Mistress’ wet shave with cutthroat razor

As a haircut and bob fetishist, I like my hair very severe.

So I went to see my lady barberette for a trim: electric razor sides, back and fringe, and as a treat, a wet shaved nape with a cutthroat razor. Terrifying, but such a pelasure. I lvoe the feeling of the sharp, sharp blade across my skin nd scalp.

I am not immune to the pleasure of having my neck and nape shaved with a cutthroat razor. My lady barberette . It took quite a while, first a good lathering and shaving in the direction of the gran; then second lathering, and shaving of the nape against the growth of the hair. The result: a high-backed bob and a baby smooth nape, with 4 inches of scalp revealed to the cold January air.

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