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Fetish Straight Razor Wet Shave in Ms Tytania’s Femdom Hair Salon

Fetish straight razor shave – in bondage is an exciting experience and less unusual than you think. Ms Tytania’s Femdom Grooming & Shaving Hair Salon specialises in straight razor wet shave!

Fetish straight razor shave

Booking a straight razor /wet shave at London’s Femdom Hair Fetish Salon: email Ms Tytania and discuss your requirements and fantasy. Mistress’ sharp cold blades get very close, even too close for comfort sometimes! 
Fetish straight razor shave with a steady hand, from the head to the back, sack and crack. Discretion forbade me from taking any photos, but I can assure you that he’d never had a sharp steel wet razor blade around his balls and bumhole before! Predictably, my specimen left my Femdom Shaving & Grooming Salon clean, smooth. And I was a very happy barberette, cutthroat razor in hand, ready for the next eager shaving fetishist…  
Continue reading below for bookings.
Fetish straight razor shave
If you’d like to book a fetish straight razor /wet shave with London’s premier Femdom Hair Fetish Salon, you can email Ms Tytania and discuss your requirements. My sharp cold blades get very close, even too close for comfort sometimes!
Fetish straight razor shave – a kink you didn’t know you had! You can find out more about Ms Tytania’s Femdom Shaving and Grooming Salon by clicking on the link. 

Fetish straight razor shave


“But Mistress Tytania, how did you do that??! A fully hogtied male specimen, locked up inside a cage, and put in extended isolation” – Marvelled a fetish friend who saw these photos.

Yes, you’re seeing right: one of my Shibari Mistress skills is to hogtie my male objects inside a tight steel cage. Double rope and incarceration whammy. This is many a subs’ locked up fetish prison dream. And certainly among my favourite ways of putting away an unruly male who needs some time inside!
First I tie your torso and hands, then I slide you between bars, ready for  extended incarceration and isolation. The bottom part of the hogtie, legs and feet, are trussed up inside the cage.  Finally, I bolt the steel door. Doubly incarcerated: in rope and behind steel bars, my prisoner then drifts away into subspace. A very naughty male sub who deserves some time alone, behind bars.

You can find out more about my extended hogtie cage isolation in rope bondage sessions, following this link: Abandonment In Rope Page. Or, if you just can’t wait, book an appointment here.

extended hogtie cage isolation





High heels, sharp black patent stilettos and a tight, black lace body stocking. A shameless sissy tied up and immobilised in my finest red rope bondage. Mistress Tytania plays with her rope bondage TV slut in her East London studio. Feminised in lace and high heels only add to his helplessness and need to surrender.
Want to be here? Contact Ms Tytania by email and discuss a rope bondage session with one of the most accomplished and experienced female rope tops and Shibari Mistresses in UK.


“I have now visited Mistress Tytania for two combined sessions of two hours active rope and spanking and one hour of abandonment in rope. I cannot speak highly enough of both experiences. Despite a lifelong interest in BDSM, it is only recently (50’s) that I have mustered up the courage to contact a Pro-Domme, and I was certainly guided to the right choice! The progression that I have experienced between my two sessions is testament to how Ms. Tytania exercises an intuitive and responsive control that reacts to and builds upon the drives of the submissive that I am coming to know and understand myself to be.

For my second session, I felt that I wanted to increase the intensity of the Corporal Punishment spanking that I also gravitate towards. Ms. Tytania most certainly obliged me in this regard and clearly delighted in my yelps during a build-up throughout the afternoon of cane, flogger, tawse and finally single-tail whip. In fact, the awareness of that mutual satisfaction of giving and receiving pain drew me deeper into a blissfully emotional state with each stroke.
I have soon come to realise that a combination of active play and some abandonment in rope works to deepen the overall experience. My first love is definitely rope, and in this regard, it is clear that Ms. Tytania is truly an artist. I was given some “time out” in a wonderfully tight and restrictive hogtie and as I relaxed, I could feel only the bite of the rope and the lingering throbs from my caning; I was in my deeply “happy place”! After a second bout of CP, Ms. Tytania proceeded to bind me with more and more rope, and I experienced my first full suspension.
This was an experience almost beyond words. To be held and restrained so completely and yet at the same time to be suspended in mid-air is undoubtedly one of the most liberating and cathartic experiences I have ever had. I re-entered the world around me in such a relaxed state, I was grateful for a journey home long enough to ensure that I didn’t have to talk to anyone too soon as my mind was so preoccupied with what I had experienced and I was loathe to “break the spell”.
It took me many visits to Mistress Tytania’s wonderful website to finally submit an email, and I am so deeply glad that I did. Twice now, and, with permission, I hope for many times to come, I have found myself in the hands of a kind, attentive and beautiful person, but be under no illusion, Ms. Tytania is in control and the submissive will soon enough know his rightful place! Thank you so much, Mistress Tytania, it is a real pleasure to be your property for a brief but oh so memorable time!”
Rope sub W.”

