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Shibari Domina Vs Escape Artist

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WHEN? Friday, February 8th, 19:00-21:00 GMT.

WHERE? Live streamed on YouTube. Follow us on Twitter for the link to my YouTube live stream and details on the day.

It started like any other day… another male specimen believing that he can win my Inescapable Rope Bondage Challenge, by freeing himself from my world famous Shibari skills – and get his session money back! This challenge is open to all rope fans.

he then admitted to being a professional escape artist: versed in the art of freeing himself from not one, but two straightjackets and tightly locked chains and handcuffs and shackles… but he’s never tried rope before.

So I accepted the challenge, and decided that it was too good not to share with my many Shibari Mistress fans around the world. Tune into Twitter on Friday 8th and watch the challenge, live from Tytania Towers. and if you think you can do better, try it yourself.

Why you need a dedicated email to contact Mistresses

The title may sound too obvious to even deserve any elaboration, but this week I was shocked to discover that many, many, far too many of my past and present and potential clients, use their personal, family, or even work email address.

Last week I decided to open a Google+ account and to use its calendar facilities to organise the dates for The Grand Slutathon, and to invite potential interested parties. I approached some of these former cleients myself, using the email addresses and details offered by Google.

To my surprise, their full real names, location and other details come up, for all to see.  Some contacted me, asking tob e removedf asap, which I did. one of my cleints helped me through it to ensure from both sides, that this breach of anonymity by Google could be fixed. The only solution was to scrap the calendar events altogether and forget about Goggle+

I would like to find it unbelievable, but sadly, I don’t. However, I don’t know what possessed Google, when they thought that exposing personal details every time somebody interacts with an otherwise anonymous email address, was a good idea.

But what shocks me even more, is that these men who visit professional Mistresses,  use email addresses where they give their full names, and often, profession, work details,etc. Many use what looks like their main email address; some, use their work email address, where I can easily see the company they run or that they work for, their job description, etc. I don’t need nor want to know. What you do in your private life is irrelevant to me, I am only interested in the slut I meet in my studio. real life dissolves temporarily in my presence, and that’s the joy of Domination.

Please gentlemen. You expect utter discretion from a professional Mistress and I do my darnest to provide it. But discretion is one of those things that must perhaps start at home?

If you contact professional Mistresses, escorts, or other types of people or services that are frowned upon by society at large, that could perhaps put your job, your relationship or your privacy in danger, please have a dedicated email address. so to recap – never email nor access websites from:

– Work or family computer

– Work laptop

-Work tablet or phone

– Work email address.

– Personal email address

It’s basic common sense, but I’m shocked at how often this needs to be reminded.

Open a private email address and maybe purchase a separate SIM card for your phone. Do it. Do it now! And thank me later.

Ms Tytania is a Lifestyle Mistress

Ms Tytania is a lifestyle Mistress. Her world involves everyday life and the people around her. She also has a quintaessentially feminine nature that loves being pampered, waited on and worshipped. Her feet, legs, buttocks and body, dressed in nylons, vintage lingerie and corsets, are a woman worshipper’s dream.




50’s Pinup: gloves, nylons, satin…

Mistress of the Erotic Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Here is a tiny sample of what Ms Tytania is capable of doing with rope. As an accomplished Shibari Mistress, her rope bondage sessions are a feast for the eyes, the senses and the imagination.

Also as a blog entry: Submission in red: submissive boy hogtied in red rope, under my red leather DM boots.


View a full photo gallery of this Japanese Rope bondage suspension by clicking on the hyperlink or on the photo tryptich, above.

Planet Shibari: Ms Tytania boldly takes her securely, shibari – bound specimen where no rope bunny has been before.


Hogtie, facesitting and suspension.

After hogtying my subject on the floor, I had to indulge in a spot of facesitting. It didn’t take much to persuade me that rope suspension was the next step towards his total helplessness and immobilization. Shibari does the job every single time!


Japanese rope bondage and suspension in rubber.

Rope bondage, rope suspension… and shiny rubber!


Two Mistresses in rubber, one male specimen and miles of rope.

Ms Tytania and a dominant friend enjoy an evening in, tying up a male slave in rope. Hogties, humiliation and a shibari feast ensues!


