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Ms Theda’s review: What a Slutathon! And there’s going to be another!

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A testimonial by one of our Mistresses, Ms Theda Vamp.

Intimate and intense to say the least and one of the best we’ve ever held! The boys were up for anything, the ladies were glamorous and highly amused and I can honestly say the boy on boy action for our entertainment was HOT! 🙂
I absolutely loved it. We had the boys bent over benches, swinging from harnesses, wriggling on the floor and the Slut Bed of Shame was rocking!
Everyone went home after 4 hours of intense boy on boy and strap on sluttery hugely beaming and the enthusiasm was such, that instead of waiting for the usual quarterly break before we hold another, we all agreed (including the boys!) why wait for something we all love doing so much? 🙂 so we’re planning on holding another in late June. Hooray!
There’s honestly nothing nicer than a bunch of boys having a break from their hetero lives, abandoning their so-called socially acceptable skins and crawling, serving, worshipping, sucking and fucking each other for our enthusiastic viewing pleasure.
If you think you’re up for it, get in touch and tell me why we should consider you as one of our strap on starlet slaves this summer 🙂

Slut Joe’s Slutathon testimonial

I’ve been organising slutty parties of different descriptions since 2009. How time flies when you’re having fun at the expense of some shameless boy sluts.

For our latest Slutathon Strapon Party, Slut Bed Of Shame Forced-Bi party and other events I organise or take part on, visit this page.

I often team up with Goddess Cleo’s Domina Parties, because me and my friends love sharing your slutty talents. Check out the whole page!

Testimonial for the 5th = Grand Slutathon, held at Ms Tytania Towers on Thursday, May 16th 2013.

Dear Ms Tytania,

Here’s my testimonial.

Having long debated whether to attend one of Ms Tytania’s Slutahons I finally plucked up the courage, and booked. I’ve visited many Mistresses over the years, nearly always 1-1, and occasionally done CFNM sessions with a Mistress and a vanilla audience, but never multi-slave, and only once forced bi. So this seemed like it would be enjoyably humiliating, especially with four Mistresses in attendance, and would stretch my limits. The booking was easy, and even a last minute change of venue was well managed. So the logistics are good.

Now, the feelings that well up in you on the days running up to the event, and especially on the morning of the event, are quite something. I tweeted three of the Mistresses in advance, saying I was looking forward to it, nervously. Only Ms Tytania replied, so my feelings of worthlessness were increased – perhaps Ms Slide and Mistress Rebecca Raynor would only deign to communicate with me once I was in their presence. Sitting in meetings knowing you’re going to be stripped and humiliated within a couple of hours is just delicious. What if the people around you ever found out? Reading the list of activities which might be involved made me tremble, I must admit. Strangely I was most nervous about having to dance myself naked in front of an audience. I set out early and found a pub, to down a couple of drinks and prepare mentally. Again that same thought – what if the barmaid knew this man was heading to a slutahon, to be paraded, abused, and stretched for ladies’ entertainment? She’d probably want to watch, was the next thought!

Arriving in good time I was shown in, and interviewed, limits and experience were noted, and this was my chance to see the Mistresses for the first time. Ms Theda Vamp, Ms Tytania, Mistress Rebecca and Ms Slide all appeared to be on top form, and enjoying the prospect of their slaves’ impending humiliations. All four Mistresses are gorgeous, and I would very much like to session 1-1 with each of them. I opted for a mask, unlike the other slaves present, though to be honest it made little difference. We were asked to dance ourselves naked, and then it was out with the strapons, for each of us to be vigorously buggered, while sucking cock, or giving hand jobs, for the ladies’ visual pleasure. We rotated, so that everyone had a taste of everything, so to speak. Poppers were in good supply. The sense of female power, superiority and pleasure was immense, and we hapless males were well and truly subjugated in this first part of the event.