TEMPTED BY A ROPE BONDAGE AND SPANKING COMBINATION? Visit Ms Tytania’s rope bondage page and apply for an appointment at her East London Shibari Studio.


Human furniture in the boudoir? Mistress Tytania loves furnishing herCanary Wharf studio with male human furniture. Forniphilia is a big love for this creative Dominatrix. And she also has two lovely, dainty feminine feet to be adored by eager foot fetishists.
femdom servitude and vintage lingerie in the boudoir
Ms Tytania’s world famous tea parties in her Canary Wharf Boudir. Mistress loves a well trained sissy or frilly frock wearing French maid to provide domestic service for her. An education in Mistress Tytania’s boudoir! In her femdom household, a domestic slave shows his talent to become useful furniture, aka forniphilia. He will be rewarded with some foot worship if Mistress is in the mood to indulge him.
human furniture femdom submission
Domestic service in her Docklands Studio:
domestic slave foot worship
Serving Ms Tytania in the intimacy of the Boudoir. Lingerie fetishists, gloves, nylons and heels fetishists, foot fetishists and other admirers of the traditional Dominant female universe are in for a treat.
Ms Tytania is a lifestyle Mistress. Her world involves everyday life and the people around her. She also has a quintaessentially feminine nature that loves being pampered, waited on and worshipped. Her feet, legs, buttocks and body, dressed in nylons, vintage lingerie and corsets, are a femdom worshipper’s dream.
domestic slave foot worship
domestic slave foot worship

summer bare feet worship foot fetish


owk other world kingdom mistress tytania dominatrix femdom




Cross-dressing transformation, TV maid training and sissy slut punishment, in Ms Tytania’s East London Boudoir.


Ms Tytania has added a dressing-up boudoir for cross-dressing sissies and TV maid training in her boudoir studio in East London, E14. It’s glamorous, richly curtained and furnished atmosphere, she dressEs her sissies up and trains her TV maids into perfect, feminine compliance. She also administers OTK & hairbrush spankings when they fail to satisfy her high expectations.

Click on the photos below to see the decadent glamour of Mistress’ cross-dressing sissy retreat. Unashamadly coquetish little boudoir full of petticoats, frillies, lingerie and make up, for the trianing of TV sluts, sissy girls and French maids. Initially an under-used room, Mistress decided it was time to give her girls a little corner. Cross dressing, make up, deportment and TV maid training available now in her chambers.  
Mistress Tytania recommends a 2 hour appointment for a fun TV and cross dressing-up session. Good make-up, dressing up and wigs take time, and then Mistress wants to play with her pretty doll. Domestic service, discipline and strapon play, are some of her favorite activities in this East London Boudoir.  She also has a cage, hidden behind the damask curtains, for slutty unruly sissies…

sissy tv maid training east london mistress


Revolutionary Femdom Tax


Is a full kidnapping perhaps too scary, too dear for your tight fisted male arse? How about 2 hours BEING STALKED by a fearless, cunning female dominant in the streets? Let’s play Femdom Hide And Seek. We’ve got our eyes on you: attend the rendezvous and pay the Revolutionary Femdom Tax. But finding us is the fun bit… follow our directions using  Global Positioning System(GPS) receiver on your mobile phone and let’s play Femdom Hide And Seek.

2 hours geo-caching style manhunt, street stalking and ransom payment: £600 (deposit required).

Femdom Manhunt Mission: Stalked for the Revolutionary Femdom Tax: This is what we did to a male specimen like you. You can be our next prey in the streets of London.

How does this work? As part of her exciting UNDERGROUND domination, Ms Tytania has designed a new Femdom game: the spy/double agent rendezvous story, reimagined for Femdom. Wait for Ms Tytania to decide on the place, after agreeing on the time and date… be there and wait for the adrenaline to rush… she will follow you down the streets, while sending direction on your phone. Be ready for google Maps, sms instructions & much, mush stalking and confusion, till she decides it’s time to strike and pounce on you to demand the Revolutionary Femdom Tax.

You will meet us several times: perhaps in a cafe, where our agent is inconspicuously enjoying a latte and a book, to pass orders; in a quiet alley, she may be waiting for you, to give you instructions in an envelope… Excited yet?

