inescapable rope bondage challenge

Ms Tytania’s Inescapable Rope Challenge is so far undisputed. She’s the queen of female rope bondage. Dare try and get a free session? Read more about the Inescapable Rope Challenge here and you might get your session money back.

Too adrenalin fuelled, trying to escape form a tight hogtie? Try my regular Japanese rope bondage sessions and enjoy the art of female led rope bondage: Ms Tytania’s rope bondage page.


inescapable rope bondage challenge
inescapable rope bondage challenge
inescapable rope bondage challenge
inescapable rope bondage challenge
inescapable rope bondage challenge
inescapable rope bondage challenge
inescapable rope bondage challenge




Ms Tytania is not a smoker, but she loves vaping huge clouds of perfumed smoke in her subs’ face at her feet. Her East London Femdom Studio is a smoking free zone, but vaping is allowed – to her. She loves putting her male specimens at her feet while she turns her Canary Wharf Studio into a decadent fragrant vaping den, pondering on what trials and tribulations she can put her fettered femdom devotee. Her favourite flavour is no-nicotine Parma violets from The Alchemist’s Cupboard.

But there’s more to a Femdom domination sesioon than clouds of fragrnt vapour! Find out more about her Femdom style on these blogs and photo galleries. She’s been dominating men in her Canary Wharf Studio & Boudoir since 2001. Click on this link for more: Ms Tytania’s Femdom Universe.
vaping fetish london
vaping fetish mistress
vaping fetish mistress
vaping fetish mistress

Ms Tytania’s Extended Captivity And Abandonment in Rope Bondage

Femdom extended captivity fans! Mistress Tytania will tie you up in her secure rope bondage and abandon you in a corner. Immobilised in rope and abandoned to your fate, your extended captivity will begin. Mistress Tytania will watch over you while she carries on with her daily chores in the dungeon as a helpless hostage in her Canary Wharf Studio.

These extended rope & isolation sessions are perfect for subs who enjoy drifting into submission by the medium of incarceration and captivity.
Please note that, unlike normal cell or cage incarceration and isolation, your Femdom Mistress Jail Warden will check on you regularly. Secure rope bondage might cause issues with blood circulation, limbs going numb, etc. Your rope ties will be checked and modified a few times during this extended abandonment time. Blindfolds, gags, masks and buttplugs can be added, for an enhanced Femdom experience.
– 1 hour of isolation and abandonment in Japanese rope bondage costs £100
– 1 hour of isolation in Japanese rope bondage + 1 hour Femdom session with Mistress costs £350
– 3 hour combined session (1 hour Femdom play + 2 hr isolation in Mistresses’ hands): £450
– 3 hour combined play (2hr play with Ms Tytania + 1 hour isolation and abandonment): £550
A testimonial from somebody who surrendered to mistress Tytania’s Femdom Incarceration and abandonment in rope bondage:
abandonment immobilisation fetish rope mistress

  • Read more about Mistress Tytania’s Femdom incarceration sessions extended incarceration & imprisonment sessions.
  • Hogtie + cage incarceration combination is also available – a vey popular request from my brave femdom prisoners:

extended rope bondage abandonment


  • Perhaps you prefer a regular rope bondage session in Mistress Tytania’s East London Studio? Shibari Domina Extraordinaire
  • If you’re a real rope fiend and think that you can escape Ms Tytania’s masterful hogties, karadas and full suspension… Her Inescapable Rope Challenge is the perfect adrenalin charged Femdom session.
  • BONDAGE TUITION: Mistress Tytania teaches Japanese rope bondage skills to couples and individuals, from novices to experienced Shibari fans. Read her Bondage Tutorials Page for more information.
  • NOTE: for the avoidance of confusion, I’m a Japanese rope bondage Mistress. I don’t offer steel bondage sessions, I use rope and exceptional rope skills to make men my hostages.
Extended rope bondage abandonment



