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Stage 01: Foot and heels licking and a spot of trampling. Human puppy training fetish under Ms Tytania’s feet.

human puppy training fetish
Email Ms Tytania to discuss a session where you can indulge your human puppy play. Fetish training in a safe, kinky, non-judgemental Femdom environment.

Human Puppy Ball Play Training: Fetch!

“Fetch!”, demanded Mistress Tytania, and her human puppy dog obeyed. A playful human pet training evening in my Docklands BDSM studio.

As a true lifestyle Domme, Mistress Tytania loves turing her human admirers in to an obedient puppy dog and play femdom puppy training: obey, sit, give me your paw, fetch! ball, roll on the floor… and cage time!
In a world that demands so much responsibility of a man, puppy dog play is a way of giving up control to a demanding, superior, female pet owner.  The sophisticated modern femdom lady appreciates her human puppies!
human puppy dog play femdom

Be my dog! – Photo Gallery

As a dog lover, there is nothing that pleases me more than an obedient human dog at my feet. Puppy training on a lead, giving him doggy treats and petting him. Putting my human puppy dog in a cage when he misbehaves, maybe letting him lick my heeled feet if he’s good or sleeping at my feet. Never be said that Ms Tytania isn’t a compassionate, soft-hearted Mistress to her pets!