will you Adam and Eve it! The next Slutathon will take place on the weekend after the most British event of the year. The English Vice comes in many forms… It’s going to be the most sought after party of the Jubilee season…

it will take place on Friday June 8th, just after the Jubilee Week, how about some proper Queening?
How would you fancy a right Royal Rogering in the hands of four rampant phallic Mistresses?

Be privileged and feel knighted by the ladies… sceptres.

How about taking part, in the company of like-minded male sluts, of some pre-Olympic Great British Buggering?

Soggy biscuit? How about a sip of soggy cream tea?
Yes, it’s a right Royal Slutathon and we need to be entertained by our court Jizz Jesters.

We will receive you at a magnificent venue near the City of London: the strapon will be more valuable than money, the Slutathon more respected than the Bank of England.
Pumped and CirCUMstance will be, erm, yes! pumping incessantly! With the inexhaustible help of mouths, hands and arses. Not the ladies, we ahste to add: it’s the duty of our Jizz Jesters, to ensure that the fountains flow for the duration of the party.
If you are early or feel shy, go for a Cock-tail in the bar beforehand

We, Mistress jezabel, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Ms Theda & Ms Tytania, will be expecting you in the Land of Poke and Glory Hole

And to finish this most gloriously British of slutathons, and to make sure you don’t faint after so much fun… take part in our Spit Roast Marathon.


You can still book your ticket by emailing ms Tytania on:


More information, here: What is The Grand Slutathon and how can I take part?

Ooooh, Mistress! That’s big!!

Today I went to Expectations, the fabulous emporium of gay excess, with my Manhooker – a man known for his penchant for large strapons and for the women attached to them. We hadn’t met for a while, so we thought it’d be nice to go shopping for some new cocks to try for size on him (in him?) on the weekend.

We entered the shop and were instantly greeted by the wonderful aroma of rubber & leather that usally impregnates these places. The basement was cavernous, the light dim, the dildos, uncannily arranged on rows of shelves in a small alcove on the left: it looked like a cloistered private chapel in a gothic cathedral, the superhuman rubber cocks standing proud like archangels of Sodom. But this time supportive of its denizens. How times change!

As Manhooker himself noted: “you got to love those gays and their love of ridicuous sized insertables…” Cough! As if only the gays love ridiculosuly big fake cocks!

No, gays aren’t the only people who love large, phallic sized insertables. Phallic women and women with penis envy, like me, find them irresistible. There must have been about a hundred to choose from, from the baby cock size (only a small handful of them hiding shyly behind their bigger siblings), to the man fist sized behemoths and above – several dozen, actually.

So I settled for two: a smooth, black 10″ to re-start Manhooker’s training (he sears he hasn’t been fucked in months, but I’ve heard that story before) where we left it last summer… I then set my eyes and wallet on a thick, cocky, fully balled, rampant 12″ with a 7 1/2″ girth round the base.

I bought them both. They were heavy in my bag and could hardly stuff them in it (no pun). Walked around Shoreditch and went for tea at afashionable new bar, hoping I didn’t leave my bag behind… it wouldn’t have been the first time!

Strapon, Spit-Roasting & Fisting

Ms Tytania’s love of the strapon is well documented and you can admire her photo galleries here: Strapon Mistress. She loves wearing a cock and making good use of it. Anal and strapon play was Ms Tytania’s first introduction (no pun) into kink, and probably one of her most loved activities.

She just adores the gender bending quality, the obvious fact that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.

So prepare your rosy boy cunts and eager mouths, and bend over for her varied arsenal of harnessed dildos, including a variety of lady cocks of all size, a Shenis, and even her legendary ejaculating dildo.


Because Ms Tytania started her education into the fabulous world of kink in the gay scene, she is a consummated, experienced, enthusiastic fister. She offers spit-roast, strapon and fisting sessions with awesome Ms Theda Vamp and her thrusting hips. As a young and experimental woman, she used to frequent hardcore gay leather bars and clubs in London, and she learned a lot in this scene.

Mistress Rebekka Raynor: “The sight of an erect shaft does wonders for the contents of my underwear” – Interview

Last but no least in this series of interciews, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, fierce Scottish beauty, reveals why she can’t wit to attend The Grand Slutathon and reign supreme in the art of male trodding – whilst privately relishing the spectacle of their erect shafts.

1. What are you most looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

I am mostly looking forward to the profound sense of glee to be had in a room full of ladies who will no doubt be laughing their heads off at the expense of the males. The day will be all about fun and mutual enjoyment, the opening and widening of bodily cavities, one of my major loves. I can see it now, a conveyor belt of willing voids to be taken, mouths and assess to be ravished and ravished again until none of them know what day it is or how to spell their own names…

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

My first experience was with a boyfriend when around 16, so let us just say that I have treaded the hallowed spaces and have composed the map. I had my own toy, and after experimenting with fingers first and having the poor wretch wear my underwear to college, proceeded to investigate matters further with said implement. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a relentless quest to violate as many willing specimens as my lifespan would allow.

