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Femdom Open Studio – Meet Ms Tytania & Her Friends


Back by clamouring, popular demand! Escape your work obligations in a Femdom oasis where you can indulge in your need to worship the superior female and her friends, while I catch up with all the gossip Fetish scene gossip.

You can now meet Ms Tytania & her dominant lady friends at her Canary Wharf Femdom Studio Tea Afternoons and show them how much you want to serve and adore them and of course, surrender to their fickle games and desires.


Where: At Tytania Towers

When: twice a month, from 4pm till 8pm. Drop by at ay time within this window of opportunity.


Jan – 10th & 30th

Feb – 8TH & 27TH

March – 6th & 29th

April – 5th & 30th

May – 7th & 31st

June – 5th & 28th

July – 5th & 31st

What’s this marvellous Femdom Tea Party & Open Studio? So I’ll be organising a regular tea, cake and prosecco party for my Dominant lady friends and myself. And you, my fans and devotees, are welcome to join us from 3pm until 8pm.


This is a private Tea & Prosecco party and therefore, cheaper and more relaxed than a one to one Femdom session. You’ll enjoy being in the company of myself and my lady friends, waiting upon us, being obedient, and being punished or rewarded, depending on your behaviour. There will also be other male specimens present. Expect rope bondage, high protocol, Mistress worship, moderate spanking (if deserved); light bondage… and much banter and humilliation to make your ears ring. You can admire and worship my finely turned out friends in winter boots and high heels and be their puppy and plaything. Or have you dreamed of being our human furniture?


Due to many confused inquiries, please note: the ladies will be enjoying a tea afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere where you ensure they are pampered and waited upon. Therefore: NO nudity, unless requested by the ladies; NO play such as: strapon; water sports; forced-bi; severe corporal punishment – or any activities that require full attention, high levels of hygiene and specialism. You can apply for a regular session, at the normal tribute, if that’s what you want to enjoy.

TRIBUTE: £80 per hour. Payment on arrival. We also welcome little seasonal gifts like a bottle of Prosecco, quality tea, cake, pastries and chocolates.

Email Ms Tytania to book your place. A £20 deposit is required, to guarantee availability – places are very limited! So don’t leave it till the last minute, make some space in your busy holidays diary for this Femdom Christmas Party! – +44 (0)7966186305

HOW TO PAY THE DEPOSIT: CHECK MY CONTACT & TRIBUTE PAGE FOR DETAILS and email/call/text/Whatsapp Ms Tytania for details.

The Facility – jailing, imprisonment & detainment event, Feb 13th

On February 13th, I’ll be gust Warden at The Facility, goddess cleo’s jail fantasy event. I’ll attend in full UC-SC – Urban Chick Supremacy Cell mode, ready to crush the male and impose a merciless femdom regime for our male prisoners (you, male scum!): under the boots of fierce femme wardens. Full re-education into female supremacy will be enforced by myself.

Full info & booking details here.

Do you fantasise about being jailed, or perhaps you have the desire to experience a complete lockdown, or retained on remand for a short/long term incarceration, overseen by beautiful, stern Duty Wardens…  If you have, then The Facility may very well be exactly your cup of tea!  Imagine being imprisoned behind bars, detained in a cell, kept captive in a cage, locked in an isolation unit, or confinedin a cupboard, whilst intermittently being beaten, broken, tormented and quite possibly tortured by gorgeous, strict, Dominant women?  Well here is your chance… Be incarcerated by Goddess Cleo and her beautiful friends, who may decide to hogtie you on the floor, cuff you to the chair, saran wrap you to the bench then sit back to watch you struggle, encase you in a straight jacket if you misbehave, or strap you down to the bed with hospital grade restraints if you attempt to escape…

FacilityThis event is primarily based around imprisonmentincarcerationisolationconfinementdetentionrestraintand complete lockdown.  There may, however, be multiple variations on each activity in order to achieve the desired experience, including but not limited to bondagecagingsaran wrap/cling filmcuffschaincollar/leashstraight jacketshibari, etc, as well as other forms of torture, if the Duty Wardens so desire.