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How My Adventures In Rope Bondage & Femdom Started…

rope bondage femdom karada

It’s Mistress Tytania History Day: my very first foray in to rope bondage femdom.

I was looking for something in my oldest hard drive and I stumbled upon these two photos. They are dated late 2001. I forget the exact dates, but I recognise them instantly: my first ever rope bondage workshop, what started my life-long passion for Shibari. Somebody on an IRC forum (yes, really is that old) announced a Saturday beginners workshop in deepest Essex. As a new kinkster in town, I was curious and wanting to learn everything, so I went along. Rope bondage and femdom sounded like an intriguing combination and I was learning. I found it fascinating and before I knew it, I had a boy in a karada, then on the floor, fully hogtied. That photo is literally my first ever hogtie.
I found it easy to follow my instructor’s guidelines, but then, he was very good at it. But suddenly, as I was hogtying my boy, somebody says: “she’s a natural! Oh, she’s such a natural with rope!”. And they were all looking me.  All I was doing was following tips as instructed, but apparently, I was faster than the others at grasping it. I understood the ins and outs of rope without a second thought. I was having so much fun tying men up, how could this be hard? But not everybody picked it up easily, by the look of it. There were people at the workshop who needed more detailed teaching, or who had already given up. Everybody is different and has different talents. Mine, as I discovered that day, was rope bondage.
So from that day, rope and femdom became inextricably joined in my practice as a dominant woman, and never left me. The rest is history: kinky, ropey, and lots of fun. it’s been areal journey!
If you are intrigued about Shibari or are already a full advocate of rope bondage femdom, you can email me to discuss a session.
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