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Boi On Boi Forced-bi Soiree in London


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A Femdom Rope Bondage Session: Testimonial
Boy On Boy Session: Testimonial

Slave N K’s Boi On boi soiree testimonial.

I was very grateful to Mistress Tytania to be allowed to join in on a boi on boi party for Her amusement.

My favourite online scenes in the ‘forced bi’ type are those where Mistress Tytania directs two or more gimp slaves, hooded, and then also gets into one of them with a strapon. Mistress Tytania’s sessions are the best real life version of this. She sets up a great vibe with Her firmly in control and ordering the gimps from the start.

First of all I was asked to worship Her boots while the other slut arrived and took a shower. She then introduced the slut bois, both hooded but naked otherwise. She knows we need to be forced in one way but are also eager sluts in another way. She made us caress each other’s disgusting male bodies, getting each other harder and then cock-rubbing as well. She knows how to get the pace going so that She controls the action, we can’t do anything unless She directs it, and She knows that after a while we will do everything for Her.

After She has started off the action and we have done some hungry cock sucking, She directed us to Her tarty boudoir with a huge inviting bed. She filmed us as we carried on the cocksucking action in many different positions. Then She started to fuck us with her strapon, She controled us with her cock. Things started to get very frantic then. Eventually, on Her command, we the sluts came on each other and were required to clean up all of the filth before She ended the session - until She summons me to another one!

Slave N K