During a break (for the ladies), I was used as a footstool, and then made to perform 69 with another sub, which I think the ladies found very entertaining. Mistress Rebecca does a great line in commentary right in your ear, in a soft Scottish burr, an extra delicious humiliation. Ms Slide has a sort of girl next door bubbly demeanour which just made me want to submit to her, while the exotic Ms Tytania and Theda Vamp are very good at directing the overall play. The 69 soon turned into me losing my anal virginity, having never been taken by a male cock (lots of strapons, never this), and since you should always go wholeheartedly into things, I think I can say the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the show I an another sub put on. The panties we both wore were a nice extra touch. Feeling deeply slutty, it was soon time to deliver my cum to another sub’s face, in front of a cheering audience. There is something magical about wanking furiously in front of four fully clothed ladies. Then I held a biscuit for a sub to wank onto, before he ate the resulting messiness.

I can thoroughly recommend the slutathon, not simply because of the experiences you might have, but because of the ladies themselves. They manage to be both welcoming, warm and engaging on the one hand and utterly dominant on the other. Being their toy was an absolute pleasure and I have some amazing memories to look back on. Thank you Mistresses!


Mistress Rebekka Raynor: “The sight of an erect shaft does wonders for the contents of my underwear” – Interview

Last but no least in this series of interciews, Mistress Rebekka Raynor, fierce Scottish beauty, reveals why she can’t wit to attend The Grand Slutathon and reign supreme in the art of male trodding – whilst privately relishing the spectacle of their erect shafts.

1. What are you most looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

I am mostly looking forward to the profound sense of glee to be had in a room full of ladies who will no doubt be laughing their heads off at the expense of the males. The day will be all about fun and mutual enjoyment, the opening and widening of bodily cavities, one of my major loves. I can see it now, a conveyor belt of willing voids to be taken, mouths and assess to be ravished and ravished again until none of them know what day it is or how to spell their own names…

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

My first experience was with a boyfriend when around 16, so let us just say that I have treaded the hallowed spaces and have composed the map. I had my own toy, and after experimenting with fingers first and having the poor wretch wear my underwear to college, proceeded to investigate matters further with said implement. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a relentless quest to violate as many willing specimens as my lifespan would allow.

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

The feeling of having a shaft alone does not make me feel powerful – it’s more the feeling and knowledge of having a different sort of access to a previously difficult part of the male body, the ability to inflict yet another mode of pain and pleasure, like learning a new note on a musical instrument, therefore drawing out far different and more beautiful notes than previously.

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

Gay male porn to me is much more visually interesting to me than straight. The sight of an erect shaft does wonders for the contents of my underwear, and what better to encourage that than two, three or four of them? One of my favourite scenes of all time features three men in a very artistic and acrobatic scenario, taking each other in ways and positions that no ordinary mortal man could dare to achieve without a trip to A&E. Even more so, it was obvious that they were all attracted to each other, which is even more important than  the acts of anti gravity they were committing.
5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women;s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

Clichéd as it is, body confidence is mostly in the mind. Even if your body is not how you would like it to be, the way you carry yourself can be a far more powerfully sexual thing than what it looks like. Not forgetting that just like a doctor, a Dominatrix has seen all sorts of body shapes and sizes before and is unfazed. That said, if you are a good boy then you will get down on your damn knees and be too busy sucking to worry about what you think I think you look like.


Mistress Jezabel: I own a large collection of boy-on-boy porn, seeing it live is an extra special treat – Interview

In our third interview with the Mistresses taking part in the forthcoming Grand Slutathon, Mistress Jezabel tells us about ehr penchant for gay porn, keeping strapon-hungry toyboys while at college, and more.

1. What are you looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

Well, my two favourite things are watersports and strap on, so I will relish the oppotunity to rape as many sluts as possible. There is also something rather wonderful about Dominating with a group of ladies, its a very special dynamic.

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

When I was at university, I had a boy toy that was very into it, and we had a lot of fun, after the first time I tried it, my thighs ached for a week!

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

There is a special feeling about penatrating someone, its very difficult to describe.

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

Yes they do! Its incredibly hot especially if they are enthusiastic. Nothing better than watching a greedy cocksucker! I own a large collection of gay porn for my viewing pleasure, seeing it live is an extra special treat.