Ms Tytania – Media Coverage

If you would like to contact Ms Tytania for an interesting, respectful and ethical discussion of BDSM, Femdom, sexual rights and censorship, you can email or phone her using the details on her Contact page. She does not take part in documentaries, reality shows, gossip programs or other forms of entertainment that treat niche sexualities like a new type of freak show. However, insightful, intelligent interviews and approach will get her attention and the benefit of her articulate expertise in all areas of niche sexualities, to your project.

Ms Tytania is the producer of The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, the first UK adult video studio to challenge successfully ATVOD‘s regulations that are suffocating the thriving, independent adult studios, and forcing the UK public to opt for to a mainstream form of porn that disrespect both women, men and a healthy, varied, respectful approach to human sexuality. She still helps other studios who may have been targeted by this unfair legislation. Email her if have been contacted by ATVOD and need expert help from specialised lawyers.

She is a tireless campaigner for freedom of sexual expression and the arts with Backlash UK and has spoken publicly at symposiums, conference and debates. she ahs presneted many papers on the subject of female sexuality, gender and feminism.

She is also a doctoral candidate at a Russell Group British University, specialising in female sexual domination, non-normative gender and feminism. Expect to address her as Doctor Tytania very soon.

She has been on the media, in interviews and written her own articles. Here is a small selection of her words and contributions to the current debate on UK porn regulations, in mainstream papers and TV programs:


Franke Mullin for VICE – Your favourite porn will soon be banned!

The Keiser Reprot, Episode 691 – Russia Today (Video)

Zoe Williams for The Observer: Bound and gagged: the women urging a repeal of the porn laws

The Independent: Web Dominatrix wins David and Goliath battle against online porn regulators.

On the Backlash UK blog – Dominatrix and performance artist beats online regulators.

Ms Tytania writes for anti censorship campaigning group Sex & Censorship: The Porn Ban is Our Clause 28

Even Perez Hilton had something to say about Ms Tytania too!

On Buzzfeed: Porn Stars talk about the UK Porn Ban Law

On Spanish newspaper El País: Spanish Dominatrix lashes out at new pornography legislation in UK




Bastinado session

Bastinado is the ancient art of caning the soles of the feet. Allegedly from the Spanish word “bastonazo” (hitting with a stick or rod), and invented, according to legend, by the Spanish Inquisition to extract confessions form their victims. It certainly suited my fiery Spanish temperament today, and bastinado slut M went home a happy boy. I added a spot of facesitting and nipple tease to stretch the already remarkable endurance of his leathery feet 🙂

The bastinado photo gallery can be viewed on my website.

Bastinado slut M, came to my studio with this ingenous home made bastinado contraption in his bag. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some subs will get to to enjoy their kink. and how crative they can be with it, too.

As endorsed by the Spanish Inquisition

An Interview with Zoe Williams – Full Transcript

This is the transcript of the whole interview I did with Zoe Williams in December 2014. My replies were used for an article published on The Guardian, but the full replies were of course much more involved on my part. Here is her piece: BOUND AND GAGGED: THE WOMEN URGED TO A REPEAL OF THE PORN LAWS, from December 5th 2014.

As is usually the case, media articles end up sing only a very small percentage of what you say. I thought that the whole text in its integrity deserved to be put in the public domain and added to the current debate on UK laws hat ban certain forms of sexual acts and clamp down on independent fetish film makers.

With permission from Zoe Williams. Thank you for your support and for being an ally.

-On these new rules: some people are saying they’re anti-women, can you give me your view on that? Do they seem to you to show a squeamishness around female sexuality that they don’t show around male?