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

The feeling of having a shaft alone does not make me feel powerful – it’s more the feeling and knowledge of having a different sort of access to a previously difficult part of the male body, the ability to inflict yet another mode of pain and pleasure, like learning a new note on a musical instrument, therefore drawing out far different and more beautiful notes than previously.

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

Gay male porn to me is much more visually interesting to me than straight. The sight of an erect shaft does wonders for the contents of my underwear, and what better to encourage that than two, three or four of them? One of my favourite scenes of all time features three men in a very artistic and acrobatic scenario, taking each other in ways and positions that no ordinary mortal man could dare to achieve without a trip to A&E. Even more so, it was obvious that they were all attracted to each other, which is even more important than  the acts of anti gravity they were committing.
5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women;s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

Clichéd as it is, body confidence is mostly in the mind. Even if your body is not how you would like it to be, the way you carry yourself can be a far more powerfully sexual thing than what it looks like. Not forgetting that just like a doctor, a Dominatrix has seen all sorts of body shapes and sizes before and is unfazed. That said, if you are a good boy then you will get down on your damn knees and be too busy sucking to worry about what you think I think you look like.


Mistress Jezabel: I own a large collection of boy-on-boy porn, seeing it live is an extra special treat – Interview

In our third interview with the Mistresses taking part in the forthcoming Grand Slutathon, Mistress Jezabel tells us about ehr penchant for gay porn, keeping strapon-hungry toyboys while at college, and more.

1. What are you looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

Well, my two favourite things are watersports and strap on, so I will relish the oppotunity to rape as many sluts as possible. There is also something rather wonderful about Dominating with a group of ladies, its a very special dynamic.

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

When I was at university, I had a boy toy that was very into it, and we had a lot of fun, after the first time I tried it, my thighs ached for a week!

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

There is a special feeling about penatrating someone, its very difficult to describe.

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

Yes they do! Its incredibly hot especially if they are enthusiastic. Nothing better than watching a greedy cocksucker! I own a large collection of gay porn for my viewing pleasure, seeing it live is an extra special treat.

5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that womens bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

I also enjoy the male form, but nudity in this context is also a sign of repect for the dominant female. There is no need for shyness, it is key to your submission. Plus it makes for easier access when the action gets going.

Ms Tytania: “I used to think that men didn’t enjoy being fucked with a strapon” – Interview

Second in our series of interviews with the Mistresses who will take part in the Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, Ms Tytania tells us about her love of strapons and watching gay male porn.

1. What are you looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

The sexy, sexual charged atmosphere that we achieve. It’s such a joy to se those boys feeling so liberated, encouraged and safe in the knowledge that they can indulge their deepest fantasies, while being encouraged and watched by enthusiastic Mistresses. We have created a unique event: filthy yet warm, whoreish but classy. After having done a few, it’s clear to anyone that dozens of tightly filled, satisfied orifices can’t be wrong! I’m already looking for a suitable venue for the 4rth Slutathon.

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

I fist saw a strapon in a mainstream, girl-on-girl fake lezza type of porn. Vanilla was the only porn I knew. I must have been in my early twenties. I saw the contraption and immediately thought: “wow, imagine doing that to a man with one of those!”. But I hadn’t discovered the BDSM scene yet, and I was convinced that hetero men didn’t enjoy being fucked a strapon. On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed humping men while spooning, and I don’t remember any partner who complained about it, in fact all my boyfriends have been very keen. It all changed when I did something as simple as stop assuming, and actually asked a man if he’d enjoy being fucked by a woman. And as they say, the rest is history!

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

“Everything a man can do, a woman can do better”, I say on The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell website. You’ve been told from a young age that even in the age of feminism, there are things that a woman simply can’t do in reality. What a lie! Being able to give it like a bloke is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. But we have to give it to the boys: good, sustained, rhythmic hip-thrusting is exhausting!

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

I personally do, I prefer male gay porn above any other form of porn. Most of my female friends love a bit (or a lot) of boy on boy action and we are very lucky that so many men are happy to indulge us. I’ve lost count of the number of men, be them clients, partners or strangers in a club, who admitted they’d love to do it “if I force them”. As if they need a sub machine pointed at them to obey my little whims!

5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women’s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

True, the Greeks didn’t have those hung-ups. They loved the human body, male or female, they didn’t make aesthetic differences. I am turned on by men sexually, so seeing, touching, dominating their naked bodies is delightful. I love how different they are to me: they are more muscular, tighter. The narrow hips and little bottoms are a part of a man’s anatomy I’m specially fond of. I’m an arse woman, definitely… which takes me back, full circle, to the themes of the Grand Slutathon, and why I created it: the enjoyment of male sluttery, naked. And the more naked boys we can get, the merrier.

Stay tuned for Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Mistress Jezabel’s interviews coming very soon.

