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Skinhead Fetish Mistress Tytania in fierce Chelsea Cut & Doc Martens


Mistress Tytania strikes a fierce Dominant figure with her skinbyrd aesthetic of Chelsea cut & Doc Martens boots. As a unique East London Domme with a distinctive skinhead punk fetish, she stands out from other Mistresses. Unworthy male submissive and kink fetishists with a doc martens boot fetish love surrendering under her boot soles. International hair fetishists find this shaved dominant woman’s head irresistible enough to travel to London to session with her in her East London BDSM studio.

Mistress Tytania – Skingirl – skinhead femdom fetish

skingirl skinhead femdom fetish mistress


skingirl skinhead femdom fetish mistress
skingirl skinhead femdom fetish
 With Ms slide & a grovelling skingirl / punk Mistress fanboy

A chelsea cut is an iconic style that challenges conventional femininity, with its severe shaven skull and long bangs. It gives my approach to femdom fetish a fierce edge. Skinbyrds have a cult following among many submissive men and fetishists, my admirors tell me. Our severe haircut and Doc Martens boots, has a dangerous feminine edge that is naturally dominant and femdom.

When it comes to the women, I specially love the way skinbyrds, skingirls or rennies, look so androgynous and stylish. When I turn up at regular fetish clubs in braces, Doc Martens boots and severe chelsea cut, subs, slaves and fetishists beg to serve me. And I love a man who appreciates such an un-lady like look in a woman. 
I’ve had a skinhead fetish since I started going to my first fetish clubs, in my early twenties, and they were mostly gay leather clubs and bars. I’ve been a skingirl and punk fashions for many years. I found the skinhead look a real turn on: the way gay culture had appropriated this most masculine, butch subculture, and turned it upside down, into a gay icon. As gay culture has done with all male subcultures and looks.

Photo gallery: Fred Perry inspired latex dress

In a nod to gay fetish subculture, Ms Tytania pays homage to the skinhead look in a Fred Perry inspired latex dress, Doc Martens boots and a chelsea haircut. Skynbirds get their own, well deserved fetish niche, in shiny rubber and patent leather. Red, of course.

Wham! Oww! Kapow! Oouch!

Ms Tytania now offers sparring, punching, kicking and ball-busting sessions in full boxing gear. Despite being only 5′ 4″ barefoot, she can pack a mean punch.

Human punchbags now being auditioned for my training and amusement. Do you have what it takes to be my sparring specimen?

Toothguard recommended, but no cod pieces please 🙂


The Revolution has started!

The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell is fast becoming a reality. The hard edge of Female Supremacy is here to change the world of Femdom as we know it! Here is a sneak preview: a bunch of stills hand-picked from the lastest video. The Urban chick Supremacy Cell – soon a brand new member’s site on your screen!

No goddess! No Mistress! No Corsets!

Click here to see The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell on Flickr
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Ms Tytania on Filament Magazine

A full page picture and comment on issue no. 7, “The Red Issue”, of Filament – the thinking woman’s magazine.

“Lovely men – Saucy Fiction – Smart reading”

Beautiful publication full of things that interest women who have better things to do with their pretty heads than obsessing over reality TV, celebs or the size of their bottoms. Yet another reaosn not to condemn publication on paper to room 101 yet!

Click on the link below and then on ‘preview to view full screen’ to find me on page 35.

Filament Red Issue no. 7

Interview for Filament magazine

I’ve just been interviewed for the next issue of Filament Magazine, a magazine for the female gaze. They asked me questions on ” image problems”of professional domination and Femdom in general, Bitchy Jones and my advise to budding Dommes. I had to chop my original replies by half, I have a well formed opinion on thes matters and could have used the whole magazine space for them!

But then, one needs glamourous pictures to go with the article… so I’m now beautifying myself for a photo shoot with Mechaniques Photography this afternoon.