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Mistress Tytania sessions in her exclusive and discreet Femdom Studio near Canary Wharf, East London. But she also travels extensively across the world.

During her travels, she visited The Other World Kingdom twice. There, she indulged in the Femdom Goddess life, waited upon by an army of eager boy sluts. In this scene, she caught her slaves in the pissoir and ambushed them. Forced to suck her strapon dildo and kiss her latex covered arse, they had no choice but to surrender. They submitted to her wishes and were rewarded with a royal pegging.
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The Other World Kingdom, OWK – Nostalgia

I’ve been looking at photos taken at The Other World KIngdom, in the Czech Republic, a few years ago. I always traveled there win the spring, when their garden nettles were fiercest, and slept in a suite that contained a cage for my collared slave, forest.

Back in the day, I posted  few accounts of these trips. Unfortunately, they got lost in the internet, because forums and websites come and go, and your contributions go with them. So I’ll have to start again, because the OWK is no more, and people ask me: what was it like? So here I go…

I really miss that place. It was a Femdom fantasy come true, the first and so far, last condominium dedicated to Femal Supremacy. They even had their own currency within its walls, and men couldn’t tread on the tiles paths, only on the grass or on the dirt.

I went there in 2007 and 2008. I wanted to see for myself what it was like, because I’d heard so much and people being people, information about it was always contradictory. The first time, i traveled with the peerless Mistress Natalie; the second one, with the no less glamourorus and formidable Domina Liza. It was April, it was spring, and the vast OWK grounds, a walled, secluded condominium in the center of the Czech Republic, were verdant and indoors, chocabloc with anything a dominant woman’s measly heart may wish. but the tender, young nettle beds in the wilder parts of the gardens, were specially tempting.

I stated in a suite that contained, as well as everything you’d expect in a hotel, a steel barred cell where my slave forest could sleep. it had a wooden bench on the wall and a thin mattress and blanket was available too, at the Mistresses’ discretion.

the dungeons, udnerground cells and plush salons wre ery tempting and used, as my filming can porve. But what I was specially looking forward to were the outdoors grounds, and the human puny carts at my service. Becuase that’s not the kind of thing that a London Mistress can indulge in every day.

So for the first day of filming, I planned a picnic and pony cart parade with the 3 slaves I had at my service: my loyal forest, and two German gentlemen of a submissive disposition, that ran to serve when it was announced that Ms Tytania of London was visiting, and needed slaves to serve her during her stay at the Other World Kingdom.

 The slaves are given orders and instructed on how to behave like good pony boys. They tried, bless them, but the jumping gave me a sore arse!

“Clip-clop-clip-clop!” Off we go! More a donkey than a studs.

So he got some correction to make a better job next time. My single tail saw some use that weekend!

After setting a good example, they were very eager to treat me to a picnic lunch on the lawn.

I’ve seen worse, but then, I’ve seen better foot worship, I suppose. competition among slaves always help getting a better service.


… and if that doens’t work, a good ball kicking does the trick to put them back in line. The wine was warm and the cucumber sandwiches soggy. But a lovely day was had by all, in our first day at The Other World KIngdom.