Find out more about Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, here.


Grand Slutathon: Cleanliness & Hygiene

From a concerned follower on Twitter:

“A bit worried about cleanliness. I dont want to share a strapon”

These type of comment frustrates me. To think that anyone can believe that a sensible Pro-Domme would use the same, unclean, unsterilized strapon on several people, is beyond belief. That you pay for the redoubtable honour to have someone else’s germs shoved up your arse by a crack-addled “Mistress”. Well, if that’s your idea of my parties, better stay away. I feel insulted and I also feel insulted on behalf of Ms Theda, Ms Slide & Mistress Rebekka Raynor, highly reputable London Mistresses who haven’t earned a good name by being dirty, careless or unsafe. We don’t live in Victorian times anymore. Dominatrices don’t hide their shame and their sins in polluted alley ways. We live in the same world as you, go to the same bars at you, have a life outside of our dungeons, very similar to yours. WE don’t transmit venereal diseases.

A good part of the overheads at the Grand Slutathon, going by previous editions, goes to sterilizing and disinfectant solutions, fluids, wipes and containers to keep everything germ free. We have a maid whose only job is to keep everything clean and disinfected. We use dozens and dozens of condoms for strapons and cocks. We practice clean, safe sex at all times. A lot of rinsing, sterilizing, mopping and wiping goes on at the Grand Slutathon, so everybody can relax and enjoy their favourite activities in a safe environment.

Grand Slutathon – Testimonials



Yes, I am a connoisseur when it comes to organize a kinky party that both Mistresses and sub sluts will love!


Read our latest testimonial, slut Joe’s First Slutathon on May 16th.

You can read about our second party here: Ms Tytania’s 2nd CFNM, Forced-Bi & Strapon Party.

Read two reviews here and here.

A Review by a lady who attended on of our early Slutathons.

Ms Slide writes ecstatically about her first Slutathon on her blog: Ms Slide at December 2012 Slutathon.

You can find some juicy details, rules and games performed at previous parties, in this sneak preview.

So if you can’t wait to be there…



Check this page for more details. Bookmark it for future dates!


Email Ms Tytania:, to purchase your ticket discreetly and without extra fees.

Party Menu: Fun And Games


Here is a copy of the fun & games running order for tomorrow’s party, as emailed to all participants. The first, but definitely, not the last one.


We know it’s hard to keep it in and without accidental (or deliberate) spills at a party like this, and in the presence of such lovely Mistresses. We know that you’ll be begging for the privilege to show the ladies your admiration, and the boys, ttheir amazing fluffer talents.

However, we want to ensure that your enthusiasm won’t wane as soon as you’ve sacrificed your manhood to Aphrodite. For this reason, all these games will require staying power, but not cum unless specifically requested by one or more of the ladies. We want you horny, hard and eager to please at any cost. All male sluts will be teased and used, but kept always on the edge, at the Mistresses’ will. No accidents will go unnoticed, or unpunished!


Please note that all these games are just suggestions, and we the Mistresses reserve the right to change our dominant minds at our will, and depending of how the party is going and how the boys are performing. Specific talents deserve specific attention!


On arrival at the venue, each male sub will be greeted individually in the lobby by the Mistresses. If he wants to wear a mask or hood, he can put it on before meeting the other guests in the main room. Hooded if desired, but still fully dressed, he’ll be taken to the lounge, where he will be asked to take his clothes off in the middle of the room. How this is performed will be at the Mistresses discretion, according to how feel fit for their amusement.


The new sub will then be examined for cleanliness, personal hygiene and cock size. The size of every subs’cock will be diligently written down by the ladies, logged in size order, and when completed, read aloud in public. Each sub will be asked to stand up and hear the real size of his manhood, then asked to stand in a line, in ascending order.


There is no escape till the Mistresses’ have witnessed your utter sluttiness! The Mistresses will choose two boys to engage in diverse sexual activities of their choice: not much rum, but rope, sodomy and the lash will certainly fature. Specially sodomy.


Half of the boys will be forced to masturbate another sub. The one who makes his partner cum will be the winner. They can choose to perform their fluffer chores with their hands or with their mouths.


Like a pagan, matriarchal initiation rite, the boys will acquire their manhood by the ingestionof copious wuatities of piss. the less man-like boy, the one who refuses or can’t swallow fast enough,will be given to the boys to piss on him. I’m sure you prefer the ladies’ Golden Wine, so open up and take it!


This could be combined with the Fluffer Award

Piggy races: subs who cum before its time, will be punished by racing on the floor hogtied.


No more – *aherm!* – introductions needed for this fine sport enjoyed by the ladies.


Where the ladies will sit their creamy bottoms on creamy cakes, to be licked by the lucky subs who show stamina, staying power, and other rewards liberally and arbitrarily bestowed by the Mistresses.


… Aaaand for the Grand Finale, a game where all subs can take part:


This traditional game and adolescent rite of passage, surely needs no further introductions.