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The Other World Kingdom, OWK – Nostalgia 2

The Other World Kingdom’s grounds and buildings contained every single habitat a Mistress may want to live in: luxury hotel suites (with en-suite cells!); underground cellar prisons; plush Baroque salons, games rooms, fully fitted dungeons and kitchesn… I used many of them but I was, apparently, the first person to even film in a toilet.

Well. I was wearing my back latex catsuit; I was also wearing my black 8″ rubber dildo strapon; I had three willing slaves to do as I pleased. So i thought that a nice little scene of penis envy (my penis, not theirs!), would be fun. In these scenes, you can see me using my cock like a man: to piss on a men’s urinal, and to admire and compare cock size with the boys. Because that’s what men do in men’s toilet’s I’ve heard.

One of my mottos is: everything a man can do, a woman can do better. Here is some proof 🙂

Slut S the anal slut, gets and extreme anal fisting from Mistress Tytania

“This is an account of my second appointment with this wonderful Mistress. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am 40 something anal whore. I just love to be violated and my “boycunt” sodomized with a variety of implements. Hard anal pegging with strapons, occasionally the real meat but most especially with a beautiful woman and her clenched fist.  My first meeting with Ms Tytania was excellent, full on debauchery where she gave me a full, deep fisting. So I knew with the next meeting she wouldn’t disappoint this little slut.

“We met again at noon for a 1 hour session. Mistress Tytania greeted me with a friendly (and knowing) smile.  The apartment was full of her beautiful pegging toys.  Dildos of all shapes, sizes and colours were there to be chosen.  A leather sling hung in the centre of her main play space.  The accoutrements of her craft littered the apartment.  “This is going to be fun.” I thought to myself whilst preparing in the bathroom.  
Shortly afterward the pegging session commenced in earnest.  Straight down to business, no messing about I was bent over a bench, legs spread ready to accept her.  Ms Tytania lubed me up and strapped on a huge, smooth, black dildo.  The tip ran over my twitching anus, eager to accept its full length, begging to be entered.  Oh the ecstasy of anal penetration, she slid inside me with little effort.  Rhythmically thrusting her member into me.  I felt my internal muscles clench.  I wanted to hold on to this moment for as long as possible but not even my well trained ass could hold this phallus still.  The sensation was orgasmic, faster she pegged me, harder she fucked me.  My anus was wet with the juices the walls of my rectum were pumping out.  The fucking was hard, fast and relentless. I was getting eagerly ready for a fisting.
Mistress Tytania didn’t worry or care about me (she didn’t need to) she just wanted to fuck me, aggressive, predatory, raw sex.  I was just a receptacle for her huge tool.  Something to be pegged, sodomized and it felt wonderful.  Now Ms Tytania moved it up a notch on this hard pegging game.  The next strapon was even bigger.  It was more anatomically correct than the last with a large bulbous head, thickly veined shaft and balls. Knelt before her I caressed its length in my hands.  Then it was pushed into my mouth.  I gagged on this giant. Withdrawn I had the opportunity to run my tongue over its beautiful glans.  Flicking over the urethral opening I fantasized about it shooting thick, sticky white sperm down my throat.
 “Bend over the bench”, she ordered.  Fantastic! I was to be fucked again!  Unlike the last one I could not take the full length of this monster, it was just too big.  But the sensation was amazing.  I could feel its head (inside me) dilating my rectum as it was thrust back and forth.  I had some of Ms Tytania’s (excellent quality) amyl in a mask in front of me.  I inhaled some and my head began to spin immediately.  I could feel myself loosen inside (and Ms Tytania speed up), fantasising about a good fisting after the pegging.  
The fucking and pegging started to get really hard-core now.  I was being given it very hard and was not sure how much more I could take.  Ms Tytania was really getting into this.  Both of us lost in this debauched spectacle.  The epitome of role reversal.  Strong, aggressive woman fucks sissy faggot hard in his loose ass.  This is what (my) dreams are made of.  The Mistress withdrew her big black cock and I could only imagine what my ass looked like.  It must have opened me up considerably.  But that was the plan, stretch me open so I could be given a hard, deep, anal fisting.
We moved to the sling, legs strapped high in the air, fully lubed up and head spinning from the amyl nitrate, Ms Tytania was straight in again.  Fisting me hard and fast.  Punch fisting my now very sore, pegging-destroyed asshole until I could take no more.  For the next thirty minutes this continued.  Short intense burst of anal fisting followed by moments of rest.  
As well as the initial long, hard strapon pegging, Mistress Tytania’s fisting technique was superb, as she punch fisted my ass she twisted her fist inside me. Her knuckles riding over my swollen prostate added to the cocktail of sensations. Shallow punch fisting where her clenched fist was pulled out and reinserted (fist still clenched) were the finishing touch.  The 1 hour session flew but my poor ass could take no more.  For any anal aficionados out there a session with this fantastic Mistress is highly recommended.  If you’re into hard anal play there are few (if any) Mistresses who could surpass her.  I will definitely be back for more (as soon as my ass has recovered).”
Slut S… “
… and here are some pics I took of Slut S, while on the job… Mistress can multitask!

Mistress Tytania Fisting: deep anal orgasms