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Extended Femdom Shibari Session In Chastity

femdom shibari bondage chastity

I have not long returned from the 4th Femdom session I have had with Mistress Tytania and can’t say enough how much I enjoyed it. They seem to get better and better as Mistress really connects with her subjects .
As I write this I have locked myself in a tiny chastity device and have posted the keys to myself as I am likely to get so excited just recalling the session, and that wouldn’t do, would it now. 

I arrive locked up in full chastity at Mistress’s Shibari Studio. She lets me let inand I immediately drop to my knees as is my want and in respect for Mistress. We exchange greetings and I am instructed to follow her into the lounge, on my knees.
I have bought a few things to show her and she chooses what I should wear. The same small chastity device, a tiny bikini, hold up stockings and high heeled shoes.
Standing beneath her new rope suspension bamboo pole, a chest harness is applied and I am tethered to the pole.
I look deep into her eyes as she ties my left arm in a folded position. My right arm is folded back behind me and tied in place. I am already becoming aroused. Femdom, shibari bondage & chastity: perfectly intoxicating! Mistress sensing that, she silences me with a large ball gag.
Further rope is applied and then I feel a loop being tied around one of my ankles. My right foot is raised off the floor and tied to my thigh. I detect more coils being applied to it and there I am helpless, trying my best to balance on one stiletto heeled black patent shoe. A blindfold is applied and that’s where I stay for the next half an hour or so. What a predicament! But the situation takes over and my mind begins to float away. Slightly uncomfortable but actually it is bliss and I’m in heaven.
Later in the session following a foot massage for Mistress, I am told to kneel with my back to Mistress. My arms are then tied in a reverse prayer position. This feels so inescapable. I am then lead into the other room on my knees and shuffled into a cage. Laying flay on the floor my legs are folded and tied and there I am in a hogtied position. The cage door is shut and i am left to contemplate my position. I hear Mistress leave the room.
Some 10 minutes later, she returns to check on me and then turns out the lights and leaves. That’s it, me unable to move an inch, bound in a cage, in chastity, a cage within a cage. This is the true meaning of Femdom, shibari bondage.
I don’t know how long I was there, but I wish it were longer as waves of feelings roll over me. The pleasure is indescribable. I love being like this, completely helpless and in total dependance on mistress for release (from the ropes).
More time passes, I feel so relaxed and freed from any responsibility. I am totally in the behest of a beautiful Mistress. It seems that all too soon, mistress returns and unlocks the cage. I shuffle out and lay, still, at her feet. She slowly unties me, and this I find equally erotic. As my binds come off, my limbs stay in place, not because I cant move them but because it feels right to let mistress untie her subject in a calm way. Once all of the ropes have been taken off and recoiled, I am told that I can again get up on my knees.
Being released in such a way throws another wave of emotion over me and I am allowed to put my arms around the corseted waist of mistress and hug her. She strokes my head, I have the makings of tears in my eyes as all I feel is love, love and respect for her Femdom shibari power. She orders me to leave her Studio in chastity.
I cannot wait to return and be once again, tied helpless and powerless, at the expert hands of Mistress Tytania.
If you are intrigued about Shibari or are already a full advocate of rope bondage femdom, you can email me to discuss a session.
My Femdom Japanese rope bondage page can be enjoyed here, with links to photo galleries and a blog.
Check out my Rope Bondage Blog and see my latest adventures – you will want to become my shibari puppet! 

Extended Rope Bondage Abandonment

Extended Rope Bondage Abandonment
Extended Rope Bondage Abandonment: here is how a secure isolation and confinement session in Ms Tytania’s Studio works. I started by hogtying my specimen on arrival and bungling him into my steel cage. He found the cage too small – I think I’d prefer a smaller one!
Ball gag in mouth, I locked the cage and left him there to squirm, while I carried on with a bit of admin. I stayed on the same room because I loved watching them squirm and stew in their submission. 
After almost one hour, I released him to proceed into the 2nd hour of his abandonment in rope. Still standing up, I attached him to the over head ceiling rigging, one foot tied up, standing on his right leg.
He stood like that for at least a good 30 minutes or longer, hooded and with a bite gag in his mouth.The last half hour was him standing up, torso, hands, legs and feet tied up while I finished my last bits of admin. He could watch himself and me behind him, in the mirror (photo). 

