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Mistress Tytania sessions in her exclusive and discreet Femdom Studio near Canary Wharf, East London. But she also travels extensively across the world.

During her travels, she visited The Other World Kingdom twice. There, she indulged in the Femdom Goddess life, waited upon by an army of eager boy sluts. In this scene, she caught her slaves in the pissoir and ambushed them. Forced to suck her strapon dildo and kiss her latex covered arse, they had no choice but to surrender. They submitted to her wishes and were rewarded with a royal pegging.
You might want to consider an expert strapon pegging session with this formidable rampant Mistress.
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Photo gallery: Fred Perry inspired latex dress

In a nod to gay fetish subculture, Ms Tytania pays homage to the skinhead look in a Fred Perry inspired latex dress, Doc Martens boots and a chelsea haircut. Skynbirds get their own, well deserved fetish niche, in shiny rubber and patent leather. Red, of course.