All you need is a smart phone and google Maps, and the UC-SC‘s Revolutionary Femdom Tax ready to be handed in an envelope in your pocket. Be summoned at a previously agreed location within London; wait for instructions, directions and orders to reach you via sms or Whatsapp. Follow the map; follow instructions; retrieve the objects hidden for you at different locations, nooks and crannies… wonder when and where and how, your Femdom Tax Agent will appear, undetected, and demand your ransom money. Expect red herrings and decoys. Be confused, but still feel compelled to obey: you shall know what’s like to be chased like prey by a dominant woman. Be male prey to a the Femocracy. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, she’ll appear from nowhere in a dark alley. Pay promptly and she’ll instruct you back into the real world. Like previous specimens, you may need a stiff drink after the experience!

£200 per hour. Deposit required. Full ransom paid on location and at our agent’s discretion.


Ms Tytania’s Extended Captivity And Abandonment in Rope Bondage

Femdom extended captivity fans! Mistress Tytania will tie you up in secure rope bondage and abandon you in a corner. Immobilised in rope and abandoned in a corner, your extended captivity will begin. Mistress Tytania will watch over you while she carries of with her daily chores in the dungeon as a helpless hostage in her Canary Wharf Studio.

These extended rope & isolation sessions are perfect for subs who enjoy drifting into submission by the medium of incarceration and captivity.
Please note that, unlike normal cell or cage incarceration and isolation, your Femdom Mistress Jail Warden will check on you regularly. Secure rope bondage might cause issues with blood circulation, limbs going numb, etc. Your rope ties will be checked and modified a few times during this extended abandonment time. Blindfolds, gags, masks and buttplugs can be added, for an enhanced Femdom experience.
– 1 hour of isolation and abandonment in Japanese rope bondage costs £100
– 1 hour of isolation in Japanese rope bondage + 1 hour Femdom session with Mistress costs £350
– 3 hour combined session (1 hour Femdom play + 2 hr isolation in Mistresses’ hands): £450
– 3 hour combined play (2hr play with Ms Tytania + 1 hour isolation and abandonment): £550
A testimonial from somebody who surrendered to mistress Tytania’s Femdom Incarceration and abandonment in rope bondage:
D testimonial rope captivity
  • Read more about Mistress Tytania’s Femdom incarceration sessions extended incarceration & imprisonment sessions.
  • Hogtie + cage incarceration combination is also available – a vey popular request from my brave femdom prisoners:

extended rope bondage abandonment


  • Perhaps you prefer a regular rope bondage session in Mistress Tytania’s East London Studio? Shibari Domina Extraordinaire
  • If you’re a real rope fiend and think that you can escape Ms Tytania’s masterful hogties, karadas and full suspension… Her Inescapable Rope Challenge is the perfect adrenalin charged Femdom session.
  • BONDAGE TUITION: Mistress Tytania teaches Japanese rope bondage skills to couples and individuals, from novices to experienced Shibari fans. Read her Bondage Tutorials Page for more information.
  • NOTE: for the avoidance of confusion, I’m a Japanese rope bondage Mistress. I don’t offer steel bondage sessions, I use rope and exceptional rope skills to make men my hostages.
Extended rope bondage abandonment

My boudoir locker cage

Some of you have asked me what this wondrous sounding contraption is. Well, my lock-in wardrobe contains a gated closet where my captives can be caged. So yes, you will effectively be imprisoned in my boudoir’s clothes closet, under my fragrant rubber and lingerie! Here are two photos of my lock-in wardrobe (as well as my puppy cage, for other types of caging):



For those who enjoy and extended captivity session or enjoy exploring their caging, confinement, incarcerated and abandonment fetish. You can have your incarceration experience inside Ms Tytania’s cage or very small cell, or locked inside her in-built, concrete mini-cell, in her East London Studio.

fetish cage extended isolation
Some of you enjoy a combined session where there is play time with Mistress, and also, incarceration time either at the beginning or the end of the one to one session. Here are the relevant tributes:

– 1 hour caging and isolation time: £80

– 1 hour caging and isolation + 1 hour session: £330

– 3 hour combined session (1 hour play + 2 hr isolation): £410

– 3 hour combined play (2hr play + 1 hour isolation): £520

Inescapable rope bondage captivity, for rope & imprisonment fans: £100 per hour (please note that a person tied up with rope can’t be left alone and needs to be checked for circulation issues, numb limbs, etc, and rope ties have to be changed and altered regularly).
Overnight sessions: captivity and also Femdom service.
And don’t forget to check out my secret lock-in boudoir closet – get caged in my clothes wardrobe!

A domestic Femdom session

In my East London studio: where traditional Femdom meets modern day female supremacy.

Toe nail polish on a lazy saturday

Ms Tytania spends a lazy saturday at teatime, lacquering her beautiful toes.