A hair fetishist’s appointment at The Enforced Shaving & Grooming Salon

I have had a hair fetish for a long, long time, and have always struggled to find a mistress who would cater for my specific fetish. Then I found Ms Tytania’s Enforced Grooming & Shaving Salon. Following a number of emails between us, and a call to discuss the session, I duly turned up for my appointment at her place of residence.  I was led through to her Salon and the site of the barber chair, rope and hairdressing utensils, all lined up for me, was just amazing.

Ms Tytania was dressed in her red latex dress; we sat down and discussed the session. I was then allowed to shower, as I had come straight from work. When I stepped back into the ‘salon’ Ms Tytania was now in ‘fetish barber’ mode, and I was ordered to stand still whilst she wrapped my chest in red rope. I was then told to sit in the barbers chair, where my arms were roped to the arms of the chair, my legs were tied together, and more rope was wrapped around my chest, pinging me tightly to the chair – no escape here! I could see myself in the full length mirror, which just added to the experience, and I started to lose myself in the moment, until Ms Tytania bought me back to earth by slapping my face and remarking that I was bad to have come to her salon with such a nasty stubble on my face, and she would have to do something about that.

There then followed a whirlwind experience of being caped in two big PVC capes, hot towels, shaving foam, and Ms Tytania shaving my nasty stubble.  However, the best was yet to come. Ms Tytania was going to clipper my neck as the hair was all uneven, when she noticed my ‘tent’ under the capes, and proceeded to tightly tie part of the cape to my manhood (mummification for the cock, you could say). Then the clippers were buzzing and cutting the hair on my neck and at the same time Ms Tytania was pulling the rope attached to my manhood, and the sound and feel of the clippers was just too much and I exploded…

This was the best ‘hair fetish’ experience I have ever had, and it won’t be long before I am back in Ms Tytania’s salon.