The British Mistress abroad…

so, back at home in Bilbao this week for a short spring break and what better way to hide form the blazing sun and fast tanning crowds, than in the depths of Studio Wanda. I had time to help Mistress Natalie during a long internment session, had lunch with her and hassle her prisoner for the day. I got to shave his arse, crack and balls, and indulge in a spot of strapon fucking in a sling. Leather slings, as visitors to my own studio in docklands cantestify, are amzingly playful and versatile pieces of equipment and ideal for bumming those stubborn arse sluts without tiring myself, with all that see-saw back and forth. Not to mention that once tied up to it, there is nowhere for them to go. Not that they’d want to go anywhere else, I can assure you.

Sessionsin London will resume on May 12th.

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