You wish you were here? You can find out more about  my extended captivity & Isolation sessions in rope here. Or visit my Japanese Rope Bondage page, if you prefer a more involved and elaborate enjoyment of all things rope and Femdom.



“But Mistress Tytania, how did you do that??! A fully hogtied male specimen, locked up inside a cage, and put in extended isolation” – Marvelled a fetish friend who saw these photos.

Yes, you’re seeing right: one of my Shibari Mistress skills is to hogtie my male objects inside a tight steel cage. Double rope and incarceration whammy. This is many a subs’ locked up fetish prison dream. And certainly among my favourite ways of putting away an unruly male who needs some time inside!
First I tie your torso and hands, then I slide you between bars, ready for  extended incarceration and isolation. The bottom part of the hogtie, legs and feet, are trussed up inside the cage.  Finally, I bolt the steel door. Doubly incarcerated: in rope and behind steel bars, my prisoner then drifts away into subspace. A very naughty male sub who deserves some time alone, behind bars.

You can find out more about my extended hogtie cage isolation in rope bondage sessions, following this link: Abandonment In Rope Page. Or, if you just can’t wait, book an appointment here.

extended hogtie cage isolation

Hogtied, suspended, surrendered to female power

hogtie rope bondage east london shibari mistress session


Ms Tytania’s japanese rope bondage skills – a testimonial

I unashamedly present you with some feedback regarding my Japanese rope bondage, suspension and shibari skills: a glowing testimonial form a very experienced rope bottom and femdom sub who won’t forget our 5 hour long rope session any time soon. the long afternoon included abandonment in rope, rope suspension, various hogties, floor rope ties and predicament bondage. This is the happiness in kink and fetish that I always aspire to offer: a chance to explore your fetishes with an experienced, creative, non-judgemental Domme. Where is my next rope bunny?

And here is, Specimen D, in his happy place:




Mistress Tytania’s Inescapable Rope Bondage Challenge lasts 2 hours and it costs £450. But there is a way to, if you’re really skilled, to get a free session with Mistress Tytania: test her expert rope bondage, escape and earn your money back! No sweat, no gain!

“Mistress Tytania, your reputation as a female, femdom rope bondage expert preceeds you – but  is your rope really inescapable?”, ask many men. I guess they have this idea that a woman can’t really do things as well as they do. After all, female rope riggers and Femdom Mistresses capable of tying up men inescapable are rare in the male dominated world of professional Japanese rope bondage. We’re so used to those photos of slight, thin girls being tied up and suspended in rope by big burly men… But I’ve been tying up big boys since the beginning of my career as a dominant woman, professional and lifestyle. My rope skills are unparalleled. So I’ve set up this challenge: do you want to test how inescapable my rope is? Fancy the chance of a free session, your money back? Want to try to free yourself from my expert rope knots? I’ll sit and watch with a cuppa, while you wriggle and squirm. I’m so confident, that I’m offering my rope fans the chance of a free session, if they escape my rope. YOUR MONEY BACK.

Book 2 hours in Mistress Tytania’s London Canary Wharf Femdom Studio. Let her try her finest rope bondage on you: hogties, floor ties, predicament bondage, suspension… settle in one full rope tie and if you manage to escape, I’ll refund you £350 out of a 2 hour session.  So this is the challenge. Escape and you get a free session! 


1. Refundable Tribute/Money back. Rope Challenge Tribute: £450.

  • The challenge covers 2 hour of full rope bondage play. If you want a longer session, the rest is not redeemable. But the first 2 hours will be a free session, refunded.
  • As a free session to get your money back, Ms Tytania will refund you a total of £400, as follows:
  • I require a £50 deposit. The free session refund would be for the remaining £400 paid on arrival to my studio, ready for the inescapable rope challenge.

2. Conditions of the Inescapable Rope Bondage Challenge to get your free session and money back:

  • Ms Tytania will tie up in 4 different ties during the 1 hour challenge: 1/Floor bondage; 2/ Attached to furniture or other object bondage; 3/ Predicament bondage; 4/ Rope suspension (total or partial).
  • Mistress will keep you in each position for 5 – 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the rope bondage. Free session? Work it!
  • If you release yourself 3 times (3 out of 4 rope ties) within this time frame, you will be refunded as on 1. Refundable Tribute = money back = free session. Simple.