These new rules do indeed focus on forms of sexual expression that are common among minority sexualities “AS” well as among women. They are all activities that undermine or question hegemonic notions, so prevalent in mainstream porn, that put male desire at the top of a sexual hierarchy.It shows a denial of female sexual power and agency. We’ve been told for the last few years, courtesy of the 50 Shades phenomenon, that now it’s ok for women to express themselves sexually… but only as long as they still respect traditional gender roles where women are subservient to men. In other words: being a spanking-loving nymphette is ok, but sexually dominant women are continuously misinterpreted, banalised and silenced in media and culture. The current legislation reinforces this cultural taboo.I think that the ATVOD executives must have been shocked and disgruntled like your archetypal Daily Mail reader, when they discovered this world populated by hundreds of femdom websites, specialising in the most niche sexual preferences, most of them produced by women. And that the female producers and performers behind this type of porn were enthusiasts, proud of their work and of their specialities. I have no doubt that after my website won its appeal to Ofcom, they must have thought: “right, we have to put those women back in their place”. To curb and tame this show of demonic, rampant, aggressive, female sexual energy that is Femdom (Female Dominance). ATVOD tried to bully me with sexual shame and fear, trying to make me believe that I was doing something that is dangerous and harmful for society (and for the children, of course). I don’t know any Femdom producer who is ashamed of what she does. We are, in general, very proud of our technical skills and our intuition to understand sexual desires that often dare not tell their name.

– To get a bit more background for the piece, the case you took on and won this year, did that cost you a lot of money? Were you awarded costs? Did you feel that it was a good outcome for you in the end? I’m surprised that the ruling for you doesn’t apply to other small porn studios, can you shed any light on that?

There wasn’t a court case. We simply appealed to Ofcom against ATVOD’s determination, that my website The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell was a TV on Demand service, comparable to, and in direct competition with, TV services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. The UC-SC is an independent Femdom fetish video website, with over 12 hours of videos, and many photo galleries, that adults can access by subscription.There were no courts involved, but I decided to close down my website for over a year, with its subsequent loss of revenue, until things were resolved. Bear in mind that ATVOD’s way to make websites comply is through ATVOD’s notorious Rule 11 (quote):

i. BREACH OF RULE 11 (Harmful Material: protection of under-18’s) in relation to subscription material: COMPLAINT UPHELD

The breach constitutes an infringement of the statutory requirement set out in section 368E (2) of the Act which states that “If an on-demand programme service contains material which might seriously impair the physical, mental or moral development of persons under the age of eighteen, the material must be made available in a manner which secures that such persons will not normally see or hear it.”.

Under the pressure of being accused of deliberately exposing children to “harmful” material (even though the content is always hidden behind a paywall), many small indy studios like mine closed down. I have been an activist, campaigning with sexual freedom campaigners Backlash UK, since 2008. So I decided to fight back, to challenge this determination that I had to comply with terrestrial and online TV channels’ regulations. We used three solicitors, but some of them worked for us pro-bono, and others were paid thanks to donations from our supporters, many of them from the alternative, fetish and LGBTQ scenes and communities.

– Can you expand a bit on your point about internet freedom, that is, how you think these moves could reach into general freedom on the net?

I believe that, to quote [my solicitor] Myles Jackman, the adult industry is “the canary in the coal mine”. The government isn’t interested in the children nor in protecting vulnerable women. What they are worried about is of potential new Wikileaks, or of the future Edward Snowdens, because they are there, somewhere.That’s why these AVMS (Audiovisual and Media Services) regulations are so absurd. They serve no other purpose than to test censorship and to clamp down the free information exchange that is the internet. You won’t win voters by telling them that they can’t have a free internet, that its open access to knowledge is dangerous for us, peasants. But “think of he children” is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The problem for our current rulers is that, with the child sex ring scandal at Parliament level looming over their heads, their former gullible voters have started to see through it all. We already know too much.And for the record: this legislation isn’t about specific ideologies. The Tories have approved this latest legislation, but it was the previous Labour Government that, in early 2008, passed the Section 63 of the CJIA 2008, aka the Extreme Porn Law. (Please check: The conservatives appeal to family & tradition, the more liberal, to outmoded feminist ideas of women as victims of men, that should have died in the 80’s.

-What do you think is the most ridiculous thing about the new legislation?

That it is a legislation at all. The list of unconnected, gratuitious sexual activities banned make no sense at all, unless, as it’s the current consensus, you read them as a mysoginistic vision of female sexuality, written by school boys who are still scared of the girls. The chaotic, demonic female sexual energy must be suppressed at all costs! These are politicians, people in positions of power, who know nothing about the internet or about sex, for that matter.

– Did you feel that it was a good outcome for you in the end? 

