The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being



At my Femdom HQ, Tytania Manor. Take a tour of my lifestyle.

The Department is an immersive femdom experience for real women who want to awake the inner Dominant in them: live an afternoon in my Femdom household, living and learning the secrets of Female Supremacy and female-oriented kink. By women, for women, to the women.  Lessons in domination and female supremacy, But not as you know them – this is no workshop, but the real thing.

The Department For The Ladies’ Well-Being is an educational project to tame the male species for the benefit and pleasure of the superior species (female) and to educate the superior sex (female) into the ways and advantages of Female Supremacy. We open our doors to give you erotic power.

This is not a workshop or tutorial. but an immersive experience where you will experience and enjoy a real London Domina’s lifestyle, in her stylish and well equipped fetish apartment. Meet my Mistress friends and use our male playthings to hone and polish your natural dominance.

My Open Studio Days welcome women who feel a need to discover or improve their Dominance, by stepping into my lifestyle for an afternoon. Join me, my Domme friends and playthings, and submerge yourself in fetish tailored for the female tastes and desires.

We are the civilised, tea drinking prossecco swigging, cake eating, chaise-longe lounging side of Femdom. the male species is limited to its role as facilitator of our idle, decadent lifestyle as pets, servants, domestics and skivvies.

Sophisticated, experiended London Dominas by day… but when we are angry at men’s uselessness and frustrating clumsiness and entitlement, we kick off our heels and become the Urban Chicks. But that’s another story!

For now, The Department – DFLW-B, is a Femdom, female centred space where dominant women share their experiences and train other ladies into Female Supremacy. Each day, with each new hopeful recruit or trainee lady, we become closer to a world where women rule. Our goal, yes, is to establish Universal Female Supremacy in each household. To make women’s lives sophisticated, stylish and toil free. To relegate the male species to its rightful place: a complaint floor slug.

I have introduced women to the joys and secrets of Femdom for years, giving tutorials, couples training and advise for married couples who want to introduce elements of D/s and Femdom into their relationship. Many Mistresses offer that kind of training.

The Department For the Ladies’ Well-Being, however, is not a tutorial of a class. Is the chance for women, either single or with partners, to step into a Femdom gathering and experience the Femdom lifestyle in my own home and studio.

Men are trained at the Department’s Open Studio Days (link). But special soirees are organised, where new ladies are welcome to take part and learn, ask questions, improve their skills and meet other dominant ladies. We are a femdom network.

Individual tutorials tailored to each ladies’ specifications, can be considered after an introductory afternoon at the Department’s Open Studio.

The price is £150 per woman or £200 per couple, for a 4 hour immersive experience. Single male specimens need not apply.

Email Ms Tytania to book a Mistress Class:

Males, however, may apply to serve me an my Dominant friends, many professional London Dommes and lifestyle Dommes, at my Open Studio Days (click on link for more).


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