Intrigued? Challenged? Defiant? Email me now. I’m ready to play the inescapable rope bondage challenge and claim my deluded male right to a free Mistress Femdom session! “Here, have your money back” isn’t something that my subs hear every day!

Mistress Tytania’s rope bondage challenge could be your ticket to have an exciting, seriously thrilling, Japanese rope bondage free session.




Behold Mistress Tytania, holding her rope bondage specimen by his dick, just in case he slips! I don’t think that H&S would approve!  She deserves to have her heels kissed at the very least, I think. Her upside down rope uspension of big, burly boys, is a feat to watch… and to try for yourself Mistress Tytania’s Femdom rope sessions page: Shibari Domina Extraordinaire.


Inescapable extended captivity in rope bondage

Nothing brings me more pleasure than meeting other Japanese rope bondage & suspension fans who appreciate my art. Yesterday I had a Shibari slut round for a 4 hour rope abandonment in rope. The session was a combined one: 1 hour of rope suspension and bondage, plus 3 hours abandoned in secure hogties, a Japanese rope crab tie, genital bondage, a firmly inserted buttplug, and an abundance of predicament bondage to keep my specimen focused and alert. Here is the testimonial he just sent me. You can check out the types of abandonment in rope only or a combined sessions I enjoy, in my Shibari Captivity page. Enjoy the photos I took, with permission from my willing captive, while he was in my very capable hands.

“Thank you for an absolutely amazing session yesterday. It was everything I had hoped for and more. You are a total wizard with those ropes and the butt plug was a great accessory. I am only sorry my session was shortened a lbit because of my late arrival. My apologies again for my mix up. I would have been in seventh heaven to have remained your captive and at your mercy for many hours more. A dream for the next time I am in London.

You have asked for a testimonial.I would be happy if you want to post the above but if you want a more formal account in the third person here are some additional words:

Me Tytania has elegance and poise. She has a commanding presence and is a true Dominant. But above all, from the perspective of someone who craves inescapable bondage, she is an absolute wizard with ropes.

I had sought a session involving one hour of intensive shinari followed by 3 hours of abandonment in bondage. What followed was everything I had hoped for and more. 

Within minutes of arriving my arms and chest were bound, I was hooded and a butt plug and gag inserted (the ball gag remained in for my full session except for brief interludes when I was offered sips of water). And then followed some of the most amazing bondage I have experienced.

I was suspended in a fiendish way which meant any movement by me pulled on my cock and balls. I was tied crouching on the sofa, again where movement had consequences for my genitals. 

 The abandonment portion of the session was just as good. A hogtie that lasted for goodness knows how long, all the while being hooded and gagged. For all that time I could barely move a muscle. Ms Tytania went about her usual business including at one point sweeping the floor around me. That was a wicked touch. And then an amazing crab tie where again I was left to contemplate my predicament which by that stage included uncontrollable drooling.

For any of you who are seeking someone who can tie you with expertise, style and creativity Ms Tytania is that person. This Queen of the Faeries has everything you could hope for and then some more.

Thank you Ms Tytania for such an intense and complete experience.”

Ms Tytania’s Extended Captivity And Abandonment in Rope Bondage

Femdom extended captivity fans! Mistress Tytania will tie you up in secure rope bondage and abandon you in a corner. Immobilised in rope and abandoned in a corner, your extended captivity will begin. Mistress Tytania will watch over you while she carries of with her daily chores in the dungeon as a helpless hostage in her Canary Wharf Studio.

These extended rope & isolation sessions are perfect for subs who enjoy drifting into submission by the medium of incarceration and captivity.
Please note that, unlike normal cell or cage incarceration and isolation, your Femdom Mistress Jail Warden will check on you regularly. Secure rope bondage might cause issues with blood circulation, limbs going numb, etc. Your rope ties will be checked and modified a few times during this extended abandonment time. Blindfolds, gags, masks and buttplugs can be added, for an enhanced Femdom experience.
– 1 hour of isolation and abandonment in Japanese rope bondage costs £100
– 1 hour of isolation in Japanese rope bondage + 1 hour Femdom session with Mistress costs £350
– 3 hour combined session (1 hour Femdom play + 2 hr isolation in Mistresses’ hands): £450
– 3 hour combined play (2hr play with Ms Tytania + 1 hour isolation and abandonment): £550
A testimonial from somebody who surrendered to mistress Tytania’s Femdom Incarceration and abandonment in rope bondage:
D testimonial rope captivity
  • Read more about Mistress Tytania’s Femdom incarceration sessions extended incarceration & imprisonment sessions.
  • Hogtie + cage incarceration combination is also available – a vey popular request from my brave femdom prisoners:

extended rope bondage abandonment


  • Perhaps you prefer a regular rope bondage session in Mistress Tytania’s East London Studio? Shibari Domina Extraordinaire
  • If you’re a real rope fiend and think that you can escape Ms Tytania’s masterful hogties, karadas and full suspension… Her Inescapable Rope Challenge is the perfect adrenalin charged Femdom session.
  • BONDAGE TUITION: Mistress Tytania teaches Japanese rope bondage skills to couples and individuals, from novices to experienced Shibari fans. Read her Bondage Tutorials Page for more information.
  • NOTE: for the avoidance of confusion, I’m a Japanese rope bondage Mistress. I don’t offer steel bondage sessions, I use rope and exceptional rope skills to make men my hostages.
Extended rope bondage abandonment


Due to an enormous amount of enquiries, I’ve decided to offer some pilot overnight sessions. An overnight session starts in the evening, around 7 pm (exact time to be agreed on), and lasts until 10 am the morning after. It normally starts at 7 pm and finishes at 9 am, with a 7am sharp waking up call to be my toy! 15 hours at my beck and call. Tribute can be found in my contact page.


I’m also experimenting with extended, daytime, 6 hours sessions. You can check in at Tytania Towers from 10 am till 12pm, amuse me, serve me, be my toy and victim, my human guinea pig… Your release will be granted just in time for dinner. Surrender in a world that only exists in your fantasies and in my Canary Wharf Studio. check out the tribute (fee) in my contact page .


Favourite activities for these sessions can include, but are not limited to:
  • bondage
  • captivity
  • domestic servitude
  • entertaining my visiting dominant friends
  • enforced punishment and corporal punishment
  • interrogation
  • hypnotism practice
  • feminisation
  • compulsory feminist indoctrination
  • caging
  • role play in many forms

… and anything your febrile submissive mind and her wicked imagination can concoct. Normally, she will retire no later than midnight.  Mistress Tytania requires a £200 deposit to guarantee availability (it’s a long day or night!). Email me to find out more:

overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session
overnight mistress domination session

Predicament Rope Bondage and cbt on the floor

predicament rope bondage Mistress

Japanese rope bondage skills are not just about body suspension or complex hogties. The art of predicament bondage in rope, with a dash of cock & ball torture, as loved by many bondage fan: Mistress Tytania makes her hogtied specimen lift his buttocks to pull the rope really tight. Now his balls are yanked by the rope and attached to the ceiling bondage rigging. Hogtied and gagged, he has to stay very still, or he may end up detached from his man jewels. Femdom is a cruel Mistress cruel and women like to laugh at a man in predicament! Specially if his cock and balls are involved and in imminent danger.

Mistress of the Erotic Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Here is a tiny sample of what Ms Tytania is capable of doing with rope. As an accomplished Shibari Mistress, her rope bondage sessions are a feast for the eyes, the senses and the imagination.

Also as a blog entry: Submission in red: submissive boy hogtied in red rope, under my red leather DM boots.


View a full photo gallery of this Japanese Rope bondage suspension by clicking on the hyperlink or on the photo tryptich, above.

Planet Shibari: Ms Tytania boldly takes her securely, shibari – bound specimen where no rope bunny has been before.


Hogtie, facesitting and suspension.

After hogtying my subject on the floor, I had to indulge in a spot of facesitting. It didn’t take much to persuade me that rope suspension was the next step towards his total helplessness and immobilization. Shibari does the job every single time!


Japanese rope bondage and suspension in rubber.

Rope bondage, rope suspension… and shiny rubber!


Two Mistresses in rubber, one male specimen and miles of rope.

Ms Tytania and a dominant friend enjoy an evening in, tying up a male slave in rope. Hogties, humiliation and a shibari feast ensues!


Submission in Red

Red patent leather DM Boots; red rope for shibari;  red toenails… Rope suspension and submission in red!