Yes. I am a woman and a foreign immigrant in this country. I am used to be seen as the underdog, the pushover. ATVOD’s bullying tactics on their letters angered me. They want to cower you with shame and guilt. I didn’t expect such a resound victory of a little independent porn studio, against the state. But I also couldn’t foresee that solicitors and activists would rally to support me and offer their help. All they asked me was if I did mind that my real name would appear in the public domain. I am not closeted. My website, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, is, as well as a porn website, an art project where my concerns about sexuality, identity, gender and politics crystallised. I am very proud of what I do. I have a background in art, I went to art college. I think that I make porn because I went to Goldsmiths College. So yes, getting my baby back is the best thing that’s happened in a very long time.I’m surprised that the ruling for you doesn’t apply to other small porn studios, can you shed any light on that?OFCOM’s  ruling does not set a precedent, they’ll rule on a case by case basis. Which means that the studios who decide to fight back, will have to do it like we did, not knowing what would happen. I think that my ruling could have gone one way or the other. They decided that I was too small, but I was giving them enough of a headache. Our report challenging point by point why they were wrong or unlawful, was 11 pages long. Three of them were a reply from me to Pete Johnson. CEO of ATVOD who had had the temerity to suggest that my website, contrary to my claims, wasn’t art. That is what every art school kid wants: a platform to answer the aged,question: “yes, but is it art?” I gave him a 1,000 word essay on contemporary art tendencies.

– tell me a bit more about Backlash, what it campaigns for, how it works?

Backlash UK’s website

I started volunteering for Backlash back in early 2008, when the CJIA 2008 was passed, banning the possession of ‘extreme pornographic material”. My involvement in the fetish scene in London awoke my political conscience, and also reignited my interest in feminism. As a self-employed professional dominatrix, who, due to obsolete laws regarding brothels and ‘disorderly houses”, has to work alone, I have always relied on mutual aid and solidarity among my community, to survive. I think that sexual identity and self-awareness have been, for me at least, essential eye openers to the world around me and Backlash defend sexual freedom not only on the internet, but also in cases of work tribunal, family courts and other cases were people have bee discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. This new legislation discriminates against representations of minority or niche sexualities, such as Femdom or BDSM.

APPENDIX – About Backlash UK:

We are an all volunteer organisation made up of a few legal specialists and academics with an interest in free expression, as well as people who have experience working in sex work and porn production. It was started in 2006, to oppose the ban on ‘extreme pornography’ that was brought into law in 2009 and has helped organise the defence of people who have been prosecuted for engaging or watching consensual adult sex acts. In recent years, we have expanded our remit to those whose professional lives have been threatened by having their sex lives ‘outed’ to employers, be it for being as BDSM practitioners in their private lives or sex workers.


Enforced Wet Shaving at The Hair Fetish Salon

Ms Tytania knows what women want: from stubbly, scruffy bloke who looks all right for his mates, to presentable, well groomed gentleman. A close wet shave at Ms Tytania’s Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon – London’s first hair fetish salon.

Barberette videos on my members’ website, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell: Barberettte By Day – Urban Chick At Night! 01.

Genital shaving and less conventional grooming videos, also on my members’ website: Off With Your Beastly Hair! Revolutionary Cock Shaving.

Puppy Ball Play: Fetch!

“Fetch!”, demanded Mistress Tytania, and her human puppy dig obeyed. |A playful dog training evening in my Docklands BDSM studio.

Be my dog! – Photo Gallery

As a dog lover, there is nothing that pleases me more than an obedient human dog at my feet. Puppy training on a lead, giving him doggy treats and petting him. Putting my human puppy dog in a cage when he misbehaves, maybe letting him lick my heeled feet if he’s good or sleeping at my feet. Never be said that Ms Tytania isn’t a compassionate, soft-hearted Mistress to her pets!

Puppy Dog Training

Stage 01: Foot and heels licking and a spot of trampling.

A deep intimate shave before sissification…

TV’s, sissy sluts and other girlie boys, seem to have taken wonderfully to the idea of The Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon. Hair salons are probably one of the most feminine environments there are, and sissies need deforesting their unfeminine body fur.

