For those who enjoy and extended lockup session. If you enjoy being locked up in a cage, in captivity, incarcerated and abandoned. You can have your extended lockup experience inside Ms Tytania’s cage or very small cell, or locked inside her in-built, concrete mini-cell, in her East London Studio.

femdom cage captivity abandonment
Some of you enjoy a combined session where there is play time with Mistress, and also, incarceration time either at the beginning or the end of the one to one session. Here are the relevant tributes:
– 1 hour caging and isolation time: £80
– 1 hour caging and isolation + 1 hour session: £280
– Then add £200ph for session play or £80 for caging time.
Inescapable rope bondage captivity, for rope & imprisonment fans: £100 per hour (please note that a person tied up with rope can’t be left alone and needs to be checked for circulation issues, numb limbs, etc, and rope ties have to be changed and altered regularly).
And don’t forget to check out my secret lock-in boudoir closet – get caged in my clothes wardrobe!

As a consumated Shibari Mistress, Ms Tytania’s extended locked up sessions also happen in rope bondage. She delights in abandoning her male objects in rope bondage, in a studio corner or a her feet. Predicament bondage and hogties are perfect for rope fans who want to surrender to the fel of rope for longer. Check out this link for more.