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Mistress Tytania – Skingirl – skinhead femdom fetish

skingirl skinhead femdom fetish mistress


skingirl skinhead femdom fetish mistress
skingirl skinhead femdom fetish
 With Ms slide & a grovelling skingirl / punk Mistress fanboy

A chelsea cut is an iconic style that challenges conventional femininity, with its severe shaven skull and long bangs. It gives my approach to femdom fetish a fierce edge. Skinbyrds have a cult following among many submissive men and fetishists, my admirors tell me. Our severe haircut and Doc Martens boots, has a dangerous feminine edge that is naturally dominant and femdom.

When it comes to the women, I specially love the way skinbyrds, skingirls or rennies, look so androgynous and stylish. When I turn up at regular fetish clubs in braces, Doc Martens boots and severe chelsea cut, subs, slaves and fetishists beg to serve me. And I love a man who appreciates such an un-lady like look in a woman. 
I’ve had a skinhead fetish since I started going to my first fetish clubs, in my early twenties, and they were mostly gay leather clubs and bars. I’ve been a skingirl and punk fashions for many years. I found the skinhead look a real turn on: the way gay culture had appropriated this most masculine, butch subculture, and turned it upside down, into a gay icon. As gay culture has done with all male subcultures and looks.