So prior to a full feminisation, this sissy had an electric buzz cut to number 3: it helped for a perfectly fitting wig.

Then came the genitals, smooth as a well compliant, available porn star. Off with his hair on pubic area, bikini line, bum, sack and crack. A wet shave with pink lady shaving razors did the trick because this undeserving sissy slut wasn’t too hairy in the first place. Just as well, because I have to say that women’s shaving razors are a bit crap. Generally, I prefer tried and tested man’s razors.

As you can see, the whole procedure was carried out while wrapped in a hair dresser’s cape: a fetish that a surprisingly number of subs seem to share. Not cock stays dormant under its silky, shiny touch.

Appointments are now accepted for all manners of grooming & shaving. Email me for a booking.




The Force Behind London Docklands

Nothing like a well trussed up City by to start the morning in Ms Tytania’s studio…

New fetish hairdresser services at the Salon

From mid February, and due to popular demand, we have started offering full wash, curl and set services at the Enforced Grooming Salon.

Manicures: using water-based nail polish that can be washed off at the end of the session (or taken home with you).

Bleaching and hair dying.

All beauty and grooming services will be performed over the barber’s chair, with full hair dryer hood, hair rollers and lotions.

No wish list

I know some new subs are surprised to hear this, but for clarity’s sake:

Ms Tytania doesn’t have a wish list. She buys her won things, with the money she earns from doing what she loves best: dominating men in sessions full of her creativity and imagination. And also, from her creative videos and photographs. She works hard, charges accordingly to her worth and talent, and manages her finances in the way that suits her best.

She is indifferent to perfumes, chocolates and other frivolities that women are supposed to adore.

However, if you are one of those subs who can’t arrive at Mistress’ studio empty handed, she loves fresh cut flowers.



Ms Tytania, like so many other Mistresses, receives many offers for financial domination. She does not partake in this kink and dos not seek financial piggies or money slaves to milk.

Ms Tytania does not welcome, offers of gratuitious gifts, tipping, financial domination, or any other kind of unsolicited payments. She simply charges for her real sessions and parties in real life, and for her artistic multimedia creations.

She does not enjoy nor appreciate the appeal financial domination, so please, do not offend her by asking.


You can, however, buy her photos and discarded nylons and lingerie ON THIS PAGE.

Ms Tytania’s famous tea parties

My tea parties wouldn’t be complete without gallons of tea, cake, a solicitous and well trained, curtseying sissy in frilly dress… and some boys ordered to become Mistresses’ table, seat and foot rest.

Forniphilia is a dominant woman’s right!

I’d like to imagine a world where a woman can stroll into a furniture shop and choose from a section dedicated to forniphilia. In it, the sissy shop assistant shows the lady the latest products:

Broad shouldered boys with sturdy legs, bending on all four to become an auxiliary table when your lady friends come round for tea and an extra table is needed to display the sandwiches and cake.

Tall, slim gentleman turned into a lamp and coat hanger.

Well padded boys, become foot rests or comfy chairs. and of course, solicitous sissies making tea and slicing cake.

All of this, in my latest photo album, in my private galleries, on Adultwork. You can buy these images and collect them: Ms Tytania’s private galleries on Adultwork . Over 340 photos to view and collect.

Ms Tytania disrobes

Ms Tytania takes her black silk taffetta coat to reveal a glamourous ensemble and satin lingerie. Fully seamed black & pink stockings, knee-high black leather boots and long opera satin gloves.


Night of the Bull & The Cuckold

it’s not often that I meet  man in my everyday life that I’m erotically attracted to, let alone two. But this time, I found the perfect match: an ideal Bull and the ultimate cuckold boy, to fulfill and old cherished fantasy of mine. Cuckolding a helpless insignificant, but nonetheless pretty cuck, in the arms of a strappy, well endowed bull. Both at my beck and call. I’m a big fan of mFm threesomes.

We started by meeting in a favourite pub, where my eager cuck addressd us both as Sir, to crush his masculinity jsut tad more. He wasn’t allowed to drink, but he bought us drinks and waited patiently till it was time to go back to the boudoir for the evening’s entertainment.

