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The Inescapable Rope Challenge lasts 2 hours and it costs £400.

“Mistress Tytania, your reputation as a Shibari Domina preceeds you – but  is your rope really inescapable?”, ask many men. I guess they have this idea that a woman can’t really do things as well as they do, and I admit that female rope riggers and Shibari Mistresses who tie up men, are rare in the world of professional Japanese rope bondage. We’re so used to tose photos of slight, thin girls being tied up and suspended in rope by big burly men… so what happens when the tables get turned? I’ve been tying up the big boys since the beginning of my career as dominant woman, professional and lifestyle. My rope skills are unparalleled.

So I’ve set up this challenge: do you want to test how inescapable my rope is? Want to try to free yourself from my expert rope knots? I’ll sit and watch with a cuppa, while you wriggle and squirm.

Book 2 hours in my London Canary Wharf Shibari Studio. Let me try my finest rope bondage on you: hogties, floor ties, predicament bondage, suspension… settle in one full rope tie and if you manage to escape, I’ll refund you £350 out of a 2 hour session.


1. Refundable Tribute. Rope /challenge Tribute: £400.
  • The challenge covers 2 hour of full rope bondage play. If you want a longer session, the rest is not redeemable. 
  • You will be refunded a total of £350, as follows:
  • I require a £50 deposit. The refund would be for the remaining £300 paid on arrival to my studio.
2. Conditions.
  • You will be tied up in 4 different ties during the 1 hour challenge: 1/Floor bondage; 2/ Attached to furniture or other object bondage; 3/ Predicament bondage; 4/ Rope suspension (total or partial).
  • You will be kept in each position for 5 – 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the rope bondage.
  • If you release yourself 3 times (3 out of 4 rope ties) within this time frame, you will be refunded as on 1. Refundable Tribute.

Intrigued? Challenged? Defiant? Email me now. I’m ready to play!


Tying up and suspending big boys… upside down!


Holding you by your dick, just in case you slip? I don’t think that H&S would approve! But I deserve to have my heels kissed at the very least, I think. My rope sessions page: Shibari Domina Extraordinaire.