Recently in Ms Tytania’s East London Shibari Studio… a lucky boy subjected to predicament rope bondage! Secure in the hands of a talenteded bondage Domme for a long Shibari session. Long sessions are his slut’s weakness and it didn’t take him long to take off… Into a new dimension where Mistress’ expert bondage skills freed his soul and mind. After stretching his endurance and his balls with a thinner string, Mistress Tytania put her ceiling bondage rigging to good use. To her astonishment, he floated suspended from her bamboo pole for more than 25 minutes. How long she can a man be suspend for? She gets this question very often, but there is no answer to that. Each body, and each fetishist’s mind, works differently – some eager subs hardly last a few seconds! While others can just float away mentally and stay roped until Ms Tytania decides.
Among other accutrements of a Domme’s trade, Ms Tytania’s studio boasts a Japanese suspension pole and steel ceiling attachments. She’s been practising her skills on eager subjects for more than 20 years in her E14 Studio. You don’t have to be experienced  – many have fallen for the spell of Shibari after just one session. She prefers rope to any other forms of physical shackling. Everything you can do with steel and leather bondage, she can do with Japanese Kinbaku/Shibari. Of course, this form of bondage takes longer than just fastening some straps or padlocks. The focus is in the process of being enveloped and slowlym deliberately, securely. It’s a very special, unique form of submission: a true ritual for your Domme’s pleasure.
Predicament rope bondage is perhaps one of the most popular requests she gets from rope fans. A good overhead ceiling rigging, like her shibari bamboo pole, offer the perfect support for a good pull. Either standing on tiptoes while the attachments pull upwards, or awkwardly tied up in genital cbt… Mistress Tytania’s Shibari skills take her rope fetishists to a new dimension of mental submission. The right mix of challenge, pain and pleasure. Ready to apply for a predicament rope bondage with one of the premier Shibari Dommes?
If you’re tempted – you can fly into Planet Shibari too, apply for a hogtie, predicament or suspension rope bondage session in Mistress Tytania’s East London kink studio. But first, read her Shibari Domina Extraordinaire blog entries for more details.
predicament rope bondage domme
rope bondage femdom mistress
predicament bondage hogtie
rope bondage femdom mistress
predicament rope bondage

Inescapable Rope Bondage Challenge: free yourself and have a free session! Testimonial

inescapable rope bondage challenge

(Find out more about Ms Tytania’s Inescapable Rope Challenge here)

Spoler alert: he did not free himself! Read this rope specimen’s Inescapable Rope Challenge testimonial below -pictures and video were taken in session too. Dare you take Ms Tytania’s Shibari Domme Extraordinaire’s challenge up?

Today’s #ropebondagechallenge specimen trying to undo his hogtie – in vain. Do you think you can do better? Walk away free from my expert #japaneseropebondage and your money back! Read more about how to enter my Inescapable Shibari Challenge -free yourself and your money back: 
“Hello Mistress,
home now, a few marks but they will go soon.I just want to say a huge thank you for our session today. I literally floated home, so high was I.
I cant wait until I can come to see you again.
as requested a short testimonial for you to publish if you so wish.I have just got back from seeing MS Tytania and I am absolutely buzzing.
If you are a true rope bondage fan like me, then you don’t get better than this.
It was my first time with Ms Tytania and so I went for the ‘escape challenge’ followed by inescapable rope bondage abandonment.
Little did I believe that the odds were so stacked against me!The first tie, a hogtie, is something I have always loved and although other mistresses have had me in this position, never has it been without other restraints. (cuffs and straps). The hogtie MS inflicted on me was rope only, snug but in a strange way, comfortable, but as you may see on Twitter, my attempts to escape were totally in vain.
Although I was able to wriggle and make some slack, the knots that would release me were way out of reach and so after some time and a bit of sniggering from mistress, she stood in front of me, boots inches from my face and announced, time up, shall I release you. I’d like to have said no, but I had a second challenge to look forward to.Next, I was tied to a couch, elbows and wrists together pulled back over my head. My legs were bound to the sides and the timer started. This felt as though it should be easier but my wriggles and squirms again only served to make some slack, but still no release.
I was clearly making too much noise as suddenly a ball gag was forced in my mouth. As I tried to free myself, I looked over to mistress sitting on the settee, smiling mockingly at me, and I sighed.Time was moving on and after being released for a second time, I foolishly suggested we combine a third challenge with the inescapable abandonment. Mistress thought that would be a good idea but had already decided on a predicament scenario for the third challenge.
Arms tied behind my back, upper arms cinched to my chest I was told to lay face down on the couch.
One leg was bound to a side of the couch and the other folded back on itself and tied in place. I felt a length of rope pass between my toes, pulling this foot closer to my arms and tied there.  A request to raise my bottom a little, facilitated the tying of ribbon around my parts. Raise a little more please, which stupidly I did, and a rope  fixed overhead somewhere was threaded through the ribbon and pulled tight causing me to lift a little bit more. And that was it, I already knew the arm bind would be a challenge but add to that I could barely move for fear if pulling on my balls. I did struggle for a bit but then Mistress kindly took another turn in the rope piling on my cock. Mistress sat serenely on the sofa and got out her laptop.
I could just see her in a mirror but she ignored me, her work done and a helpless male secured with no escape. I lay my head and enjoyed the feeling of being totally helpless. Very now and then she walked around me checking that all was well, as well as it could be, and flicked the rope pulling on my balls. I was left like that for 40 minutes or so. An uncomfortable bliss which I wish could have lasted longer.
I shall definitely being returning for more. She is a true rope expert.”