Back in the boudoir, little Mr Cuck was ordered to strip in front of us, slowly, for our entertainmen, while I made out with my delightful Mr Bull: tall, handsome, fiery red and apparently, ex-army. Plus a beautiful, big cock to please me with, judging by what my hands found when going down for a good old boy groping. I stopped my cock-mining to tie up my cuck boy into hogtie and positioned him on a thick rug at the foot of the leather sofa, where he couldn’t miss any of the action. Then we started for real with Mr Red And Fiery Bull.

Sex is something I can take or leave. Physically, I’m indifferent to it. Apart form a good dose of intelligence, I expect my sexual partners to have also an imagination. for me, sex has always have to happen as part of a narrative, and cuckolding makes sex worth the effort of breaking into a sweat, and the inconvenience of having my hair messed up and lipstick smudged. Just by itself, not even my gorgeous bull would give it much interest.

But having a little, passive, all eyes cuckold at the foot of the bed makes a world of a difference to me. The glint in his eye when I caught him watching, the shudder of delight when I threw my clothes and lingerie over him, as if he got in the way, like a piece of furniture…

“Oh, and can you see how a real man fucks a woman? Watch, listen and learn what it takes to be a woman-pleasing man. Not that I have any hope that you ever will be up to scratch.”

To make him useful and not jsut a passive, yet delighted audience, I demanded that he kept Mr Bull hard by sucking on his cock. Little cuck boy obeyed eagerly, swallowing as deep as he could. He gagged and threw up, but never mind. Mr Bull took the gagging and reflux as appreciation of his enviable size. Alas, the cruelty of nature will never allow little Mr Cuck to upgrade to Mr Bull. Some flaws are for life! But he’s a good, obedient cuck, and do as told. His oral services were demanded because I enjoy watching boy on boy puppetry, and later, were demanded on me. Such a lucky boy!

Finally, and the game finished, almost oblivious to the little piece of meat tied up on the floor, Mr Bull got up and standing on him, pissed on my cuck with all the Niagara might of his bladder. I laughed and laughed while I mixed myself a drink (with different fluids, I hast to add). But then I noticed that my cuck wasn’t only lying on top of the rug, but also on top of a pile with my not piss-drenched clothes. Oh no.

My Bulls aren’t your predictable, sexist macho men you’d expect to find in a porn movie. No way, such men never cross the door to my Boudoir. So, swiftly and without being prompted, Mr Bull got up, put my clothes on the sink and lovingly washed them by hand while I enjoyed a G&T. Naked over the sink, I watched his rippling muscles wringing and hanging my ress, nylon stockings and suspender, my new underwear.

Then I allowed my cuck boy a drink, but he was already drunk in the pleasure and joy of what he had just witnessed. Dizzy and spaced out, I allowed him to stay for the rest of the night for a good dose of strapon riogery and to cook me breakfast in the morning, as a way to say thank you.

And that was an ordinary summer weekend in Ms Tytania’s private moments.


50′s pin up: nylons, gloves, black lingerie 02

More gorgeous retro Ms Tytania in her best vintage lingerie and boudoir.

50’s pin up: nylons, gloves, black lingerie


Ms Tytania models 50′ style lingerie, satin gloves and fully seamed nylons in her pneumatic curves

Public Femdom, Humiliation and Servitude

Have you ever fantasized about being subtly but surely dominated by your Mistress in public? Wearing a chastity device, a butt-plug, maybe a remote control dildo while attending an event, theatre, or dinner at a restaurant with your Mistress?

Being in awe, in public, of a woman of the world who is in her element at a restaurant or cocktail bar and at a theatre or art exhibition? Who will know how to treat her minion in public, bonded by an invisible chain of dominance and servitude invisible to the naked eye of the ususpecting world, but demanding, exacting, firm and strong between you and her?

Ms Tytania will order your food and drinks at her discretion, expect you to read her mind, iopen doors for her, and ill probably not be too happy with your lacking obsequiousness, all without exchanging an incriminationg word or deed that may anyone suspect of your anject devotion and servitude to her. What ‘s not to like?

More details on Ms Tytania’s Contact & Tribute page.

Dinner, drinks, art exhibition, theatre or club tickets not included and at your expense. Ms Tytania has an MA in Fine Art and Cultural Studies and a life long passion for reading and high culture, so rest assured that you can take her to the most demanding event and feel dwarved by her knowledge.

