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As luck may have it, I bumped into an old scene friend who wasted no time in telling me all this latest adventures as a boy whore: clubs, parties, orgies, filming… and it did sound as if the boy enjoyed not only the company of powerful women, but also, indulging in boy on boy action, cock-sucking and spit-roasting, to please the ladies.

So I couldn’t resist adding him to my arsenal of kink activities and pleasures. now he’s available for forced-bi sessions in my presence.

He is now available for forced-bi sessions, both as male and also in his stunning cd, cross-dressing tranny slut persona, to whore his delicious boy bits out to other boys, to please Mistress. I do like to watch my boy on boy action and fun as they are, parties weren’t enough to satisfy my own lust for watching men please other men.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t live in my cupboard under the stairs, so this type of session has to be planned and booked in advance, to ensure availability. Please email me to request an appointment.


Inaugural party: 13th October 2016 .

GUEST MISTRESSES: Ms Tytania, Goddess Cleo, Mistress Absolute, Mistress Darcy, Mistress Rebecca Raynor and Lady Sara Borgia.


Our first comeback party will take place in collaboration with the fabulous Domina Parties. Two of London’s dedicated multi-Mistress party organisers, join forces to bring you an event of exceptional sluttery: VIOLATE! and The Slut Bed Of Shame, simultaneously and under the same roof. Check Domina Parties for details and read below to find out how the Slut Bed Of Shame works its slutty magic:

THE SLUT BED OF SHAME! Such an evocative name! How does it work?

Ms Tytania’s Slut Bed Of Shame – the perfect, fool proof Femdom recipe for this favourite variation on the Forced-Bi theme. What started as a side show at The Grand Slutathon, her legendary Multi Mistress London parties that focused on forced-bi, CFNM and Strapon action, became an event in its own right due to its immense popularity among men who identify as straight, alpha types, but who fantasise about indulging in cock worship and boy on boy action. The Slut Bed Of Shame, as its name suggests, is quite simply, a group of horny boy whores on a large bed.

The party starts at 4pm. The boys will be performing in 2 hour shifts. They can choose to attend at 4 or at 6 pm, and be dismissed 2 hours later, to be replaced by new, fresh but rampant sluts.

The tribute to attend the Slut Bed Of Shame is £300. Email Ms Tytania to book your place.

But how does Ms Tytania make this such a compelling party? and will it be right party for you, male specimen? Here is her recipe:

To make a Slut Bed of Shame you will need:

  • 8 sluts, naked
  • 1 – 2 Domestic boy or sissy maid
  • 4 Mistresses
  • 1 large, strong bed where sluts can writhe, rub and also, be tied at the ladies’ discretion.
  • Atmospheric light
  • Romantic music (optional)
  • Lashes of Prossecco


Find a luxury boudoir in central London and invite your dominant girlfriends round for the afternoon. Preferably, of the kind who love to watch men perform boy on boy action for their viewing pleasure.

Bring a domestic slave, sissy maid or other type of quality service-oriented submissive specimen loaded with a crate or two of prossecco. Direct them to their corner to serve the ladies and tidy up the inevitable mess.

Summon the sluts and instruct them to strip for the ladies’ assessment and (dis)approval.

Command the sluts onto the Slut Bed Of Shame and order them to enjoy each other with their mouths and arses. Make them mingle and couple up in slurpy 69’s; tie some of them up and turn them into The people’s Whore; force them to roll on the bed en masse, rubbing against each other in a chaotic, sweaty, mass of erect male bodies; direct them how to please each other with their hand s and mouths, and ask for feedback and punctuation. A clipboard and pen is always a nice touch.

Drizzle them with baby oil and watch them wriggle, writhe and moan as they suck and stroke hard cock.

Demand to impress the ladies with an ornamental tableaux, a fountain of bukakke.

Play the Soggy Biscuit game and punish the last to cum with a man juice covered biscuit for his tea.

If there is a suitable bathroom in the venue, send the boys to lather and shower with each other. I’m specially fond of a good wet boy on boy show.

Punish slackers and do-me subs with a wank ban and watch them implode.

Finish by asking the by now exhausted, but frustratingly horny cock-hungry whores, to suck each other to completion or demonstrate their wanking skills ( many so called straight men are good at the former, and all are excellent at the latter).

Serve very hot and best enjoyed by the ladies with a glass of two of cold prossecco.