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Human furniture in the boudoir? Mistress Tytania loves furnishing herCanary Wharf studio with male human furniture. Forniphilia is a big love for this creative Dominatrix. And she also has two lovely, dainty feminine feet to be adored by eager foot fetishists.
femdom servitude and vintage lingerie in the boudoir
Ms Tytania’s world famous tea parties in her Canary Wharf Boudir. Mistress loves a well trained sissy or frilly frock wearing French maid to provide domestic service for her. An education in Mistress Tytania’s boudoir! In her femdom household, a domestic slave shows his talent to become useful furniture, aka forniphilia. He will be rewarded with some foot worship if Mistress is in the mood to indulge him.
human furniture femdom submission
Domestic service in her Docklands Studio:
domestic slave foot worship
Serving Ms Tytania in the intimacy of the Boudoir. Lingerie fetishists, gloves, nylons and heels fetishists, foot fetishists and other admirers of the traditional Dominant female universe are in for a treat.
Ms Tytania is a lifestyle Mistress. Her world involves everyday life and the people around her. She also has a quintaessentially feminine nature that loves being pampered, waited on and worshipped. Her feet, legs, buttocks and body, dressed in nylons, vintage lingerie and corsets, are a femdom worshipper’s dream.
domestic slave foot worship
domestic slave foot worship

summer bare feet worship foot fetish

A deep intimate shave before sissification…

TV’s, sissy sluts and other girlie boys, seem to have taken wonderfully to the idea of The Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon. Hair salons are probably one of the most feminine environments there are, and sissies need deforesting their unfeminine body fur.

So prior to a full feminisation, this sissy had an electric buzz cut to number 3: it helped for a perfectly fitting wig.

Then came the genitals, smooth as a well compliant, available porn star. Off with his hair on pubic area, bikini line, bum, sack and crack. A wet shave with pink lady shaving razors did the trick because this undeserving sissy slut wasn’t too hairy in the first place. Just as well, because I have to say that women’s shaving razors are a bit crap. Generally, I prefer tried and tested man’s razors.

As you can see, the whole procedure was carried out while wrapped in a hair dresser’s cape: a fetish that a surprisingly number of subs seem to share. Not cock stays dormant under its silky, shiny touch.

Appointments are now accepted for all manners of grooming & shaving. Email me for a booking.