And to start,

How about Christmas dinner & drinks before December 14th?

Watersports Interruptus

I’ve just received an invitation to a private party on Saturday, a “Wild & Wanton Watersports Spectacular” and I can wait, The only problem is my cock. I have a wonderful Shenis that I like using in public (it’s what they wre designed for, apparently), since I’ve a tendency to be a tad bladder shy when I’m feeling enthusiastic. It’s funny, the more into it I am, the harder it can get sometimes.

My Shenis, which I think I should have several of, not just one, has the problem of not being, let’s, say, an inbuilt cock. So I left it behind at some party months, ago, I think it was at the First Inaugural Strapon Party. Well, wild parties, you have to lose something or it won’t be wild at all, it would be far too civilized if I went back home with my arsenal intact.

So a few days after the party, I receive this email from the friend whose venue e used: “you left your cock in my apartment.” Fine, he’d left his gas mask and N20 inhaler at mine, so fair do’s. That’s the thing about being a Domme in London, running around from place to place, to make horribly, delightful things to people, always perfectly heeled and fully equipped. And London is a big city!

So I mourned the temporary loss of my Shenis and carried on with my life, feeling ever so slightly emasculated, but with my head in other bits of kit, other experiments to perform on willing specimens.


Bestowing my golden blessings upon my subjects.

Until this invitation arrived, and I decided that yes, I did need my Shenis now, it would be the most fun piece of kit at a party that promises – aherm! fountains of golden youth. I giggled at the footnote in the invitation: “BYO – This is  a bring your own drinks event.” Snigger.

But the giggles soon died out. Switched my mobile on to this message from the person who was supposed to have found it, and kept it safe for me: “sorry, I can’t find your cock, I must have put it somewhere, but I can’ remember where”, (not the first time a gentleman makes such a claim, by the way). So it’s missing. One of my favourite cocks is missing. As a fully prepared, fully armed Mistress, I have many cocks to choose from, but only one shenis. Or one ex-Shenis. Oh, woe!

This is a Shenis, perhaps one of womankind’s finest inventions.

What Femdom/Dominance means to me

“What does Dominance mean to you, Mistress?” I used to hear this question a lot, and I used to hear it discussed years ago. Maybe because now most of my friends in the scene are people who have been exploring their sexuality for a while, and have answers, we don’t need to ask these types of questions anymore. We know who we are in our kink.

I do. For me, being dominant means being independent and self-reliant, accepting a challenge and taking matters in my own hands. Being my own Mistress, choosing to be served because I want to, not because I can’t fend by myself. Many advocates of Femdom imagine a stylized, fantasy world where women are capricious, idle ladies tottering on high heels, lounging lazily on a chaise longe in expensive lingerie, being fed peeled grapes or else their delicate throats might choke in a pip. I always found this images oddly sexist. Far from empowering women, they perpetuated an image of the “fairer sex”, the one that needs to be assisted, helped, coached, protected from that ugly real world they aren’t ready for. These men see themselves as knights in shining armour, but a helpless Rapunzel, playing the harp in a luxurious castle to while away her useless life, has never been my idea of Femdom.

That’s not my idea of a powerful dominant woman. High heels are fun, and having minions doing my bidding is great. But I don’t need them. I want them. I can do very well without them, and I can do so many things better than them, that they’d have a hard time trying to catch up with me.

That’s why I put those pictures of me, at the climbing wall earlier this afternoon. They represent my idea of what makes me dominant: powerful, independent, up for a challenge and overcoming it. Disciplined.

After spending the last two weeks planning, organising, and finally, having The Grand Slutathon, my pegging, Forced-Bi party, and keeping our guests happy and entertained for four hours, I needed some me time. But not of the languidly sipping champagne from a carved crystal glass. I needed to put on my climbing boots, my climbing lycras and hot pants, feel those muscles tensing. Sweat and pant. So here are the pics that my loyal slave,  forest, took this afternoon. He still hasn’t caught up with me, but he reckons that his position, strategically located underneath my bum, gave him “a most admirable view”.

Bumshots. The lucky, lucky boy! 🙂