5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that womens bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

I also enjoy the male form, but nudity in this context is also a sign of repect for the dominant female. There is no need for shyness, it is key to your submission. Plus it makes for easier access when the action gets going.

Ms Tytania: “I used to think that men didn’t enjoy being fucked with a strapon” – Interview

Second in our series of interviews with the Mistresses who will take part in the Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, Ms Tytania tells us about her love of strapons and watching gay male porn.

1. What are you looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

The sexy, sexual charged atmosphere that we achieve. It’s such a joy to se those boys feeling so liberated, encouraged and safe in the knowledge that they can indulge their deepest fantasies, while being encouraged and watched by enthusiastic Mistresses. We have created a unique event: filthy yet warm, whoreish but classy. After having done a few, it’s clear to anyone that dozens of tightly filled, satisfied orifices can’t be wrong! I’m already looking for a suitable venue for the 4rth Slutathon.

2. How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

I fist saw a strapon in a mainstream, girl-on-girl fake lezza type of porn. Vanilla was the only porn I knew. I must have been in my early twenties. I saw the contraption and immediately thought: “wow, imagine doing that to a man with one of those!”. But I hadn’t discovered the BDSM scene yet, and I was convinced that hetero men didn’t enjoy being fucked a strapon. On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed humping men while spooning, and I don’t remember any partner who complained about it, in fact all my boyfriends have been very keen. It all changed when I did something as simple as stop assuming, and actually asked a man if he’d enjoy being fucked by a woman. And as they say, the rest is history!

3. Did you feel empowered? How?

“Everything a man can do, a woman can do better”, I say on The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell website. You’ve been told from a young age that even in the age of feminism, there are things that a woman simply can’t do in reality. What a lie! Being able to give it like a bloke is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. But we have to give it to the boys: good, sustained, rhythmic hip-thrusting is exhausting!

4. Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

I personally do, I prefer male gay porn above any other form of porn. Most of my female friends love a bit (or a lot) of boy on boy action and we are very lucky that so many men are happy to indulge us. I’ve lost count of the number of men, be them clients, partners or strangers in a club, who admitted they’d love to do it “if I force them”. As if they need a sub machine pointed at them to obey my little whims!

5. One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women’s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

True, the Greeks didn’t have those hung-ups. They loved the human body, male or female, they didn’t make aesthetic differences. I am turned on by men sexually, so seeing, touching, dominating their naked bodies is delightful. I love how different they are to me: they are more muscular, tighter. The narrow hips and little bottoms are a part of a man’s anatomy I’m specially fond of. I’m an arse woman, definitely… which takes me back, full circle, to the themes of the Grand Slutathon, and why I created it: the enjoyment of male sluttery, naked. And the more naked boys we can get, the merrier.

Stay tuned for Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Mistress Jezabel’s interviews coming very soon.

Find out more about Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, here.


Ms Theda: “I love the vigorous buggering of boys” – Interview

To wetten your very slutty, cock hungry appetites, we are publishing a series of interviews with the four Mistresses who will be attending Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd. Some are new to this party, others are old hand. But we are all passionate about extracting the last drop of whorishness out of our sluts.

Ms Theda was the first Mistress who agreed on being interviewed by me. We sat and chatted, in a col February afternoon, over a few glasses of sloe gin and almond croissants.

What are you most looking forward the most at the Slutathon?

Ms Theda: What am I most looking forward too? Oooh! *claps hands* Of course the vigorous buggering of boys, watching them suck cocks – mine and each others, the humiliation games and hopefully a flexible boy or two I can fist. And if we’re feeling flexible and as they seem to do it in porn these days, how about we try and do an anal DP on one of them?

How did you discover that women could fuck men too, and what was your first experience fucking a man?

Probably about age 19. After enjoying watching gay porn, and owning a dildo, came to the conclusion I could do that too! Experimented with my boyfriend who liked it, I loved it – et voila. Although I learned about ‘proper’ strapons much later. I didn’t even know there were such things until my mid twenties.

First experience was scary actually, even if I was the one who initiated it. A finger up a boy’s bum for pleasure is not the same as a whole dildo – I was terrified of injuring him. After the initial warming up, his obvious enjoyment meant I wasn’t doing anything bad and i suddenly realised I was inside him! Being able to penetrate a man blew my mind and all of a sudden there were tonnes of new ways to have sex.

