Ms Tytania, London

Mature Mistress in London. Shibari and creative Femdom training.

With more than 20 years experience as a Dominatrix, Mistress Tytania offers mature, Shibari rope bondage and femdom education in Canary Wharf, East London. Here is your chance to meet a true lifestyle Domme in her bespoke BDSM Studio. By submitting to Ms Tytania’s unique approach to fetish, you’ll enter her expert world of kink.

Surrender to a true fetish lifestyle Domme. Femdom is her lifelong work, a mature art of Domination. Her exclusive kinky studio, which she doesn’t share with other Dommes, is a haven for those interested in exploring their fetishes.


Email inquiries only. Deposit required.

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Explore Femdom and BDSM

As well as her world famous Japanese rope bondage skills, Ms Tytania excels at unravelling Femdom based, fetish scenarios. Her imagination is boundless, but so is yours – email her and share your fantasies with a veteran, mature Domme who’s heard it all. You will surrender to a creative, veteran London Domme. A non-judgemental partner in your kinky adventures who welcomes novices and veteran subs. Mistress Tytania’s sessions dive into all depths of safe, risk aware, consensual kink. Her East London BDSM Studio is a haven for exploring of kink – starting from the mind. Every fetish she explores comes from her own interests as a lifelong dominant woman. If Japanese rope bondage / Shibari skills are your fetish – hers are known all over the world.

Ms Tytania’s East London Femdom Studio near Canary Wharf, E14, is a laboratory of experimental kink.

Apply now to deepen your kink self-knowledge in the hands of one of London’s great, mature shibari Mistresses.

Some Of Her Favourite Kinks

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Japanese Rope Bondage

Ms Tytania one of the most accomplished female Shibari experts in the world.   

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Fetish Barberette

Find out more about her love of punishment haircuts, hair fetish, head & genital shaving fetish, silky cape and straight razor fetish.  

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Strapon Pegging Mistress

Strapon, anal and pegging training, from butt plugs to full, fearsome fisting by a mature pegging expert.

fetish kidnapping femdom

The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell




Hard Edge Femdom Dystopia, inspired by the urban desolation of East London.  

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Femdom Obedience

Everyday female supremacy: explore Ms Tytania’s favourite kinks. Learn how to surrender at the feet of a naturally dominant woman.   

mature mistress london cage

Extended Abandonment Sessions

Extended caging, confinement and lock-up sessions. Steel cage and concrete inbuilt cell in her atmospheric Canary Wharf studio.

What Her Faithful Say 

I have soon come to realise that a combination of active play and some abandonment in rope works to deepen the overall experience. My first love is definitely rope, and in this regard, it is clear that Ms. Tytania is truly an artist.


“She delighted in shaving hair and dropping it on my face and torso.  She pinned me right down and took her clippers to my forehead… And started to push and hair was falling – I couldn’t feel and in that moment I didn’t care how much she was taking off.”


“This is just a photo, but I love it. A good human pup in collar and leash, crushed under my bare feet “

A photo gallery from a real life session. This puppy had a deep trampling fetish and was good fun to play fetch!