Did you feel empowered? How?

I felt extremely empowered. Spreading a man’s legs, watching My cock enter him, knowing I was capable of dominating in a new way which was intense, intimate, penetrative, dirty. Being able to look down at his straining cock and lean back away from his reaching hands whilst still being inside him. In someways, the detachment added an exciting voyeurist element – I could fuck and get pleasure from watching. The ability to make someone orgasm a whole new way was a thrill too. It was empowering to know I’d turned this ‘civilised’ man, who offered his arse to me into a quivering mess of fucked meat, sweating, beaming and covered in his own cum having barely touched him with my hands.

Is it true that women love watching boy on boy action just as men love girl on girl? I know some men find it hard to believe.

I like boy on boy, girl on girl, trans on boy on girl – I’m quite varied with who I watch in porn. And even if the storylines in general are over rated, if there’s suitably aggressive bumming going on in the porn – I’m a happy woman.

One thing that some men ask me, is why do I enjoy CFNM. They argue that women;s bodies are beautiful to look at, but not men’s. Ok, I like men, I love them, and I find their bodies beautiful in the same ay as the Greeks did. What would you say to these body-shy men who may want to attend the Slutathon, but feel shy?

I think men are just as body conscious as women when it comes to being naked, but CFNM isn’t about whether you have a six pack and a burnished tan – for me it’s more primitive. In fact, being shy can be a positive – there’s nothing nicer than a man stripping down and being truly vulnerable – now that’s exciting. There are some particularly soft and silky parts to a man’s body, that women don’t have and I’m not talking about their genitals!

It’s establishing the mindset more than anything. Removing the fig leaf of acceptability and civilisation (clothing) and presenting the whole you, body, submission, excitement (often hidden by clothes) for women to view, appreciate and use as they wish. A man can look beautiful in a suit, but he’s hiding in it. I love the honesty of CFNM.


Stay tuned for Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Mistress Jezabel and Ms Tytania’s interviews coming very soon.

Find out more about Ms Tytania’s Grand Slutathon on March 2nd, here.

Boy on Boy Puppetry: Pull the cock, not the strings

New tickets deadline: October 27th.

When I ask my boys to amuse me by sucking each other off, or being bummed by one of them or being part of a spit roast scene where I also get to use my dommely cock, I love referring to it as “Boy on Boy Puppetry”. It’s puppetry of the penis, but not as we know it. I hold and direct my male puppets not by strings, but by their cocks. I hold and pull their eager dicks, literal or metaphorically speaking, so they do as Mistress commands.

I also like to share my love of the strapon with my Mistress friends: we all love sharing a boy for a good spit roast. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t be seen without my strapon dildo and all men would be anally trained to take it and to enjoy it, from a young age.

Cocks, specially other men’s cocks, hold such a powerful pull in a submissive man’s imaginary. It’s the ultimate taboo, the place where his masculinity is surrendered, his submission put to the final test. To engage sexually with other boys for Mistress, is a to show that I have the power to wipe out their male privilege and pretensions.

And yet, the boys are gagging for cock, dying to be put in their pen for the ladies’ amusement. To be nothing but a complying, tail wagging puppy, a pet-like accessory, a puppet on a string for a dominant woman. To have a man’s cock is to have he man at your will: naked, erect, horny, surrounded by demanding dommes and maybe in the presence of other boys too, with its promise of danger and unspoken temptations.

This is what my Parties are about: to have fun in the company of my friends, while taking full advantage of male weaknesses. Being strong, seductive and persuasive till they have no choice but do as told with their tiny, but very eager, dicks. It’s ultimately what they want. I know it, and I know how to use it, even abuse it.

The next party will be on Friday, October 28th. Have a look at my past, present and future parties, here:

Boy on Boy Fun sessions

My Strapon, CFNM, Bi Boy Parties

Surrender to the Dildocratic Order!

Another sneak preview of U.C.S.C. – The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, my forthcoming members’ site with original exclusive videos, sound bits and extensive photo galleries.

The Urban Chick will riot her way into world of Femdom in

MAY 2011

Check the new photo set on Flickr: Surrender to the Dildocratic Order, male scum! Femdom, but not as we know it. Prepare yourself to worship the Urban Chick in her jeans and bovver boots: No Goddess, No Mistress, No Corsets!

Undercover at Torture Garden

Yes, I went undercover to Torture Garden. Now I can disclose who the anonymous catty lady was. Certainly Ms Tytania took the night off for the evening!

(Photo courtesy of Bobette)

Chicks with guns at Pedestal!

My third adolescence, courtesy of Ms Slide.

Pedestal: the aftermath

A fabulous night at Pedestal! Lots of complaints from some fussy ladies, about it being too busy and not as formal and protocol-oriented as the thursdays event. Personally, I couldn’t get enough of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was more of a social event, but I received the best foot massage I’ve had in years but somebody who was, literally, hypnotized by my feet. I had a shower previously, I swear 🙂

Pictures of the performance in collaboration with Ms Slide coming very soon!

It's Pedestal O'clock!

yes, it’s Club Pedestal time tonight, that fabled night of unstoppable Femdommery, female fickleness and cruelty at the Colosseum. And to make it even more exciting, Ms Slide & myself are going to do a performance onstage, featuring assorted and random manipulation of sic fine male specimens. Our aim is to build a human sculpture with male slaves that can be used as an entertaining target and playground for all ladies. Last night we rehearsed the whole show and put those reluctant boys in line, ready for tonight. Body paint, human targets, and even a buttplug-hoopla, to entertain the ladies in the name of live art.

So come along to Pedestal, ladies and male devotees, and witness Ms Slide & Ms Tytania taming the beasts into works of art tonight!

And after that, a night of spoilt and exhuberance for myself & Ms Slide, in the company of an army of dominant ladies.

Club Pedestal Slave Training

So it’s back next wednesday, Sept 15th, at the Colosseum.

I met Ms Slide and her friend, the exotic Maitresse Elira last night, where we discussed (wo)manning the next Slave Training Evening. Given that the quality of the specimens on offer varied wildly and unexpectedly from month to month, we will have to ensure a quality new batch of specimens for Club Pedestal on the 24th.
But before that, Ms Slide & myself will be rehearsing our new performance, as part of the evening’s shows, where men will be duly humiliated and terrorised in the name of art. Green custard, cable ties, guns and hot-pants have been mentioned so far as possible props for the show. I’ll keep all hopefuls updated.

CLUB LUXE this weekend

SO looking forward to beign Hosue Domme at Club Luxe in Leicester again! The best Femdom eent, along with Pedestal, but without the crowds.

And speaking of Pedestal: I can’t decide what to wear tonight. Rubber? In this weather? Maybe just a skimpy bikini? It will probably be a last time sartorial decision, as usual…

More April Subversion Pictures…

More glamourous shots taken by Brian Southam at last saturday’s Club Subversion:

it will be Leicester next weekend…

… for the very civilized, yet decadent, Club Luxe, which is a private Femdom party by invitation only, than a more conventional club.

Subversion tonight

All ready for the fabulous, highly recommneded Club Subversion tonight! Bring on the rope, I’ll be happily tying rope bunnies up since it’s the Japanese Rope Bondage Weekend.

Also, a pic from last week’s Pedestal:

Club Pedestal, House Mistress and other events

House Mistress at Club Pedestal, you say? Hell, yeah! I’m going to be very busy till mid April, all those incredible kinky party to attend. From the traditional Femdom, to the more obscure and rare alternatives in the North of England
I’ll be House Mistress at Pedestal on March 25th.
Attending Dystopia for a bit of the old Ultraviolence and a lot of gory glamour.
I will also be House Mistress at Luxe, Leicester’s Femdom party, along with such wonderful Mistresses as: Mistress Susannah, Domina Liza and Ms Theda Vamp.
And a full stables of minions and slaves at our beck and call, how else? All Femdom fetish parties are the natural habitat of this London Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress supreme.